Zhou Xiaoxian is a little hesitant maybe but my ancestor I am I really feel that Brother Lizhu is a bit different it’s weird to

After spending eight hundred years in a sleepy dream, when Xia Yi woke up, he found that there was another magical species in the Holy Soul Continent. Only then did Xia Yi realize that he was not a time traveler, but a first-generation player who came to the Holy Soul Continent a year earlier. Zhang returned to the world, get out, get out, and come back to kill you.
In the midst of violent roars, a handsome young man ran away with his head in his arms, and was beaten out of the house by an old man in coarse linen clothes.
Hissing, pain, and failure again.
This game is really difficult to play. Looking around, I saw the old man waved the stick in his hand, quickly shrank his neck and walked away to the yard. Seeing him go away, the gray-haired old man angrily threw the fire stick to the corner of the yard and returned home. Where did the anger come from? The young man is obviously a man, but he wants to do the matchmaker thing. For seven or eight days, he will come to propose marriage at least twice a day, at most, or even five times. If he dares to come again, please don’t be angry.
Lightly supported the old man on his arm and led him to sit down.
The young girl didn’t wear any makeup, and she was only wearing coarse linen, but her skin was as creamy as white jade, and the long sword slung around her waist gave her a more heroic look. I turned my eyes and said no, I’ll look for Brother Li Zhu and ask Brother Li Zhu to persuade him not to come again Huh, what are you thinking Dad still doesn’t know what to pack up and I’ll go back to the Holy Academy to practice tomorrow The old man said angrily Dad still School starts only a week ago and you are in such a hurry to drive me away, I still want to spend more time with you The girl said coquettishly, do you want to accompany me? The old man lamented that you and Zhuzi had a deep relationship. Dad also watched Zhuzi grow up. If you hadn’t enlightened the holy soul and married him, dad would not object, but now absolutely not.
Dad, I didn’t say you must marry Zhuzi, but can you please stop Listen to me, the old man Xiaoxian interrupted you again. You are about to be promoted to two stars.
You must be able to do it before the age of 2.
Even if it is placed in the capital, this is a top level. How can you marry a blacksmith who does not have the ability to enlighten the holy soul? You think your father is too poor Love the rich and not father is for your own good.
As long as you enlighten the holy soul, you can live a hundred years without disease and disaster. If you cultivate to four stars, you can at least prolong your life by fifty years. Pillar, mother is also a monk, right? To ordinary you, Zhou Xiaoxian whispered, what did you say? I already knew that you had some secrets that you didn’t tell me.
Zhou Xiaoxiandao, for example, every year, one day you will take some yellow paper and go to the back mountain alone to worship a barren grave that is not my mother. You never take me to the yellow paper back mountain. Speaking of this, the old man Zhou suddenly changed his face, got up and said hurriedly, Xiaoxian, Zhou Xiaoxian said ah, “Old man Zhou turned his head and glanced at the clock.
Seeing that the time had already ticked by, his expression became even uglier. Damn it!” The time for the ancestor to burn the paper has expired for three days, it’s all the boy’s fault The matchmaker ran to the corner of the room and found a stack of yellow papers, put on the bamboo hat hanging on the door, and hurried out to stay at home, so she couldn’t find the pillars, but this sentence made Zhou Xiaoxian roll her eyes again.
Probing outside for a moment, he took a half-step on tiptoe, then stopped hesitantly. Dad has never been so flustered. What is the yellow paper Houshan Patriarch? Zhijian walked like flying in just a few minutes, climbed to the middle of the mountain, passed a piece of golden pears, came to the public cemetery of Zhoujia Village, and turned to the middle of the cemetery.
The old ancestral grave was removed, and the tomb he came to pay homage to seemed to have been blasted at a fixed point.
The outer soil was scattered, and there was a huge hole in the center. Looking at the broken coffin board inside the tomb, the coffin was empty. The inside of the coffin seemed to be struck by lightning.
Forget about the funerary objects, even the bones of the ancestors were stolen.
How can I explain to Xia Lan? After muttering a few words, he fell to his knees with a thud and was stunned for a moment. I was disturbed by a young matchmaker and missed the time to burn paper for my ancestor. I didn’t look at my ancestor’s grave, but let the god damn tomb robber pick it up. No, no, at least I have to find my ancestor’s bones.
At this moment, a gust of dark wind suddenly blew behind Old Man Zhou’s head, making his body tremble. No need to look for me, I’m behind you! A ghostly voice sounded eerie and frightening from behind Old Man Zhou.
Old Man Zhou looked around. Flicking over the tomb, slowly turning back, rotten rag shoes, dirty big flowered shroud, skinny hands raised in front of the chest, face covered by disheveled white hair, faintly revealing red eyes, ghost, Ga Zhou The old man rolled his eyes and fell on his back, hey hey, I was so scared hahahahaha Xia Yi pushed back the white hair covering his face and laughed at the frightened old man Zhou haha ​​This cowardly hey yo deftly jumped and moved sideways Xia Yi sucked Yahuazi looked at the long sword that passed by with a cold light, and then at the girl who was trembling with fear but trying to muster up the courage to hold the long sword.
A smile appeared on her slightly taut face, little girl, what’s your name? Zhou Xiaoxian holds the sword Tightening his hands, he asked the shroud, are you a human or a ghost? The shroud, the shroud, Xia Yi smiled even more, as if dissatisfied, and said, of course I am a human, you should answer your name, what is your name? Zhou Xiaoxian breathed a sigh of relief and asked why he wore it The girl who scares my father like a chicken thief just asks but doesn’t answer Xia Yi shook her head and lowered her voice as if she was telling some kind of secret, I’ve been wearing it all the time Speaking of which, I have to ask you why my luxurious underground tomb has changed Lonely grave in the barren mountains