Zhong Chen stood by and watched the fight so as not to cause unnecessary troubles Wu Xuanzi knew that Zhuge Dan was deeply addicted even

Hengshan Mountain is located in the south of Hunan Province.
It is known as Nanyue Mountain, which is majestic and stretches for thousands of miles. There are many strange peaks in the mountains, high in the sky, and there are many inaccessible places. It is said that there are many fairy trails. From Changsha southward for more than 200 miles, you will enter Hengshan Mountain, and then walk 300 miles on a rugged mountain road. There is a peak. It is called Yanming Peak. It is said that every night when the geese fly from the north to the south, the geese fly over this peak. The necks of the Changming Peak are covered with green pines and ancient cypresses. The top of the peak is even more cloudy and foggy.
From no one to the peak, there is a basin called Cuizhu Village.
It is about five miles in size, but it is full of wildflowers, criss-crossing streams and green bamboos, surrounded by shallow peaks on three sides, and the scenery is quiet and beautiful.
There are many woodcutters and hunters living here. There are also nearly a hundred families with simple folk customs.
Farming seems to be indifferent to the world, and it is nothing more than a paradise. Four years ago, an old man and a handsome middle-aged woman came suddenly.
They brought a boy, a girl, and a young man. The five of them lived in the west of the village.
People in the village looked at each other and talked about it. Some speculated that the high-ranking officials who lived in seclusion were also suspected of hiding their hatred for the rich and famous gentry. There are different opinions. The old man lived here for a long time. In recent years, due to no accidents, the villagers have gradually forgotten about the old man’s wealth and wealth. Most of the villagers are supported by him, but the old man and his family rarely go out, and it is difficult to see him once a month, and he lives alone in the west of the village. The closest person, Dali Xu, rarely interacts with the villagers, so his family background has been unknown for four years. Cuizhu Village is still as calm as before. On a night in late autumn, under the Yanming Peak, the moon is like a wash. In Cuizhu Village, the cold wind slowly comes.
The stream is turbulent, blocked by mountains and rocks, and silver beads are splashed in the moonlight. What a pleasant night scene. It’s a pity that the villagers are used to going to bed early. They really let down the autumn. Ye Liangxiao suddenly jumped out of the entrance of the mountain in the south, a black shadow leaped like a shooting star. After a while, he had entered the village, took a look, and then a long figure was pulled up from the bamboo shadow. Flying towards the west of the village, a series of ups and downs came to a stop not far from the house.
At this moment, the passers-by suddenly staggered in the night, and hesitation appeared in front of them. Look around, stretch out your arms, lengthen your body, and a crane soars to the sky. The whole body is more than two feet high.
Before the body falls, the left foot touches the right foot, the whole body forms a straight line, flies up to a century-old giant pine not far away, and holds it in hand. The pine branch turned up and climbed to the top of the tree, borrowing the moonlight in the autumn night, and looked at the opposite house. It was already after the second watch, and the mountains were empty. The bamboo fence around the opposite building is high enough to reach people, but the lights are all off. The owner in the house seems to have fallen asleep. The night traveler takes out a stone asking for directions and throws it down. Following his figure, he jumps up from the tree and stands near the bamboo fence. The man stood on the bamboo fence, took a breath, then floated into the courtyard, his feet were not yet stable, he gave a loud scolding to his friend, who came in the middle of the night, before he finished speaking, a little cold star broke the window and shot out the night walker.
Flying past, then the door rang, a white-faced young man with a single sword in his hand pierced through The two of them are only a few feet away from each other when they go outside. A passer-by at night looks at him. He is about eighteen or nineteen years old. He has big eyebrows, big eyes, jade face and big ears.
He wears a black short suit and holds a single sword in his hand.
He looks young and heroic. He immediately takes a step back and holds his fists in salute.
My friend is deeply disturbed, but it is not for no reason that Zhou entered Yanming Peak alone at night. I came to ask my friend whether there is a holy hand god Thoreau Jiufengluo.
The old hero lives in seclusion here. I don’t know what your friend Gao’s surname and name are.
He’s visiting Luo at night.
What’s the old hero’s opinion? Rumeng can show you a way to go if you tell me. If the old hero isn’t here, then I’m Zhou, who has been running around for a few months at my own expense, with all my blood and blood, yes, I, Zhou, do have a lot to talk to, Luo, the old hero, but your friend and Zhou don’t have this kind of friendship. I don’t know how to tell my friends, and even if I say it, it’s just a waste of time.
I’m called carrying my daughter-in-law behind my back to sell my life and get idle.
Since Luo’s old hero doesn’t want to meet me, it’s not convenient for me to force others, so I ask my friends to take the trouble to tell Luo.
The old hero said that I am a flying pigeon Zhou Chong came to repay the kindness of saving lives by a shuttle on the bank of the Xiangjiang River fifteen years ago. Stay here to listen to a certain talk, little brother often listens to the teacher’s words and the elder brother’s big name, the silver whip in the palm of the hand, the twelve willow leaf flying knives, and the north of the river. Now I can see the true face of Lushan.
It is a great fortune in my life. The teacher really lives here in seclusion. The moon is about to come back, brother, please take a seat in the humble house for a while.
At this time, Zhou Chong will not refuse any more.
He folds his hands and moves with the boy into the guest room. The boy lights a candle and bows to let the guests sit. A large plate of venison and a plate of salted eggs.
Two pairs of cups and chopsticks. There is no delicacy in the barren mountains late at night.
To respect the guests.
While talking about pouring the wine glasses, the two of them sit together and drink for a long time. At this time, the young man uses the candlelight in the room to look at this Jiangbei chivalrous thief, about six feet tall, with two thick eyebrows and a pair of thick eyebrows.
Leopard eyes, high cheekbones, half an inch short beard, two temples are high and protruding, and his inner strength has already reached his peak.
The young man is just thankful that he did not act recklessly just now. Suddenly, he feels a flicker of candlelight.
When an old man appears at the door, the old man has long eyebrows and white beard. The night breeze is light, it is the teacher, the holy hand god Thoreau Jiufeng is about to get up and salute, the opposite Zhou Chong is early, and if the wind is blowing, he presses the table and rushes to the old man, clasping his fists and saluting. The old hero Xiangjiang, don’t blink, it’s cold and hot, and I still remember the banks of the Xiangjiang river fifteen years ago Pan Cheng Yisuo saved the life of the flying pigeon, the old man hurriedly held Zhou Chong’s hand and laughed loudly