Zhao Chongxiao what are you doing Tang Raogang After getting the Lingshi a loud sound came the next moment a space crack appeared Natasha appeared

Chapter 1 Sad and angry, Mei Fanghua, you bitch, don’t want it, no one in this world can disobey me and your bitch master, let’s go to hell together, hahaha, the woman laughs crazily Rao roared, it shouldn’t have ended like this, shouldn’t it have such an extreme black light, his body gradually turned into nothingness, and he died like this? No, Tang Rao’s brain suddenly became agitated at the next moment, and at the last moment, he saw Master It seems to point out a fingertip with nine levels of red light and nine levels of white light reincarnation fingering Thinking of this, Tang Rao’s chest was in severe pain and he could hardly breathe until the last moment Master was still protecting him, using the remaining strength to reincarnate himself Mei Fanghua Lao Tzu Eighteenth generation Ancestor Tang Rao didn’t know how long it had been, maybe it was hundreds of years, maybe it was just a flick of a finger, and when his consciousness was condensed again, boundless pain swept from his lower body. The pain almost caused his newly condensed consciousness to collapse again quickly. Preparing for the operation Xiaorao, don’t scare your mother, Dean Liu, please save my son! All kinds of voices rushed into Tang Rao’s ears, and at the same time, a whole piece of memory flooded out and merged with Tang Rao’s consciousness. Tang Rao couldn’t help muttering in his heart. The original owner of this body was also named Tang Rao.
He had to say that it was an unlucky thing and was kicked by a woman.
If it wasn’t because of his own consciousness reincarnation, he should have died by this time.
Fuck, it’s so primitive, but this place shouldn’t be under that bitch Mei Fanghua’s sphere of influence.
That’s good news. Tang Rao’s brain quickly digests all kinds of things and grasps everything that this body originally knew. The only thing that makes Tang Rao unhappy is him. At this time, he couldn’t speak, couldn’t open his eyes, couldn’t move his body, and soon Tang Rao was pushed into the operating room, and then Tang Rao’s nightmare came. He felt that someone started to play with his lower body, yes, he was even pulled away by a knife.
It’s a kind of humiliation, an absolute humiliation. Thinking about my talent, Tang Rao, I’m talented in nine worlds and seventy-two domains, and I’m famous for being famous, but now someone cuts it open.
Tang Rao is dying of grief. It took a full three hours for all this to end. The lights in the operating room turned from red to green, and then the door of the operating room opened with a ding.
Forgive him, Liu De is a bit afraid to look at the middle-aged man in front of him.
This man is so powerful in the Pearl that he almost holds a third of the Pearl business world. It’s shocking to think about it.
Mr. Tang saved his life, but Liu De gritted his teeth extremely He has tried his best to say a few words with difficulty, but unfortunately it was delivered too late, the thing can’t be cured. To put it bluntly, Tang Rao has lost the ability to pass on the family line. Trembling, the woman behind Wang Renwang screamed, and immediately collapsed on the ground and passed out. Several doctors nearby saw Tang Renwang’s wife fainted and stepped forward one by one.
There was another wind in the pinch, and soon Bai Yushu woke up, but his beautiful eyes were already filled with tears, and Tang Rao was also pushed out at this moment, Xiao Rao, Bai Yushu pounced on him with a sad cry, how could it be like this? It will be like this, Liu De, you continue to treat me! Bai Yushu yelled loudly at Liu De, completely disregarding his image. Tang Rao is her only son.
She can accept the loss of arms and legs, but now he has lost his life. During the destruction operation, Tang Rao, despite his grief and indignation, kept communicating the strength in his body. At this moment, he finally took over the body, slowly opened his eyes, and looked at Bai Yushu, who was lying on top of him, crying bitterly.
It hurts that he didn’t have a mother since he was a child. Is this how a mother feels? Seeing her burst into tears Tang Rao’s chest is also very stuffy Xiao Rao, when you wake up and see Tang Rao open his eyes, Bai Yushu’s tear-stained face struggles to squeeze out a little smile. It’s okay. Xiaorao, I will go through the formalities to go abroad now.
We will go abroad for treatment. Your aunt said that 80% of the cure can be cured.
Fortunately, it is really impossible to restore the ability to carry on the family line. No need.
Tang Rao shook his head.
He didn’t want anyone to mess with his stuff. When his strength improved, he would naturally be able to restore Bai Yushu. Tang Rao didn’t know. There is no way to recover Seeing Tang Rao shaking his head, thinking that Tang Rao already knew that he couldn’t be cured, his body suddenly became paralyzed, Xiao Rao, I’m sorry, you are my mother who didn’t protect you, Bai Yushu collapsed again and cried very sadly, I didn’t go home beforehand Said in one breath, Tang Ren Wang’s expression on the side is extremely dignified, his son is a playboy, now that he doesn’t have that function, how can he be so calm, no matter what man it is, it is impossible for such a reaction, is it because of physical trauma that has caused a major change in temperament Thinking of this, Tang Ren Wang’s complexion became darker, Mr. Tang, I suggest to observe in the hospital for a while, Liu De stepped forward and said, Tang Rao heard Liu De’s voice, turned his head, and stared fiercely into Liu De’s dark eyes.
The two sharp murderous intentions are that this damn bastard actually moved his knife on his thing for three hours, and touched Tang Rao’s eyes.
Liu De was so frightened that he broke out in cold sweat.
The eyes are really terrifying.
Naturally, Tang Rao’s eyes didn’t.
Having escaped the eyes of the King of Tang, even the King of Tang was a little horrified. The fierceness in Xiao Rao’s eyes actually made him, who has been in the shopping mall for decades, have lingering fears. Good Xiao Rao’s mother will take you back. Bai Yushu immediately nodded and said, but the next moment Bai Yushu There is a fierce look on the face, please don’t worry, this old lady will avenge you and want to use this method to force us to divorce