Zhou still needs to know the man didnt stand up and turned the swivel chair to look at the captain of the criminal police with

The author Yin Sanwen asks the wars and the great heroes and the uprising against Qin. The uprising is raging like a fire and the wind is surging. Conspiracy and conspiracy. Chu and Han are fighting for hegemony. Resurrected from the dead, the sky is dark and gloomy, and the dense dark clouds that are as black as ink are circling erratically, and the birds are also oscillating their thin wings, chirping and returning to their nests, gusts of wind blow suddenly and sway Not far away, the shaded green cloth shed at the corner of the street was swept up into the sky in an instant, and disappeared in the strong wind.
After a while, bursts of muffled thunder resounded, shaking the sky, and lightning bolts as thick as a child’s arm flashed and scratched in the air from time to time. Explosions in the sky ripped apart the void and drifted to unknown distant towns. Dark clouds quickly condensed in the sky.
Bean-sized raindrops slid down from the sky.
The downpour of rain slapped on the ground and mud splashed, and there were still a few traces of bright red blood floating in it. The weather is so bad on the street. But there were many people rushing in the rain, shouting, mixed with the sound of wind and rain, and there was a mess because Wu Youcai, the son of the pavilion chief, killed the helper Donglai, which caused an uproar in the small town. Donglai, a seventeen-year-old boy before the time, died and was beaten to death by Wu Youcai, the son of the pavilion chief. At that time, there were not many people sheltering from the rain in the temple.
The person leaned against the wall, his face covered with blood, and he was breathless. The deceased Donglai’s parents died early.
Many years ago, he fled and came to Xiangxi Town.
The orphan is also an outsider, who lives in an uncertain place.
The dilapidated Goddess Temple by the river has become his shelter.
Today, he came out from the pavilion chief’s house after work. For some reason, Wu Youcai suddenly led his men to catch up with him.
The head of the pavilion and the stingy man came, and everyone automatically moved out of the way.
I saw two people in their fifties coming hand in hand.
The three elders are the three big officials in Xiangxi Town, bastard Wu Zhong came in and was slapped across the face.
When he received the news, he was drinking at the home of the poor man Liang Yuan. When he heard that his son had beaten someone to death, Wu Zhong was so frightened that his face turned pale.
As the head of the pavilion, he knows very well that the Qin law is strict, killing people and paying for their lives, so he immediately brought Liang Yuan together to find out what happened. The helpless helper said what was going on Wu Zhong’s tone was stern. At this time, in front of everyone, he must have a posture I hated that woman so much, what kind of bad idea did I come up with to make myself deliberately find fault and frame it, and it turned out that she died. Donglai usually looked quite strong, why did he die with one punch? I was both angry and afraid when I saw my father asking. I had to answer honestly and said today Donglai delivered the cloth to the house, my lady asked him to move directly to the back house, who knew that this fellow stole my lady’s jade pendant when he left, fortunately, he was discovered by the child, so he took people to chase him to the Goddess Temple. Later, there was a dispute, who knew Unexpectedly, Brother Donglai cried out anxiously and sadly, when a drenched young girl squeezed through the crowd and rushed in, seeing the young man in a pool of blood at the corner, she immediately rushed forward, her frail body couldn’t help trembling, and her pale cheeks couldn’t tell. Is it tears or rain? Tick-tock, mouth slightly opened, but no sound came out. When the middle-aged woman Yu Niang caught up with her, she saw this scene. First, she let out a long sigh, and she burst into tears inadvertently. Everyone sighed unceasingly for the young couple in front of them had arrived, but it was a pity that heaven and man would never see each other again for a long time.
The girl raised her trembling fingers and pointed at the talent and said sharply, don’t talk nonsense, brother Donglai is an honest and honest fellow from the town Everyone knows that he will never do theft.
Brother Donglai is dead, but no one will allow anyone to slander him, so that he will not be able to see his father in peace after his death.
A little girl pointed to her nose and questioned her, felt a great loss of face, couldn’t help feeling a little bit angry Feeling a little bit of faith, I went to the east and looked at the honesty, so I did this in secret, I really didn’t see it, Wu Youcai immediately puffed up his chest when he saw this, the jade pendant was put in by himself when he was fighting just now, now he saw the expressions on everyone’s faces, and his heart was even more serious Confidently showing a bit of pride on your face, you are talking nonsense, brother Donglai, the girl who can’t do it choked up and argued with Wu Youcai, no jade pendant is in his arms, how can there be enough sophistry, Wu Youcai’s rhetorical question was interrupted mercilessly by the father Just steal a jade pendant and you beat him to death. Wu Zhong seems to be blaming his son, but in fact he is exonerating. He can help to say a few words, Liang Yuan is old and mature, how can he not understand? Coughing twice, saying that being a thief violates the law, the government punishes it, and it is wrong to beat it privately. Besides, the person is dead now. I will follow Wu Zhong’s meaning and let’s not explain it. Attitude Wu Zhong couldn’t help sighing secretly, if it’s just an injury, it’s easy to deal with at this time, but it’d be great if Donglai didn’t die. Brother Donglai, you woke up. Come to the east with a happy face, wake up from the dead and come back to life