Zhang Shichuan is making such a fuss about how to monopolize the shipping in the entire Qing Dynasty Asking Wang Jun Brother Chuan ordered eh

Chapter 1 Who am I Where am I? In the Forbidden City Hall of Supreme Harmony drama, the Jinluan Palace is the Hall of Supreme Harmony, the palace where the emperor holds various important ceremonies, and the symbol of imperial power.
Yongzheng usually does not deal with government affairs here, but at this moment in the hall Yongzheng was dressed in auspicious clothes, sitting on the dragon chair, holding a memorial in his hand, and seemed to be reading it carefully. The censer next to him was burning with curling sandalwood.
At the bottom, only Su Peisheng stood with his head bowed, looking a little frightened. The palace door was pushed open, and Zhang Shichuan took A group of people walked in with guns and live ammunition. They stepped on the smooth and clean gold bricks and made a clicking sound.
Yongzheng didn’t seem to notice the group of uninvited guests, but finished reading the book in his hand. I wrote neatly, “I bow, Ann, wait, okay?” Seeing Yongzheng put down the pen in his hand, Zhang Shichuan opened his mouth and said, “Fourth master, don’t come here, Zhuoyu, you are here.
When the time comes, the people all over the world are waiting for the abdication of the fourth master.” For the sake of the people of the world, for the sake of the livelihood of your banner people, abdicate. I will issue an imperial edict to treat you as good people and treat them equally.
After looking at everything in the hall for a long time, he said that the hundred-year-old foundation of the ancestors was unexpectedly buried in the hands of my unfilial son. Thank you, Zhang Shichuan, the fourth master, for picking up the jade. Do you still remember the first time you went to your Balizhuang? You were a child at that time. You never thought that you would be the one who buried me more than ten years later.
Yongzheng General of the Qing Dynasty quietly found out A delicate revolver was pointed at his temple, but Zhang Shichuan didn’t notice Yongzheng’s actions, his thoughts were pulled back to the fifty years of Kangxi, the clanging metal knocking woke Zhang Shichuan, he tried hard to think When I opened my eyes, I felt that my eyelids were heavy.
He wanted to talk, he wanted to shout, but there was only a gurgling sound in his throat.
The sound was still going on, like a lullaby. Daddy, the little beggar, woke up. Zhang Shichuan was attracted by a girl’s voice, and finally he could He opened his eyes, and his vision slowly changed from blurred to clear.
A small black face appeared in front of his eyes, but a pair of big black eyes were watery. Wake up! With the sound of the door opening, a middle-aged man in a leather apron The middle-aged man walked in.
God bless this little beggar.
Who am I? Where am I and what? This is Zhang Shichuan’s mind is still a mess. What did I do last night? It’s a dream. The old man is drinking and drinking red star Erguotou fried belly and fried liver. It seems that there is Maotai holding grass. He remembered that he said let me time travel me.
A gown with a bald head, to be exact, not bald, with an egg-sized piece of hair on the back of the head, braided into a thin braid, wrapped around the neck twice like a mouse’s tail, Qing Dynasty Zhang Shichuan wanted to touch his head It’s not that it’s also a money-tailed hairstyle, but the limp hands didn’t have any strength, and finally they failed to raise their hands.
Xiao’e gave him some water to drink. The middle-aged man rolled over Zhang Shichuan’s eyelids, and put two fingers on his neck to test his pulse. Steady, this kid actually made it through Hudahuda, the monotonous voice was rhythmic thinking Chuanzi put in more effort, the charcoal fire wasn’t strong enough ah Zhang Ishikawa mechanically pulled the seal box, his mind was still chaotic, he really crossed This alley is also called Chideng Hutong.
It is less than 500 meters away from the front door. It is still the same place, but the time has changed.
In the 50th year of Kangxi AD, I changed from a failed college student to a frozen to death.
In the old Beijing Hutong in December The little beggar is dreaming. This must be a dream. When did I wake up from the dream? I am a third-year chemistry student who was expelled from the school and lives in a courtyard within the second ring road. Zhang Shichuan only hopes to open his eyes again.
It would be better to go back to the familiar Beijing or directly to his hometown in Hebei.
However, when he wakes up again and again, he is disappointed to find that he is still in the blacksmith shop and cannot go back.
What is my surname in this life? I don’t know how old I am, where are my parents, where did my parents go? In the words of the middle-aged man who saved him, this child’s life was recovered.
It’s a pity that Zhang Shichuan is stupid. The name is not bad. It really is a rock of life.
The accent is the same, you are from the capital. Why are you living on the street? Think about your parents’ names. Which alley is the middle-aged man talking endlessly, hoping to evoke the memory of this little fool? The only thing he got was the silent man named Zhao Yuanhua. The blacksmith lost his wife at the age of thirty-four this year.
He and his eleven-year-old daughter, Zhao E, depended on each other for a living. The first time Zhang Shichuan was woken up was the sound of iron forging.
When I was about to turn on the charcoal stove and start working, I found a small body curled up outside. His clothes were half buried in the snow, and his clothes were already frozen. There was still a breath of hot air under his nose. He swept off the snow from the little beggar’s body, carried him into the house, and stripped him naked.
Putting on the already tattered clothes, dipping a towel in cold water, rubbing Zhang Shichuan’s limbs to warm them up, covering the quilt, prying open his teeth, and pouring a big bowl of hot ginger soup into it.
Unexpectedly, two days later, the little beggar really came back to life.
Uncle, I really don’t know.
I only remember that my name is Zhang Shichuan. I don’t remember anything else.
Zhang Shichuan replied dumbfoundedly, adding a little more strength to the hand pulling the bellows. Although the capital is big, when you meet your relatives, you stay here first, although there is nothing to eat or drink, you will not freeze to death on the street.
Thank you, uncle, for your life-saving grace.