Zhou Ying Zhou Ying is about to cry she doesn’t want to bring this topic to the table at all what are you human beings

He Shi is a particularly delicious girl um, literally delicious Zhou Chen she looks so delicious The main character of the supernatural power, He Shi, the supporting role, and others. At twelve o’clock at noon, Ke Ke walked into the office of the traffic police accident squadron.
The scene of the car accident didn’t seem to affect his appetite at all.
Seeing this, Ke Ke was a little speechless. He waved to He Shi who was answering the phone. In the afternoon, he went to the conference room of the brigade building for a meeting. He Shi hung up the phone and told his colleagues, I’m leaving first.
He Shi waved his hand and the blind date went well! Xiao He from the Office of the Accident Squadron of the First Team of the City Traffic Police Detachment has been working for less than a year.
One time I wanted to introduce her to someone who had a good relationship with He Shi in the brigade office. Xiao Ke’s mother, Ke’s mother, works in the municipal committee. When she met He Shi at work, she thought about being a matchmaker. He Shi went to the bathroom and changed into casual clothes, holding Ke Ke on her arm He Shi, I’m hungry, if it wasn’t for the appointment, I would have wanted to eat with them just now. The taste of the newly opened Jiangnan restaurant is really good. I know you like it. You wouldn’t agree to a blind date with private dishes. Ke Ke even thought it was funny.
She didn’t expect to break He Shi’s fortress in this way. I also admire the people in your squadron.
She smiled and said nothing. Ke Ke said that although my mother wanted to order mandarin ducks, my cousin’s conditions are really good.
His family’s conditions are really good. My mother also told you.
Absolutely no fault He Shi was amused, so let’s have a look and talk about it. At the same time, the colleagues in the accident squadron office after they left said that this tofu looks a bit like that.
I’m so hungry and now I’m disgusted. The delicious takeaway suddenly couldn’t cover up what I saw at work for some reason.
Everyone put down most of the food they ate and looked at each other. They all felt that the arc of reflection was a little long. A middle-aged beautiful woman and a private kitchen in Lantian Young people in suits and leather shoes sit facing each other. Young people with deep facial features, handsome and tall, with a temperament as indifferent as a snow-covered green pine.
Mother Ke took a sip of tea and continued to talk about her nephew, Xiaochen. Can you stop making a bad face? You are so skinny What’s wrong with your appetite? This private kitchen is praised by many people. The girls didn’t want to come to hear that they eat here before agreeing. Maybe there will be dishes you like.
Silent Zhou Chen is tortured. Ringtones It just rang to rescue him and quickly connected the phone, ah, ah, after a few sounds, Zhou Chen said in a deep voice, I got it, I’ll be right back Auntie, I’m in charge of a project that’s urgent.
Let’s make an appointment next time. Apologize to that lady for me. Zhou Chen said sorry, but got up without any hesitation, buttoned up his suit, and walked out. Mom was annoyed, she stepped on her high heels and quickly chased after her, full of doubts, etc.
How could such a coincidence require you to be there in person, even the time for a meal can’t wait, Auntie, if I want to lie to you, it’s better not to come, Zhou Chen is already talking When I reached the elevator entrance and pressed the elevator, it wasn’t because Ke’s mother thought, because I was so stubborn, she was very unwilling, and she was still trying to persuade the girl that she was coming, at least tell her face to face The materials for civil servants are very well written.
I heard that I usually like literature.
I’m an amateur writer.
My aunt can’t talk about it next time. The elevator arrived, and the two elevator doors parted to the side, and the people in the elevator were revealed. There were two girls standing inside.
One was Zhou Chen’s cousin, Ke Ke. She was delighted to see them, but she couldn’t help being surprised.
I don’t understand why they were at the elevator entrance.
Another girl also looked up. She was wearing a gradient blue dress, and the color at the bottom was like a deep sea.
The two misty black eyes are intriguing, not glamorous, but intriguing. More importantly, at the moment of seeing the girl, Zhou Chen, who has been unable to eat for three years, suddenly felt a stronger hunger and appetite than him.
Before losing his appetite, all the food cravings add up to be intense.
The bottom of the tongue has even secreted saliva, almost salivating. Zhou Chen’s eyes are glued to He Shi’s body, looking down inch by inch from the strands of her hair. As if he wanted to use his eyes to peel her skin and eat her up bit by bit, his eyes were so revealing that he didn’t hide it or had no time to hide it.
Such eyes were too private or even suitable for appearing in public, which made this scene so ambiguous that it brought a few The erotic meaning is seriously inconsistent with Zhou Chen’s usual calm and self-sufficient style of painting. Both Ke Ke and Ke’s mother showed weirdness and even horror.
They only felt that Zhou Chen’s eyes were too much. This happened to Zhou Chen, which made it even more unbelievable. Seeing others, Xiao He was so frightened that he lowered his eyes and dared not look at people, let alone bring up the elevator.
Zhou Chen patronized and stared at them with naked eyes, without any worries. He stopped at the elevator entrance and made people unable to travel. The embarrassment gave Zhou Chen a wink, cousin, this is He Shi Xiaoshi, this is my cousin Zhou Chen said this for a full three seconds before Zhou Chen could restrain himself