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Chapter 1 Chess Game The quiet mountain forest, birds singing and flowers fragrance, the cool temperature by the stream in the mountain is also very comfortable. A group of people are busy and frolicking here, setting up tents and building a camp. This is a camping activity privately organized by colleagues of the company. Tents and other equipment for mountaineering and hiking are not enough for older people. Originally, everyone hoped that the company would organize a camping trip, but the company organizes group tours every year with a tour guide driving a bus. So this year, many colleagues simply did not follow the company.
Outdoor experience and at the same time lead my own organization, so I also have this mountaineering and camping plan.
I have only joined this software company for two years and my hair is still black.
Naturally, it belongs to the category of young people.
So this time after setting up the tent, I am playing online with another colleague. Swimming, ah, ah, fate, fate, give it to you, give it to you, ah, I’m dead, what’s the use of you I will play you as a shooter and I will assist you. Don’t let me find a passerby to assist you. Don’t look at it, it looks like it’s in the middle of the mountain, but on the top of the mountain in the distance, you can still see the base station. Naturally, there are places where the signal is extremely poor or even non-existent, but most people have long been accustomed to having a signal everywhere.
This is the confidence brought by the perfect infrastructure and equipment, so that people forget about the signal without knowing it. The location where they set up their tents is There is a clear creek beside a relatively flat hill, which is an excellent place for wild camping.
There are a total of more than a dozen people here, and a large number of people are taking pictures outside, and a few are adjusting their tents, seemingly idle.
Wang Gang, Ji Yuan and Li Jun are the ones coming down.
Wang Gang is going to use stones to build an earthen stove for barbecue. Looking around the camp, Ji Yuan and Li Jun have their skills. It’s time to make a fire, otherwise, let’s eat cold canned food at noon.
A colleague from a little farther away shouted at the two people sitting at the entrance of the tent.
Got it.
Li Jun and Ji Yuan both replied and looked at each other anyway. After being sprayed like a dog by his teammates, they quit the game immediately.
The two stood up and walked towards the nearby woodland to enter a more dense tree-shaded range.
From time to time, he would shake his mouth and yell haha, he looked like a fool in Ji Yuan’s eyes, in order to prevent infection, he was also afraid of being accidentally injured by Li Jun’s crazy stick technique, and Ji Yuan hurriedly stayed away from this guy and most modern Young people are also counting on their grandparents, brothers and sisters, among the fathers’ generation, Ji Yuan’s father is the only son, but there are also a few of Ji Yuan’s aunts, and in Ji Yuan’s generation, they become only children. The simple and crude naming patterns such as Huayinhua Guoxing Cuifen have suddenly become poetic in the grandson’s generation.
Grandpa also asked his uncle who had been a Fengshui master for decades to think together and finally chose a single name. The whole family is very satisfied. Shanli The air is good.
Travelers should come to places with beautiful mountains and clear waters.
Fang Jiyuan sighed and said that he was not in a hurry to pick up firewood. Instead, he took a stroll in the forest and brought it here on the return journey to save effort. It took about a minute or so for the walk. Suddenly, Ji Yuan discovered that there were several thick and extremely big trees in front of him. Vision It looks bigger than the surrounding trees. I don’t know how many rounds of the army.
Come and see. There are a few super thick trees. The army Ji Yuan shouted to the other side and found that the guy was still brushing the stick, so he ignored him for the time being.
I plan to go there first and have a look, and I’ll show you around later. I have a more intuitive feeling about these trees.
Only the outermost one has many exposed roots that are intertwined on the ground. You have a thick thigh, wow, there is such an old tree here, Niutoushan is not a famous tourist attraction, but there are quite a few people who come to the mountain for picnics and barbecues. It is reasonable to say that someone should post it on the Internet. But Ji Yuan just thought about it casually, and then turned to the other side where the sight was blocked by the big trees outside. Hey, a doubtful voice came out of his mouth. In addition to seeing a few other ancient trees that are also extremely thick, there are actually a few trees on the other side. In the middle, I saw a chessboard, to be exact, a tree stump with a chessboard on it.
Ji Yuan subconsciously took a few steps forward to the side of the tree stump where the chessboard was located, looked around, and saw no warning signs for tourists to pay attention to.
People who don’t play chess.
The black and white pieces criss-cross on the chessboard. The black and white pieces are like a formation.
The white pieces are like a dragon. Is it a typical Chinese Go game or a chess game that is half a game? This makes Ji Yuan a little curious. Is Niutoushan, a small mountain, intending to develop a scenic spot? The chessboard and its surroundings are already full of fallen leaves and dead branches. Bird droppings and rotten fruits are scattered intermittently.
Whether it is a real game or a decoration, it is obviously a long time ago.
Then the eyes glanced at a special thing behind the chessboard. There is a rusty object next to the old tree, which has obviously bulged and deformed due to excessive corrosion The idea was to make Ji Yuan laugh at himself. The arrangement really seemed like that.
At the same time, it also aroused Ji Yuan’s interest. He returned to the chess game and carefully looked at the black and white pieces on the board.
Originally, Ji Yuan, who didn’t know much about Go, suddenly felt that The more you look at this big dragon, Bai Zi, the more awkward it is.
It can be very coherent, but there is one missing point, and there is a sense of threat of being besieged by the seemingly chaotic Hei Zi. He got sick and glanced at the two wooden chess boxes next to the chessboard a few times, then he reached out and took a white piece like a ghost.