Zhao Zhen smiled and said in a strange tone Quan Bin what do you think of this The old slave did not dare to presume

The author, Master Sanjie, celebrated the fifth spring of Qingli, Fan Wenzheng’s New Deal reform failed, and Fu Bi was sent down to Teng Zijing to rebuild the Yueyang Tower. He and Sima Niu have just started work, Bao Qingtian is not yet qualified to meditate, Kaifeng Mansion, Su Dongpo is changing teeth, Emperor Renzong is working hard to create a human being, it’s like God’s arrangement, the most outstanding guys from the Song Dynasty and even the Chinese nation are all crowded together in this era, this is the most gorgeous The brightest, most enlightened and free era, the air is intoxicating, but there is still a Jiazi, this charming era is about to be destroyed under the iron hooves of alien races. Is there any chance of being spared? A butterfly came to this place through thousands of years of time and space. The era of radiance takes you to see the bustling city. Takes you on the moon with the head of the willow tree. After dusk, takes you to have a drink with the top guy. Takes you to find all the answers. I just don’t know what he can bring to the world by flapping his little wings.
How much has changed Volume 1 Qing Ping Le Chapter 1 Sanlang Goro and Liulang Great Song Dynasty West Frontier Yizhou Road is the well-known Sichuan Basin The Minjiang River, as wide and long as a jade belt, runs through the western Sichuan Plain from north to south. From the pre-Qin period to the current dynasty, people regarded it as the source of the Yangtze River. Therefore, although the Minjiang River flows southward, it is still called the Great River to the east by many scholars. At this time, it is the peach blossom season. The river rushes down from the mountains at the junction of Sichuan and Gansu. There is a danger of flooding and rushing in all directions, but with Dujiangyan, the ferocious and wild river water miraculously turns into a gurgling clear stream, nourishing the land in central Sichuan. From then on, the land of Bashu, where droughts and floods are unpredictable, has become a land of abundance, where floods and droughts have never been known to people. It is said that the most reliable project in China is not the Great Wall, but Dujiangyan. A thousand years after its birth, the Han people have lost the protection of the Great Wall.
The people in central Sichuan still enjoy the protection of Dujiangyan.
There are fertile fields, thousands of miles of mountains, forests, bamboo trees, and thousands of hectares of vegetables and fruits. With the beauty of rice, fish and shrimp, there is happiness for the people everywhere, and there is no worry about the year.
It all comes from its blessing.
Shiwei went south to Chengdu in March. Qingshen County, which is 180 miles away, is surrounded by mountains, mountains, ridges and ravines.
The deep smoke and clouds are surrounded by green bamboos all over the pavement, and the green waves are green. The spring breeze blows the green waves. The bamboos become waves and the smoke changes. Surrounded by green mountains, there is a large lake in the east of the village.
The water of the lake is as clear as a mirror all the year round. The abundance of bamboo and water makes Shiwan Village have the conditions to burn bamboo charcoal. The charcoal produced is flammable, smokeless and durable, and is deeply loved by the residents of the city.
The charcoal kilns scattered around the lake show that the people here have lived up to the generous gifts of nature.
In fact, the bamboo charcoal fired in this village is popular in the entire Bamboo Sea. It is the top not only in the county, but also in Meizhou City, and even businessmen from Chengdu come to purchase nature Wealth is in such a paradise that seems to have nothing to do with sorrow, but there is a faint cry coming from it.
Search carefully. This sound is heard from the largest kiln on the east side of the lake. It is during the lunch break that the kiln is quiet. The sound comes from a shack in the northwest corner.
This small arched shack is covered with bamboo rafts, walls, and straw mats. It is dilapidated and in disrepair. It can only accommodate the wind and rain. It is in stark contrast to the buildings in the village with white walls and black tiles.
Through the concealed houses From the door, you can see that there is no other decorations except a bamboo board used as a bed, and of course you can’t open any furniture.
A thin and small boy is lying on the bamboo board, covered with a thin quilt, his eyes are closed, his face is pale, and there is another big boy.
The two young boys were kneeling on the side of the couch, the older one looked almost the same as the one lying down, and was holding his hands tightly, the younger one was only three or four years old, only knew how to lie there and cry while speaking Mandarin with a Shu accent Repeatedly said that the third brother woke up and Xiaoliu didn’t eat the pancakes.
He couldn’t help crying, and the other boy’s heart was cut like a knife, tears rolled in his eye sockets, and he clutched the hand with all his strength, lest the lying person disappear.
Usually, it doesn’t matter if you squeeze it, then you hear a faint cry of pain, and the two children widened their eyes and waited for a moment.
The one on the bed finally opened his eyes slowly, and the pupils slowly focused.
After looking at the two children, he couldn’t help laughing. Even though he is weak and weak, he is still overjoyed.
Who is the adult who is so clueless and thinks he is the bull devil and turned the child into a cough cough red boy? His accent is weird and vague. The two children didn’t understand but didn’t care about the younger one. Immediately, he rushed forward and hugged his neck, rubbing and rubbing, “Third brother, you woke up, the older one no longer looked bitter and bitter.” While wiping tears, he smiled and said softly, “Third brother, you scared us to death.
The one who was lying down.” Although it sounds difficult to listen to, but the sentence is simple and understandable He stared wide-eyed and said, What do you call me? He slowly raised his hand to separate the child who was rubbing against his cheeks, and said that children should use handkerchiefs instead of wiping their noses Uncle’s face didn’t finish his words, he was stunned for a moment, because he raised his hand, he saw a wrist like a reed stick, looked down the wrist in horror, the wrist connected to the forearm, the forearm, the forearm, and then connected to himself Heck, this is the arm that an adult should have. Could it be that after falling into the water, it was eaten by water ghosts and turned into a skeleton? A terrifying feeling spread all over his body. He reached out and touched his chin, which was as smooth as an egg, and then down, there was no Adam’s apple, and down, it was hairless like a bird. At this moment, the whole person was completely stunned, and the two children were also dumbfounded, watching him lying there as if possessed by a ghost, not daring to take a breath, and then seeing him struggling to get up, the older child hurried over to help him, after all, he was young and didn’t know what to say