Zhao Yin I know youre haunted by evil spirits you come to the coffee shop now Ill help you I hung up the phone after

Why, I was a little stunned holding the phone, you hurry home now, hurry up and finish talking, my dad’s phone was hung up, I put down the phone and I was a little stunned, my grandpa is just an ordinary old farmer, who would dig his grave so boringly I was full and full, but I heard my dad’s tone of voice on the phone just now, and I didn’t have time to think about it. I picked up my mobile phone and booked the earliest train ticket to Fujiwara County, Shandong Province on the website, and then I simply packed up. I left the dormitory with my schoolbag on my back.
My name is Song Fei. I am a sophomore at Donghai University in Jiangsu. I am actually an orphan.
I was adopted by my grandfather.
I knew from a very young age that the only person in this world who can treat me well with his life is my grandfather. It’s a pity that he died when I was ten years old.
My adoptive parents were good to me, but the year my grandpa died, my mother was pregnant again and gave birth to a big fat boy. Since then, I have never felt anything. My father loves me and my mother loves them. They poured all their heart and soul into my brother, but I can also understand that after all, it is not my own. At this time, there are not many people on the train.
I found a seat by the window and I was a little upset.
It’s because I feel unfamiliar with my parents. After the college entrance examination, my dad wanted me to work part-time.
In his eyes, I should work early to earn money like other children in the village.
I didn’t agree.
Later, when the admission letter for the college entrance examination came, my dad secretly accepted the admission.
The notification letter was burned, I didn’t compromise, my grades are okay, I don’t want to be a wage earner for the rest of my life, I can only work as a coolie, and when I get old, I have to go back to that remote and poor Shantai Village.
I went to Tunghai University by myself to apply for admission.
The notice begged the school leaders to apply for an entrance loan for me. I really want to never go back to this Shantai village, but today it’s about my grandpa’s grave.
I saw an eight-year-old and nine-year-old monk sitting across from him. This monk was wearing a gray cloth cassock with a string of huge prayer beads around his neck.
The string of prayer beads could hang from his neck to his knees. The little monk was very tall. There are still nine incense scars on the cute head, which makes people laugh. I said, little monk, did you come to ask me for alms? Seeing that your Yintang is black, and there is gray-red hostility in your face, you will definitely suffer a bloody disaster on this trip, and your life is in danger. I was stunned for a while, and then I laughed. I reached out and touched the little monk’s bald head and said, little monk, are you very powerful? I will deceive people when I am young. The little monk stretched out his hand and pushed my hand away, saying that monks do not tell lies.
Donor, you must not make fun of your own life. Well, I can tell you, but benefactor, can you buy me three packs of spicy sticks? It’s just the ruin of the telecom homicide scam Not counting childbirth, the old men and mothers went to borrow money, those bastards and liars just happened to be the flight attendant pushing a small trolley over, so I bought five packs of spicy strips and handed them to the little monk. I said that spicy strips are not a good thing, eat carefully The little monk was very happy and immediately tore open a pack and chewed it. He said, benefactor, you are lucky to have met me.
Let me tell you that your bloody disaster can’t be solved, but it’s easy to avoid it, just don’t go. I’m even more speechless when I get to the place I’m talking about.
Who taught you these deceptions? Kindergarten kids who are the same age as you can’t find it. How did you find me? On the side of Latiao, it is very serious, saying that the benefactor, the little monk, has the name of the Dharma, rebooting, and never talks about it.
I saw that you were worried about your life and felt compassion.
I told you.
You must know that the way of heaven is revealed, but you will be punished. Don’t leave, I’m sorry, I’ll go to the toilet first.
Sure enough, the master said not to meddle in other people’s business. The little monk ran into the toilet as he muttered.
The thick prayer beads almost tripped him a few times. I sat there and laughed. It’s obvious that I ate too much chili strips and got a stomachache, and they said they leaked secrets. Are liars so cute these days? At this time, the car arrived at the station in Fujiwara County. I got off the train with my bag on my back. My home is in Shantai Village. The key is that it’s quite far from the train station.
It is very remote, you need to take a car to the town first, then take a three-wheeled taxi to the mountain pass, and then walk half an hour on the mountain road from the mountain pass to reach our village. It was almost dark when I drove all the way to the village entrance. Hanging a white cloth with elegiac couplets and wreaths on both sides, I saw it a bit strange, why the village head’s family died, there were four people in the village head’s family, and there was no old man, and I didn’t know who died. I didn’t think much about it and hurried back to my house Inside, my mother was changing clothes for my brother. Seeing me coming back, my mother didn’t show any joy, so she said to me Xiao Fei, come over and change clothes, and go to the village chief’s house for dinner. What happened to my grandfather’s grave? I don’t want to go to eat.
My mother put on a red coat for my younger brother, she said that your grandfather’s grave was dug like that for many days, the soil was dried up and the coffin was gone, please put this dress on, I see my mother’s attitude I was a little angry, and I hurried back just to get a grave for my grandfather.
After all, the grave is his home after death.
You must not be sloppy, but looking at my mother, she doesn’t care about her at all.
I will go to the mountain to see me. Grandpa, I put down my schoolbag and I’m leaving. What are you doing? My dad came in from the door. He put the basket on the ground and told me that it was going to be dark. Go to some mountain, change your clothes, and go eat with me. Xiao Lian is dead.