Zheng Haogang I was about to knock on the door and suddenly I heard it said that Si Ya went to help me chop some

Chapter 1 The Heaven-given Lingying Zhenwu Sect is located in the Zhenwu Star Field.
It can be said that it is the leader of all the cultivation sects in the entire Zhenwu Star Field. It can also be said that it is one of the top four forces in the four star fields of the cultivation world.
It is said that each generation of the Zhenwu Sect Among the elders and the head of the sect, there must be two or three who can achieve the highest level of martial arts. Shattering the Void, it can be said that entering the Zhenwumen is like stepping into the gate of becoming a god and becoming a god. The reason why Zhenwumen is so busy today is because The True Martial Sect of the Upper Realm suddenly sent a message that it was the mighty Emperor Cangming who had cultivated to the limit of a quasi-sage in the Upper Realm.
He wanted to break through the Saint, but his own merit and state of mind were not enough, so he decided to use the method of incarnation to send his Yuanling clone to the Lower Realm. As soon as the news of exercising the state of mind and increasing merit came out, thousands of sects in the upper realm tried their best to fight for the eighty-one places. Knowing that since ancient times, under normal circumstances, the sects of the upper realm may have broken through millions. As for why there is no breakthrough, it is not because of the calamity every 6.48 billion years.
The Three No sects, even saints, have the possibility of falling, so even if Emperor Cangming fails to break through, but can get on the line of a quasi-sage emperor, he can win more chances for his sect to survive, so after receiving the summons, Zhenwu The head of the sect, Shen Wu, has mobilized all the resources in the sect and after several years of preparation, it can even be said that the reincarnation ceremony is enough to reopen a real martial arts sect. Today is the day when this god-given spiritual baby was born. Zhenwumen spent decades of spiritual stone income from the sect to prepare for the so-called reincarnation ceremony. After the headmaster Shenwu performed a ceremony to offer sacrifices to heaven and earth, there was a burst of fragrant wind from the reincarnation formation, and he was present at the scene. Everyone in the room suddenly felt the huge suction generated by the reincarnation formation, and saw that the formation continuously sucked in the vitality of the surrounding heaven and earth, and the range continued to expand, and finally it seemed that the starry sky was about to be included in it.
The suction of Shichen gradually stopped, but the absorbed power of the stars did not dissipate. The direct result was that the power of the stars in this star field was weakened by a layer, but the vitality of the planet where the Zhenwumen was located was directly increased by ten times. The storm caused by this vitality is too powerful. Everyone didn’t pay attention. Only now did they notice that a baby appeared in the center of the reincarnation formation. Next to the center of the formation, there is also a piece of translucent spirit stone that is neither gold nor jade. Shen Wu hurried to the center of the formation, wrapped the baby with the blanket prepared in advance, and then took down the spirit stone.
The ceremony is over.
Of course, the nonsense ceremony behind the master Shen Wu will not be mentioned.
Let’s say that the baby slowed down after being carried to the bedroom in the backyard.
Woke up slowly, Zheng Haozhen opened his eyes and wanted to stretch, but he was shocked to find that he had turned into a baby. His mind went blank for a moment, and then he looked around carefully and found that he was in an antique bedroom.
Some people who looked like maids from ancient times were rushing around.
The most annoying thing was that these maids were carrying swords on their backs. At this time, a little girl looked at Zheng Hao and said that the spirit baby woke up and quickly went to inform the head.
Zheng Hao heard about the spirit baby. I’m still the Holy Infant King. After a while, an old man came over and saw that he was wearing a navy blue robe that looked like a Taoist robe, but it didn’t have Tai Chi or gossip.
I don’t know what pattern was tattooed on it, which gave people an indescribable weirdness.
I feel like looking at his strange shape that is not a monk, not a vulgar, not a Buddha, but also Zheng Hao spouted in his stomach, who is this bastard? Why is he still drawing a turtle on his clothes? No, Zheng Hao took a closer look at that thing.
It’s not a tortoise, it’s like a Xuanwu baby’s brain is underdeveloped after all, so it can’t stand Zheng Hao’s thinking. Let’s take a look at Zheng Hao’s aptitude. Well, there is no doubt that the innate Dao body is the reincarnated spirit baby from the upper realm. It’s strange if it’s not the innate Dao body.
Of course, Zheng Hao doesn’t know these reasons are simple. The memory arranged by Cangming Tiandi is An otaku named Zheng Hao and this otaku was unfortunately struck by lightning when he was watching movies online at home, causing his soul to go out of his body, and then he was involved in the crack of time and space, and finally met a man in the tunnel of time and space who did not know why he could resist time and space. The body of the tearing baby, so Zheng Hao’s soul merged into this body, and finally appeared here. As for why Cangming Tiandi knew that this creature was a nerd, because he was once a nerd, and it gradually grew into a nerd because of chance and coincidence. A heavenly emperor, so he thinks that creatures like Zhai are actually the most terrifying creatures in the world. As long as they are given a chance, even if it is a small benefit, they can exert unimaginable power. After checking Zheng Hao’s aptitude, his eyes lit up and he smiled and said that he is worthy of the innate body of the spirit baby, by the way, what name do you give him? The elder laughed and said, isn’t there a companion spirit stone? Maybe we don’t need to name it.
When it came out, it really had the name Zheng Hao, so Zheng Hao’s name was decided without Zheng Hao knowing it. After Zheng Hao knew it, he was lucky and wondered what that piece of spirit stone was? The method is very boring, especially in the face of a group of little beauties but deeply feel the helplessness of the baby