Zhous aura seemed to have turned into a mountain so heavy that he couldnt move Hidden Sword Sect what are you doing Its still red

Chapter 1 The Red Lantern in Yinyue Bieyuan The silvery moon is as gentle as jade, but it scalds the night sky with a huge round wound.
According to past habits, today should be the once-a-month gathering of the Tang family’s descendants. Tonight is a little different.
Dozens of people from top to bottom of the Tang family gathered in the hall without any wine or food.
What’s more, there is no atmosphere and what’s more unusual is that this is not the Tang mansion, but a villa of the Tang family outside Liucheng. In the other courtyard, dozens of people stood quietly in the hall at this time, except for the head of the family, Tang Yuanwu, all of them were pale and panic-stricken.
The lantern has turned red again. This month, every time the lantern turns red, there will be a murder case in the Tang family. More than a dozen direct descendants of the Tang family have died within a month.
This is also the reason why Tang Yuanwu ordered a temporary evacuation of the Tang mansion. Unexpectedly, even so, he still couldn’t escape. This time, it is unknown who will be sitting on the chief seat in the hall of the other courtyard. It’s not Tang Yuanwu, the head of the Tang family, but a Taoist priest in a Taoist robe who looks like a bone fairy Looking around at the pretty female juniors, especially the only remaining daughter of Tang Yuanwu, the eldest daughter of the Tang family. Drinking tea, I couldn’t help but sigh in my heart, maybe the remuneration conditions can be added.
Only when I thought of this, my heart felt numb, I almost couldn’t help but breathe out, and Tang Yuanwu, who had been standing respectfully below, looked more and more panicked. The younger generation in the family whose face was starting to turn blue sighed in their hearts. It’s really not as good as the next generation.
The safety of dozens of people in the Tang family, the immortal master, is up to you this time, as long as the immortal master can help the Tang family survive this catastrophe. Tang He must do his best to meet all the requirements of the immortal master. Tang Yuanwu said with a serious face to the immortal master who was sitting on the main seat in the hall where the old god was.
If even he falls, the Tang family will be finished.
Fortunately, when I was in Xianmeng, I was not reluctant to give up Spirit Crystal.
Not only did I stop the task of cleaning up the evil spirits in the Tang family, but I also added an extra protection task. It was originally just for caution. Who knows if it’s really a good spirit or a bad spirit, this evil spirit has really followed me Patriarch Tang, don’t worry about it, it’s just a small matter.
However, Master Tang, the task I took was to protect the Tang family. Clearing out the evil spirits is not within the scope of the task. Of course, it’s not impossible for me to take care of the evil spirits.
The consumption is very different, so after thinking about it, I have to add another item to the reward. Zhu put down the tea cup and looked at Master Tang Yuan with a flat face. The reward is 30 yuan, low-grade. Lingjing is the price set by the Xianmeng, and it has already been handed over to the Xianmeng. Besides, it is inevitable that the protection mission will have to fight against the mission target.
All the low-grade spirit crystals that came out looked out for the immortal master to be tolerant and tolerant.
Our Tang family really can’t produce any more spirit crystals. Tang Yuanwu’s face changed, but he quickly put it away. He bowed his hands respectfully to Zhu Cai and discussed the thirty yuan. Inferior spirit crystals are not a small amount for the Tang family. The savings of the Tang family for so many years are directly lost. In addition, there is also the expenditure of the Tang family to eliminate evil spirits.
This evil disaster can be said to really hurt the Tang family. As a martial arts family, secular money is fine, but this spirit crystal is the hard currency in the cultivation world.
If you exchange it with secular money, what is the exchange rate? Tang Yuanwu still can’t bear the pain in his heart when he thinks about it now. Said that it must be a spirit crystal, my immortal master is obsessed with cultivation, so many daily affairs are extremely cumbersome and unavoidably annoying My daughter’s talent is excellent, but I have a little celestial relationship with me.
Now that I think about it, it’s very suitable. Zhu Cai looked at Tang Xiuying with kind eyes and flickered eyes. Tang Yuanwu’s face sank.
After hearing Zhu Cai’s words, Tang Yingying’s complexion suddenly changed.
She couldn’t help but stepped forward and tugged at the corner of her father Tang Yuanwu’s clothes.
Of course, it is impossible for Tang Yingying to wish to become a Daoist for Zhu Cai. Although he is a monk, a Daoist is not an apprentice. To put it nicely, it’s called Daotong, but to put it badly, it’s a handyman servant, the apprentice can teach some skills at least, and Daotong is purely free labor. As for whether he can learn skills, it basically depends on the mood of the monks, not to mention the old man’s occasional glances.
The eyes always make Tang Yingying feel very uncomfortable. Goosebumps keep popping up.
Thanks to the immortal master’s love, the little girl’s thin appearance is probably not worthy of an immortal like the immortal master. As for this evil spirit, only the immortal master can get rid of it, except for the immortal alliance Tang is willing to privately add another 20 low-grade spirit crystals to the immortal teacher.
Tang Yuanwu gritted his teeth and resisted the pain in his heart. Now the arrow is on the line, even if he knows that the price is set on the ground, the lion will open his mouth. Tang Yuanwu also There is no way that in the past month, as many as three days or as little as two days, a direct descendant of the Tang family has died under this evil spirit. In just one month, more than a dozen direct descendants have turned into mummies and died violently. Even my own son is thinking about it. These Tang Yuanwu hearts are full of hatred and powerlessness, this damned evil spirit has practiced martial arts all his life, acquired the ninth level