Zheng Wensheng obtained a business license issued by the Changan County Industry and Commerce Administration Bureau in the name of the Changan Intelligent Technology Development

Introduction to the content of the author’s reading hall Wang Zhonghua Wang Zhonghua depends on the signing of the fake contract everywhere to deceive the speculation and the proclaimed money, but I do n’t know what his deception is the cleverness. Copyright belongs to the original author and the publisher, if you like to support subscription to buy genuine more exciting books, more original mobile e -books.
We are downloaded from the e -book of the e -book for professional format e -book. Guide Wang Zhonghua’s signed fake contracts everywhere to deceive the speculative and reversing the band -made money, but he did not know that his deception was so clever.
Looking for a place where he wants to do a career, he took out a purchase and sale contract for Taixia Huagai color TV.
He and Lu Jian and Lu Jian signed a children’s drama contract to sell the color TV to sell the color TV.
A personnel introduced by a member of the ministry, he met a person in charge of Hefei Taisi Co.
, Ltd. Ma Mou, who learned that Taiyi was engaged in internal contracting, and told Ma Mou that he thought of Hefei to do something big. The contracting mall or other business departments and the passbook of a Yuan people told him that he had a physical decoration shop in Jinzhai County to rush to Jinzhai to inspect Chen Lin’s decoration shop with satisfaction. It is agreed that Chen Lin is young and well -funded. However, the contractor did not provide any fund venues and office supplies Chen Lin herself rent five rooms to buy some office uses of the financial chapter contract chapter business number. The first business he did in the contract was that Huang Lian’s sale at the beginning of the month that Chen Lin learned that a agricultural and sideline product company in Fuyang had Huang Lian, and a ton of Huanglian’s purchase and sale agreement contacted Huang Lian without verifying the source of the source. The buyer Changfeng County Foreign Trade Company immediately signed a supply contract for a ton of yellow lotus with the company’s operating department. I remitted the fixed money, but the money was not remitted into the account of the Ministry of Commerce at the financial service agency of the Chenghuang Temple, but the account to Chen Lin on the account of Chen Lin. Chen Lin continued to sell his Xiamen Hua brand while doing the Huanglian business. It is said that his business department invested 10,000 yuan in the television machine plant. The factory now provides thousands of lottery electricity supply companies every year.
Some labor service company has signed the purchase and sale contract with Chen Lin with Chen Lin’s purchase and selling contract. Thousands of yuan was remitted to Chen’s account, Chen used the same method 10,000 yuan TVs who cheated the Overseas Chinese Friendship Mall to prepare for prepayment and then Chen planned to cheat more funds for a few days. After Chen Lin took people to China Friendship Mall, it was temporarily not fulfilled by the color TV month.
Let the Overseas Chinese Mall and his associative Overseas Chinese Mall did not agree with the bargain or signed a written agreement shopping mall extremely lightly to 10,000 yuan to Chen Lin, the Ministry of Commerce and Trade, a month of 10,000 yuan. The staff of the colleagues who lived in Taiyi Company got the high salary up and down, but soon people noticed that the Ministry of Commerce had been dragged into the quagmire Chen Lin to do business by Chen Lin’s lightning contract.
As soon as you go out, the car lives in a high -end suite to eat a high -end banquet. He presented his secretary and assistant to his secretary and assistant. The second transfer to his Fuyang’s dedicated account and then led a group of people to drove to Fuyang.
He led his brothers and female secretaries to spend more than 10,000 yuan in Fuyang. Due to the meeting, I announced that I was going to monopolize all the Huanglian Provincial Construction Bank in Fuyang area to agree to the loan of more than 10,000 yuan. The situation of Lian was surprised to find that his contract with Chen Lin did not perform. Perhaps the unit price Chen Lin gave him was 10,000 tons and Fuyang’s market was 10,000 tons and oil prices were soaring every day. Chen Lin made concessions, but Chen Lin even had the shadow of Huang Lian. When he was looking for Chen Lin for the third time, his female secretary said that Chen Lin went to Baoding to do another big business and went to the provincial labor service company to expire.
Chen Lin and Chen Lin said that it was difficult for the car to get the company with Chen Lin with a agreement to pay back to the prepaid, but after the agreement expired, I still do n’t know to talk about it. I am also very uneasy to send people to Chen Lin for the TV to ask Chen Lin to start to say that sending people to Xiamen to go to Xiamen. It is a single -line connection. To do a business, it turned out that he learned that the Provincial International Trade Industry Corporation had the source of copper ingots and signed the total price of a ton and selling contract with the company for 10,000 yuan. Lin has been cared for so much, he went to the Shanhe Zhi Reining Plant in Qingyuan County, Hebei, Hebei.