Zhang Ziyao retracted his hand and was about to say something when a timid voice came from behind him little brother you Zhang Ziyao was

Wedge Point Dragon Pen Chapter 1 Dream Artifacts In today’s world, there is a special professional group that ordinary people don’t know about. Their name is Dream Craftsman, euphemistically called craftsmen who describe dreams.
What the dream painters pursue all their life is a set of artifacts handed down by the Nuwa Empress in the ancient times There are a total of eight lamps, and each of them, even if used alone, is an artifact that can turn decay into magic.
It is said that if you gather them together, you can have the power of Nuwa. You can advance from a dream painter to a top painter, and then create and appear in the world. The non-existent creature Nuwa made man, drew the finishing touch, drew the dream, and built the Dragon Palace. The folklore handed down from ancient times depicts the traces of the existence of the dream-painting artifact.
Among them, the Dragon Brush is the first of the eight artifacts that can be used to draw objects on paper.
The magic power is the painting lamp is on, the painting is burning and the painting has breath At Anle Temple in Jinling, painted four dragons on the wall without closing their eyes.
Every day when you touch them, they fly away.
People think it is absurd. Please click for a moment.
Thunder and lightning break the wall. You tell the story of your ancestors, I would like to ask you to raise your spirits and give some reactions, okay? Wow, pretend to make the old man happy, it’s really a child who can’t be taught, and if the ancestor Zhang Sengyou knows that his famous dragon pointing brush has been taken away by you If such a person inherits, he must crawl out of the coffin in anger, sir, when you asked me if I have heard the story of the finishing touch, I already said that I have, and not only have I heard it, but I have heard the worst one since I was a child. When I was studying, I had to listen to my teacher countless times in class.
Even after listening to it, I had to cooperate with my colleagues around me to make a wow appearance.
I was tired of the antique study.
There was an old wooden desk behind an old wooden desk.
Wearing a white robe and wearing a pale blue belt around his waist, the thirteen or fourteen-year-old boy has delicate features, his hair is simply tied up, and he has a clean scholarly aura that no one can hate. He was slightly staring at the old man who was blowing his beard and staring innocently with his eyes wide open. Obviously, he was disgusted with the harmless and innocent expression of the young man.
The old man standing on the other side of the table was so angry that his eyes sparkled The ruler in his hand is slapping on the table, no one cares. The young man is explaining what he is just angrily chattering on himself.
What does it mean to be tired of beating you? I want to visit you and sue you because you are an unfilial son who lied that the whole family is sick in bed.
You are the only one who is sick in bed. You are such a wonderful career as a dream craftsman You don’t yearn for the stories of your ancestors at all, and you don’t cherish you. Grandpa, how can I feel at ease? I entrust you with the dragon brush. It’s the brush used by Zhang Sengyou, the master of painting dreams. So it’s like eating three meals a day. Being scolded like this every day, Zhang Ziyao has been scolded for a long time and lost his temper. He sighed, grabbed an ordinary brush on the pen holder at hand, dipped it in ink, and drew a piece of paper on the white rice paper spread out in front of him.
The crane waited for the thousand paper cranes to take shape. The young man put down his pen and waited quietly for a while.
Before waiting for a few seconds, something unusual happened. Under the gaze of the young man, the thousand paper cranes that were originally presented as simple black lines on the paper suddenly appeared. It fluttered its wings, at first it only trembled slightly, and then returned to calm for a long time until the people outside the painting almost thought that the moment just now was just their own dazzled eyes, everything seemed to be the start of a shadow puppet show, and the thousand paper cranes began to lightly lighten at a frequency visible to the naked eye.
He flapped his wings made of simple lines, the old man, who was still cursing, suddenly became quiet when the thousand paper cranes on the ordinary rice paper fluttered their wings more and more frequently.
The boy sitting behind the table narrowed his eyes slightly. Biting the tip of his tongue, he gently poked the thousand paper crane with the brush in his hand.
A drop of ink soaked the paper, and then something even more miraculous happened.
Flapping wings and flying high was originally just a simple line, but the paper suddenly became a three-dimensional form and emerged from the painting. At first, it was the tip of the wings, then the small head of the thousand paper cranes, and finally, the sharp tail followed by floating out of the painting. The paper crane that was just painted on paper turned into a real exquisite paper crane and flew out of the painting. Under the gaze of the young man, it flapped its folded wings around the young man’s head.
Flying around, a gust of wind blows in from the window, it seems that there is really a bird’s soul possessed by this paper crane, and it tremblingly flies towards the direction of the open window under the smiling young man’s gaze. Across the desk, over the tea table, over the tall bookshelves, and finally saw this paper crane about to fly to freedom. Under the eyes of the old and the young in the room, its flapping wings suddenly froze, and then fell on the window edge with a thud. The young and old man Zhang Ziyao Ah, Zhang Huaishan gasped, raised the old ruler in his hand, and suddenly became more angry than before! Shit, shit, Zhang Ziyao, you can’t even draw a thousand paper cranes, you can’t even draw a thousand paper cranes, heaven I, Zhang Huaishan, am ashamed of my Zhang family ancestors, my ancestors of my ancestors, Zhang Sengyou.