Zhong didnt move at all Zhang Yunqis face changed greatly when he saw it and he said in surprise who are you and how can

Just when he had just stabilized his position and turned against the Jedi, he suddenly discovered that his emperor’s father seemed to have also come from a time travel. Celebrity soul wearer accidentally met a beautiful woman who is not a soul wearer but claims to be a concubine The man slowly opened his eyes. It was cold.
The wind outside the window mixed with the cold rain entered the room.
He wrapped his clothes tightly, shook his head in a daze, squinted his eyes, and looked around where he was standing. A staggered man almost fell to the ground. Holding on to the side of the wooden bed and waiting for the fine wood texture, he couldn’t help being stunned.
At this moment, the man calmed down and looked at the exquisite and luxurious tables, chairs and benches around him, which made him feel an inexplicable sense of strangeness after floating on the sea for a long time. The whole room is empty, huge and antique.
Inside and out, it gives people a sense of coldness and lack of vitality.
Is this hell? Stand up and walk to the window. The gloomy sky makes people extremely depressing. The man took a deep breath, and this earthy fragrance has not been seen for a long time. Smell that there is still such an environment in hell.
Playing with potted plants by the window, the faint scent of flowers mixed with the smell of rain made him feel refreshed after floating on the sea all year round.
Behind the prince, there was the sound of porcelain falling to the ground.
He turned his head to look for a young man in ancient clothes The young man looked at him with surprise on his face. The prince frowned.
The young man quickly stepped forward and closed the window. The coldness instantly disappeared without a trace. Why is the Palace of Hell strangely different from the legend? Why is Po Meng a man? The man ignored the young man.
A little bit tired, just a little cold wind blowing, but still more energetic, now there is no wind, the whole person is groggy, just want to lie on the bed, he thinks so, and he does so. Lord, you finally woke up, the boy said while wiping away his tears and carefully helped him to the bedside.
The man found something strange. His boat was hit by more than a dozen missiles. Even a copper head and an iron bone should be turned into molten iron. When Yan Wangdian thought of this, he couldn’t help but think of Chen Han, who was selected from the police academy and made himself an undercover international police officer in Somalia for eight years. After he became the so-called pirate king of Somalia, he wiped out himself and his subordinates in one fell swoop.
Eight years ago, he sacrificed himself. Wangsi led a group of younger brothers who trusted him so much but couldn’t trust him step by step to the strongest position in the Gulf of Aden, but his guide, the only person in the world he trusted, gave him eight years of life in exchange for everything including himself.
His life was wiped out in an instant, hey, it’s a kind of relief. I hate him, but I don’t really hate him.
From the excitement when I received the mission at the beginning to the numbness after eight years.
He can no longer tell the difference between good and evil.
He only knows that the moment he chooses to walk with him, one foot I have stepped into the endless hell, and death should be the best relief. I am sorry for myself and my little brothers.
He sat blankly in a daze for a long time before he sighed. With a soft cry, he came back to his senses and looked at the terrified young man in front of him, what did you call me? The young man knelt down and wept, Prince, no matter what happens outside, you are always the prince in the hearts of slaves. He sat on the bed without speaking and looked at the sobbing boy.
I looked at the strange environment around me again. After the dull thunder outside the window, the sound of the rain became louder and louder.
I have a headache. It’s a rainy day. Sleeping every day is a big deal.
Wake up. Besides, if he thinks of falling asleep, he will fall asleep. Ah, the heavy rain stopped and continued to fall for five days.
He also figured out during these five days that he did not go to the Palace of Hades, but went through more than a dozen missiles and directly fucked himself to this world.
Not only did he not die, but he was reborn in this dynasty.
Of course, the prince should be regarded as a useless prince now.
The day before he crossed over, the prince didn’t know why he had an argument with the emperor. The prince, who has always been stable, can be said to be cowardly.
If the empire is stable, if you are not cowardly or cowardly, the end should be miserable, right? The crown prince he has been wearing for a long time is talking to his teacher, the old man who claims to have taught twelve prospective princes, six princes, and two emperors through four dynasties. The teachings are always kept in mind. The teachings of this big boss can be summed up as being low-key, low-key and low-key. I would rather be useless. Over the years, this prince has always done this.
After all, it is too dangerous to be a prince in this dynasty. The boss who has taught twelve prospective princes can see from his career how fierce the previous emperors were when they competed for the prince.
This kind of competition is comparable to the competition between pirate chiefs in the animal world he saw in his last life. It is not so cruel.
The harsh environment of this generation of princes is simply hell.
The eldest son of the emperor is healthy from top to bottom.
Now he is in his early thirties and can eat two catties of beef for a meal.
He claims that he is not drunk with a thousand cups. He is also smart and handsome. I belong to the kind of person who can write poems in Confucian uniforms and put on battle armor. It’s a pity that he is born with eye disease and can’t be the emperor. The most distressed and favorite is the eldest prince. Once he drank too much and said that the eldest prince would feel rebellious.
It is reasonable that the first prince can’t stand for the king. The second prince and the third prince are twin brothers of the same mother. They fought since childhood. The second prince wants to be the prince.
In the end, Wang Shuangshuang was demoted to Jiaozhi and became the local emperor.