Zhao Wenlong was not to be outdone and pointed with his thumb backhand Pointing to himself he gave Fatty Yu a hard look Zhuo Lingxiu

Wangjing City, the auxiliary capital of Tianqi Kingdom, is adjacent to Kyoto, so it is named Wangjing. Because it is not far from Xianglong Kingdom, there are 300,000 Forbidden Dragon Army stationed here, which can not only defend Kyoto, but also guard the border. It is said that Wangjing also has a mysterious army named Wangjing.
There are only a hundred people in the Shenwu Guards, but all of them have the ability to reach the sky.
There is a huge mansion in the east of Wangjing City, which is Duan Wang’s Mansion. Duan Wang Li Ruifeng is the younger brother of the current emperor Li Zeyuan.
The fiefdom was changed to Wangjing and the intention behind it is known to all passers-by.
Li Ruifeng also knew it well.
Ever since he arrived in Wangjing, he lived in seclusion and kept out of the world. Seeing how knowledgeable he is, the emperor gradually felt relieved of his younger brother. On this day, a distant visitor named Duan Wangfu came Nie Tian woke up just after dawn, feeling dizzy, dry and thirsty, unable to remember how many cups he drank last night, wanted to get up to find some water, but was too lazy to move, so he was lying on the bed with his eyes closed, and suddenly Nie Tian felt Something was not quite right, there was a slight breathing sound from the side, and a slight fragrance was inhaled in the nose, then he opened his eyes and looked sideways, and couldn’t help being stunned.
With the dim light coming in from the window, Nie Tian could clearly see that the person next to him was clearly Xiaodie, the maid who toasted him during the banquet last night, is now only wearing a small dress, half of her fragrant shoulders are exposed outside the brocade quilt, her delicate face is facing her, her vermilion lips are slightly parted, her breath is like a blue, her two arms are holding Nie Nie Tian was holding Tian’s arm in his bosom for a while, Nie Tian was so drunk, Nie Tian was stunned for a while, trying to recall yesterday’s events, the time went back to yesterday afternoon, Nie Tian was standing in front of Ting Yuxuan, waiting for Duan Wang to listen to Yuxuan. It was Duan Wang Li Ruifeng’s study. Just now Steward Ge led him here to wait, so he went in and informed Nie Tian.
Looking around, he saw that Yuxuan was being built in a lotus pond. At this time, it was midsummer. A yellow warbler is singing cheerfully A few mandarin ducks are roaming in the pool and playing in the water, causing ripples A frog is squatting on the lotus leaf from time to time, croaking, It’s a beautiful scene in the south of the Yangtze River, I’m intoxicated by the beautiful scenery, suddenly burst into a hearty smile A middle-aged man quickly came out from the hall to greet him, and saw that the visitor was fat and his eyes were narrowed into a line with a smile.
It was Duan Wang Li Ruifeng.
Ruifeng picked up his smile and came to let this king have a look, oh, my nephew is really more and more talented.
Come in, come in and talk, I can’t help but pull Nie Tian into the study, turn around and tell Steward Ge to prepare the food and drink, and come to the study. Li Ruifeng and Nie Tian are left and right Sitting down, Nie Tian went straight to the point and said that he came here this time at the order of his father to fulfill the marriage contract that the prince and his father made back then, and finally he said it. He let out a long breath in his heart, and his face couldn’t help but turn red. Three years ago, his father died of illness. Hold Nie Tian’s hand and tell him to go to Wangjing Duan Wang Mansion to find Duan Wang Li Ruifeng to fulfill the marriage contract made twelve years ago.
I just came to Duanwang Mansion in Wangjing. At this time, I was sixteen years old. When Li Ruifeng heard Nie Tian mention the marriage contract, the smile on his face froze. He made up his mind, but he didn’t make up his mind. He thought about it for a while, and said, “Of course, but this is the princess’s lifelong event, and it needs to be considered in the long run. No rush, no hurry.” Li Ruifeng then sighed and said, “Since your mother passed away, you My father resigned from his position as the commander of the Forbidden Dragon Army and spent the whole day indulging in wine. He was only 30 years old, but he didn’t want to. Hearing these words, Nie Tian also looked sad. He recalled that when he was a child, his father always slept until noon and then went to the wine shop for a drink.
I came back after being drunk like mud, suddenly thought of a question, and asked Wang Yegui, as the king’s lord, why did you bow down and marry my father as brothers and made a marriage contract? Ah, Li Ruifeng laughed, did you know that the commander of the Forbidden Dragon Army a few years earlier was my king, your father was still the deputy commander, this king and your father have known each other since childhood, they have similar personalities, and they usually call each other brothers.
I can’t be restrained by worldly etiquette. Others say that I am a prince and should not be called brother and brother with your father. After hearing this, the king simply bowed to your father. My father’s royal air hahaha Nie Tian couldn’t help but smiled and said, “My lord is really a man of temperament.
” It is a great blessing for the country to have such a good prince like you.
The uncle and nephew chatted about some state affairs and family affairs. Butler Ge came to report that the food was ready. Li Ruifeng led Nie Tian into the dining room. Li Ruifeng sat on the table and let Nie Tian sat down at the seat next to him, poured a glass for Nie Tian, ​​then poured himself a toast, and said, let’s have a drink first, Nie Tian was so surprised that he quickly declined, saying, “My lord, my nephew has never drank alcohol, and I can’t drink it.
After drinking, how do you know you can’t drink? There is no father and son at the table.
You and I can come here as uncles and nephews. Uncle is happy today.
Let’s toast to my nephew first. After speaking, I drank the wine in the glass and then made a gesture of please. Nie Tian secretly groaned.
I can only reply that I don’t dare to take it, it should be my nephew, Uncle Jing. After that, he gritted his teeth and swallowed the wine in the glass in one gulp. Haha laughed and wanted to serve Nie Tianman another glass Nie Tian was so frightened that he hid the wine glass aside and let Li Ruifeng refuse to drink no matter how much he persuaded the servant to accompany the young master to drink. While talking about apologizing, a person came in.
Nie Tian looked up and couldn’t help being stunned. He saw a girl who came in.
She was dignified and beautiful, wearing a long emerald green skirt, and her black hair was long and draped like a waterfall. The beautiful girl came up and saluted Nie Yun first, and then said to Li Ruifeng, Mrs.
and Mrs. Hearing that a distinguished guest has come to the house, the master has suffered from the wind and cold, and he is still afraid that he will not be able to drink.