Zhang Xiang in Tianxiang Guose Manor snorted coldly and said Qin Hao you must not come and call the police It was like kicking a

Source 80 e-book uploaded with integrity and traveled all over the world. Word count. He was originally the youngest soldier king in China.
He had no choice but to retire and return to the city. He just wanted to live a low-key life, but his awesome skills are destined to lead a high-profile life.
Chapter 1 The soldier king returns to the capital, the highest military Outside the cell of the Tianzizi prison, two soldiers with micro punches are always staring at the young man in the cell.
The young man is wearing a prison uniform.
His limbs are specially made for handcuffs and shackles.
He never leaves the body.
The young man is 1.
8 meters tall and has a public face.
But those plump muscles also express surprise. When you look at him, you may not remember the youth, but if you see his eyes, you will never forget them. Those eyes reveal the vicissitudes of life and sharp eyes, as if you can see through the secrets of others at a glance. It is this gaze that makes it hard to forget that Qin Hao had the honor of becoming the first prisoner in the Tianzihao cell of the Capital Military Prison since the establishment of New China. He has been in this cell of less than 20 square meters for three full years. Others Prisoners have almost none of their rights. He has no right to relatives to visit him. He has no right. Even outside his cell, there are two soldiers with submachine guns guarding him 24 hours a day.
Other prisoners will release their handcuffs and shackles as soon as they return to their cell, but he The handcuffs and shackles on his body have never left his body since the day he came in. Qin Hao is the youngest soldier king in Chinese history.
He is a god in the army and a nightmare for terrorists. Although he has disappeared for three years, his name is still in the army.
But he still occupies the position of the youngest soldier king.
Even though he disappeared for three years, the international terrorist, the big drug lord, and the God of Gamblers still regard China as a forbidden place. On the underground reward lists of Western countries, Qin Hao’s name has been at the top of the reward list for many years.
Not even a frontal photo of himself—a huge reward of 50 million U.
S. dollars has already arrived.
The heavy electronic door outside opened. Qin Hao, who has been standing on his hands and fingers for three hours, murmured, “If I remember correctly, today is the third day.” It’s the last day of the year.
The electronic door opens. An old man wearing a military uniform and carrying a star on his shoulder is not angry. Anyone who often reads national news will know that the old man is the one who survived the latest war and is the only one left in the country. One of the several generals is followed by another person. Although this person does not have a general star on his shoulder, the person who can follow the general has a very high rank and extremely high strength.
I have seen the chief of two soldiers with guns. Immediately salute the admiral, returned a salute, went outside the cell door and looked at Admiral Li Jianren, who was standing on his head, a flash of guilt flashed in his eyes, followed the admiral’s soldiers, opened a folder, and with the admiral’s consent, began to read Qin Haosui’s height of three years August and day ago, I was sentenced to three years in prison for intentional homicide, no commutation, no visitation, no release, today the sentence expires, after being researched by the superiors, he was released under license Haha, how fast the three years have passed, the door opened like a dream, Qin Hao laughed at himself. Laughed, stopped standing on his head, and stood upright. Because of standing on his head for a long time, Qin Hao’s face turned slightly red. When he saw the general, his excitement flashed obviously, and he thought about releasing the document. Soldiers first enter their fingerprints on the fingerprint reader, wait for the electronic prompt to confirm that the fingerprints are correct, and then enter a large string of complex passwords. After the password is entered, it is verified by voice three times in a row. Only after three consecutive verifications are correct, the prison door is opened and the handcuffs and fetters are released. Qin Hao twisted his body, and all the joints in his body suddenly crackled. It was a bit unaccustomed to take it off suddenly. Qin Hao’s words immediately made the general smile. Qin Hao’s ability to be so relaxed shows that Qin Hao has no resentment in his heart. Qin Hao has no resentment.
A lot of people think it is a good thing, otherwise the king of soldiers has resentment, then even he would have a headache. Outside the prison, Qin Hao and the old man sat in the back row of a special car with the Supreme Military Commission on it, followed by the general, and the soldier was driving. Drive to the city in a special car. This is your thing. You put it away. Although you have left the army, I hope you always remember your mission.
If one day I find out that you have done something that I am sorry for the country and the party, I will kill you personally.
Admiral Throwing an information bag to Qin Hao’s eyes is a flash of regret, don’t worry, I have already calculated the consequences when I did that thing back then, tell them I have no complaints, I will be a good citizen, Qin Hao chuckled lightly, but sneered in his heart I don’t have any complaints, but what about them? You are the most proud student of this old man. I hope you will strictly remember what you said just now. The general obviously doesn’t trust Qin Hao. If Qin Hao took his words to heart, that incident wouldn’t have happened three years ago.
He deplores the tragedy that has caused the great families to suffer. Go back and see your parents.
They haven’t heard from you for three years.
The plane ticket is already ready for you to meet Qin Hao. I can’t deny that the general knows what I said. I just hope. Those people can learn the lessons from the past, otherwise he can’t guarantee what will happen. Qin Hao nodded, packed the things in the information bag, and kept silent. After getting off the car at the capital airport, Qin Hao solemnly respected the general.
After paying the military salute, he watched the special car drive away.
In Qin Hao’s heart, the admiral is not just as simple as the master. The tragedy three years ago would have been impossible for anyone to survive.
For him, the admiral went all the way to the chairman’s office to save Qin Hao, but Qin Hao’s military career is impossible. He kept his boarding pass and changed his boarding pass. Qin Hao misses his parents even more.
Since he joined the army, he has hardly had time to go home and visit his relatives. Knowing the situation at home, are the elderly parents in good health? As the plane lifted into the sky, Qin Hao’s heart has already flown to his parents. Qin Hao is sitting in the economy class.
The person next to him is actually a beautiful woman. For Qin Hao, this is definitely a huge temptation, but Qin Hao just took a few glances to enjoy the sight.
This woman is covered from head to toe with limited edition famous brands.