Zhou what do you think of the cooperation I said Red what are you How many of the 200000 fans are real people I know

Choose Huang Rong which version Huang Rong is, what version, what version, what version, I choose Guo Jing, author, custom label, summoning flow, chapter 500 Little shrinking gender male Brother Zhou, you are walking too slowly, let me carry you on my back On this dry and desolate prairie, five hundred men between the ages of 18 and 50 are all staring at the front This little brother, these five hundred people have The name of the same soul is Guo Jing, but now the names on their ID cards are different.
Some are surnamed Li, some are surnamed Guo, and some are surnamed Huang. Although the labor force of the three villages gathered together, they are actually operated by gods. Because of a chance, Zhou Yu was given five hundred warriors by a god who passed by the earth. No need, let’s think about what to do next.
Guo Jing said, brother Zhou, what is his plan? After seeing the five hundred people, they quickly lost their minds, and soon Zhou Yu came up with the idea to call the police.
Calling the police is useful.
Five hundred Guo Jings don’t understand. There is no other way. Zhou Yu picked up the phone with a bitter and weak face. He quickly lowered his head and dialed that number.
Will you be whimsical? Hey police brother? Oh, it’s the police sister! That’s great.
I’m in trouble. I’m lost. Can you find me? You send a location, five hundred Guo Jings all looked at each other, and soon everyone sat on the ground and waited quietly for half an hour.
A police car stopped before Zhou Yu was there. Why are there so many people watching Zhang Gang? Looking at the group of fierce men in front, they quickly turned on the walkie-talkie, and ten or twenty people came over, the more the better, it seemed that this was a rally. When Zhang Gang and the two were observing the situation, a young man happily raised his hand and ran over. I called the police, did you bring enough mineral water? Zhang Gang and his companions looked at the young people running over, opened the car door together and went down.
Zhou Yu ran over and said happily that we were lost. I was the one who called the police for help just now. They are all good people on the prairie.
Have you brought food and drink? Give me some. I haven’t eaten all day. Zhou Yu asked a key question. When Zhang Gang heard this, he took out an unopened bottle of mineral water from the car and handed it to Zhou Yu. Where are you from? Why are there so many people here? The two policemen, Zhang Gang, quickly became nervous.
There is something wrong with this kid, right? Zhou Yu said in embarrassment that the mineral water doesn’t cost money, right? Zhang Gang heaved a sigh of relief and solemnly said no money! The lid took a sip of water.
Zhang Gang looked at Zhou Yu and then at the five hundred men sitting quietly in the distance.
What’s going on with you? What kind of hiking are you doing here? Zhou Yu closed the lid, sorry. He said that we were planning to go to the south to find a job, but when we went out, we found out that we didn’t have enough money to take a car, so we planned to walk across the grassland to the city to find some work, make some money, and continue walking.
Zhang Gang frowned, Zhou Yu, who was looking for a job, clicked quickly Nodding, Zhang Gang’s companions asked, and the fare didn’t cost tens of dollars.
Zhou Yu was very sorry, no, they were all poor men, except for me. The rest of them didn’t even have a mobile phone.
Zhang Gang glanced at the five hundred strong men sitting over there. Zhang Gang said to Zhou Yu, where are you all? Zhou Yu explained that there are 500 people in three villages and they all have ID cards. You can ask them. This is my ID card. Zhang Gang checked it. After confirming that Zhou Yu’s ID card had no criminal record, he said, “You call someone, I’ll say hello.
” Zhou Yu quickly called Guo Jing. Guo Jing also honestly told his name, place of origin, and the fact that he and Zhou Yu would go to the south to work and earn money. Police station Several teams came over there quickly, and even the director came to check the situation. After all, 500 people is not a small number. Zhou Yu and his group were quickly dragged to the cafeteria for dinner.
Although they ate instant noodles and hot water, some of them were good. Zhou Yu answered the five policemen’s questions while eating.
How did you meet them? Where are you going? These people listened to you.
Did you have any particularly memorable experiences with them? After an hour of interrogation, Zhou Yu After I got my phone back, can I hire a car to take us to the magic city? After eating and drinking, Zhou Yu thinks about traveling again. Five hundred people, even if they take the high-speed rail, it’s still a lot of movement.
This is indeed a trouble. Considering the five Hundreds of people’s cultural quality is very low, many people are close to the level of illiteracy, and they can’t even use a pen well. Soon, the bureau and the city held a meeting and agreed to send a car to send these people to the magic city, but before going there, let’s do a After the nucleic acid test and a local vaccine, each person was given a smartphone and 200 yuan of living expenses. Two days later, Zhou Yu, who was full of excitement, came to the big city of Shanghai. The bus drove into the bustling Shanghai. The bustling city that Zhou Yu wanted, the bus continued to drive, the bus was full of traffic outside the window, the bus continued to drive, and soon came to a high-end and high-grade building in front of the magic city Haidong Industrial Park. After getting off the bus, Zhou Yu saw hundreds of people welcoming him.
And there was a red banner hanging on the place where they got off the car. After getting off the job fair, Zhou Yu and five hundred Guo Jing were soon surrounded by a group of eager people.