Zhang Rong nodded stretched out his hand took the newspaper over and glanced at the headline Zhang Rong sighed and came again Zhang Weixian walked

Introduction Incompetence is the story of traveling through Wanli and becoming an emperor. Chapter 1 I am a ten-year-old child in the Wanli Palace.
I sat up from the bed and shook my head in a daze.
I looked around suspiciously and then hesitated.
Speaking of which, I’m in the Ming Dynasty. As a person of later generations, I’m not unfamiliar with the word time travel, but it’s still hard to accept that I’ve really traveled to ancient times.
Your Highness, you woke up, just as Chen Cheng was accepting another memory in his head. A gentle voice.
The voice rang in Chen Cheng’s ear.
He looked up and saw that it was a fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl. She was quite beautiful, with fair skin and a slim figure. She looked at Chen Cheng with big eyes blinking shyly and timidly.
This little girl was somewhat pleasantly surprised, Chen Cheng knew that he was his maid behind the scenes, her name was Luliu, who she was, she was the prince of the Ming Dynasty, His Royal Highness Zhu Yijun, and her father was the emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Zaihou, but according to his memory, he was this My father passed away a few days ago. Although I am a prince now, I am about to ascend the throne.
I am about to become the new emperor of the Ming Dynasty. The Wanli Emperor, known in history as Ming Shenzong, is about to become emperor.
People from later generations who travel through time, what does the word emperor mean? Zhu Yijun knows nothing more than tens of millions of people. How could Zhu Yijun not be excited? His Royal Highness, I will report to Queen Luliu.
Seeing that Zhu Yijun is fine, turn around and run away.
The prince woke up. This is a big matter that needs to be reported to the queen immediately.
This matter cannot be delayed.
Seeing the little girl run away, Zhu Yijun was taken aback, but the prince will soon become the existence of the emperor.
Is it really okay for you to treat me like this? Is there anyone outside? Zhu Yijun shouted outside A waiter came in, imitating Zhu Yijun’s style in his memory, and shouted to the outside. As soon as the voice fell outside, an eunuch ran in. He looked about 30 years old, his face was pale, he didn’t need to be tall, and he looked at Zhu Yijun on the bed with surprise and tears. They all came down, crying with joy, His Royal Highness finally woke up, but he was worried about the death of the old slave. As he said that, he kowtowed on the ground, thanking his ancestors for blessing his acting skills. Zhu Yijun sat on the bed and exclaimed that future generations of actors would be scolded for acting like you Zhu Yijun knows this eunuch, he is the famous Feng Bao, and his own companion Feng has been by his side since he was a child. The key is that he deeply trusts his own mother, who is now Li Guifei and the future Queen Mother Li. Zhu Yijun also knows that this guy will collude with Zhang Juzheng in the future.
However, Zhu Yijun doesn’t want to get out of bed with Feng Bao, laughing and helping Feng Bao, get up quickly, this ground is cold, goodbye to me, I’m well, you’re sick again, and take good care of your body, with Feng Bao’s tears moved Hengliu is just really moved or fake moved, that’s unknown, His Royal Highness, the old slave, this old slave on the ground is waiting for His Highness to put on shoes Feng Bao hurriedly got up from the ground, bowed his body and helped Zhu Yijun to sit down, then took the shoes and respected for Zhu Yi Jun put on Zhu Yijun and did not refuse to sit on the bed and enjoy Feng Bao knelt on the ground to put on his shoes.
Thinking back on the treatment he had received before, Zhu Yijun couldn’t help but sigh with emotion, not to mention putting on shoes, there are people waiting for him when he puts on the clothes.
Got out of bed and was about to go out to have a look outside when there was a sound that the queen was driving, and then two people walked in.
To be precise, it was two beauties in palace costumes, the queen costume was next to the imperial concubine costume Zhu Yijun knew that the queen costume was his old Father’s queen, Mrs. Chen, pretended to be her own mother, Mrs.
Mrs. Li, the noble concubine, both rushed to Zhu Yijun’s side with eager expressions, son, you scared your mother to death, and Mrs. Li didn’t care to hug Zhu Yijun in her arms Tears flowed down from the inside, and the empress Chen also wiped her tears on the side. Zhu Yijun expressed his concern, although he was a little awkward in his heart, but he still followed the original Zhu Yijun and said that the mother and concubine were worried. It was the child who was not filial.
The boy had a dream just now.
The father said that he would protect the child.
The Daxing Emperor entrusted the dream. This is a big event.
Mrs. Li quickly let go of her son and asked you what did the father say? I gave it to my son, I hope my son will not let down the ancestors of the Ming Dynasty Zhu Yijun said with a smile, and the father also said that the ancestors of the Ming Dynasty will bless the good weather of the Ming Dynasty Li nodded repeatedly, then you have to listen to your father Don’t worry, mother and concubine, I will definitely listen to what my father said. My father also said let me take good care of my mother and mother. Zhu Yijun patted his own little chest, I will definitely be able to do it. The atmosphere of mother kindness and filial piety is much better. Seeing that nothing happened, Zhu Yijun heaved a sigh of relief. After all, Yuanshen passed out because of his father’s death.
The ten-year-old child was tossed and tossed by a group of people. He was so exhausted that he didn’t pass out, but fell asleep. It’s an act of pure filial piety, the kind of mother and concubine who can set an example for the world.
I’m hungry. Zhu Yijun touched his stomach and said hesitantly. No wonder Mrs.
Li heard that Zhu Yijun was hungry and quickly ordered Feng Bao who was standing next to Feng Daban to get someone to prepare food quickly.
His Highness the Crown Prince is waiting here.
The two quickly agreed, turned around and ran outside. Someone was cooking, and Zhu Yijun felt more at ease.