Zhang Jinyan after work Finished the rest of the work standing in front of the floortoceiling windows sighing the gray sky outside the accumulation of

There is a connection between each volume, but the protagonists are different. They are upright and upright. They are all soft and cute. They like strong ones.
Be careful when you are silly, white and sweet. They are just cute and sprinkle sugar. In pursuit of plot and depth, you must be cautious. Enter the first short story The Story of the Poor God and the Great CEO The Gentle President Attacks the Stupid, White and Sweet Poor God Shou Part 2 The Story of the President Who Likes the Blood in the Brain The Little Theater’s Tucao Shou and Mind Reading Skills The story of the rogue Fushen attacking the sun and declining God Shou the fourth chapter The black-bellied sparrow attacking the narcissistic Phoenix Shou the fifth wife The virtuous moon old attacking the upright grassroots star shou Bai Tian sells cute and sprinkles sugar plot waste Mary Su is full of handsome and flirtatious presidents everywhere content tags are supernatural and strange protagonist Lin Fuqiong Zhang Yuchuan Zhang Jinyan Shen Xingyun Ye Feizhou Little Broom Star Lian Feng Li Kai An Chu Yu is constantly increasing A brief review of the work The impoverished poor god and the rich man riding a 28-bar bar The mind-reading supernatural being and the defamatory madman The super lucky man with an over-the-top character and the unlucky guy who can’t drink cold water. This is a collection of sweet essays in the form of a unit drama. Each volume of stories takes one or two different gods as the protagonists. The stories are connected with each other. Qingqi presents a group of different gods for the readers. The first volume, The Little Poor God, Chapter The Little Poor God. A bustling commercial street. Suqiong handed out a stack of thick leaflets to passers-by.
In midwinter, the sun is about to set Complacently projecting the sun without warmth, Su Qiong’s fair cheeks and ears were a little reddened by the cold wind, Su Qiong rubbed his ears with one hand and handed out a leaflet, smiling with a row of small white teeth and handsome eyes Gently bent over, full of enthusiasm, the opening of the new store, all dishes are 32% off, welcome patrons, passers-by took the flyer blankly, took two steps, threw the flyer on the ground, Su poorly ran over, picked up the flyer, shook the ashes and continued It took two hours for Suqiong to go back to the hotpot restaurant to get the money, fifteen yuan per hour, Suqiong took the money from the manager of the hotpot restaurant and showed a sunny smile, thank you Manager Su Qiong waved his hand cheerfully and saw Su Qiong received 30 yuan. He walked on the road against the cold wind and walked from here to the vegetable market near his home. Although it takes an hour, it can save 1.50 cents for the bus fare.
Su Qiong is here With a small calculation in mind, I strode cheerfully. Washed and faded trousers have frayed edges. The brown sweater inside the down jacket leaked a small hole.
The sneakers have been worn for two years and brushed once a week.
They are so old that they are out of shape. As the name suggests, poor Suqiong is a poor Suqiong in capital letters, holding thirty yuan tightly in his hand, not daring to put it in his trouser pocket.
One twenty, one ten yuan and two bills are almost soaked by the sweat of Suqiong’s palms for three days. Ten yuan is too much for Suqiong. If you put it in your pocket, it won’t work.
It will be lost because Su Qiong is a poor god with the powerful divine power to turn gold into stone.
It is destined that Su Qiong will not be able to have more wealth than he needs to survive.
The money he earns often disappears in various unimaginable ways.
The valuables he touches are either broken or broken. The only fixed wealth he lost was a small house, which was the dormitory allocated by the Heavenly Court when Su Qiong came down to earth.
An hour later, Su Qiong went to the vegetable market and bought some vegetables and a few steamed buns for 30 yuan, and bought a bar of soap and One of the washbasins fell off because the bottom of the washbasin I used before was missing. The little poor god was carrying steamed buns, vegetable soap and the washbasin, while greedily smelling the smell of roast duck coming from nowhere, humming a song and walking home. Suqiong’s house was only A bed, a stool, a stove, and a pot. The most expensive thing is the electric heater, and the stool has only three legs, and it has to be placed against the wall. Suqiong has boiled vegetables and rice for dinner, because boiling vegetables saves fuel. The broken Suqiong sat on the bed and made a dangerous creaking sound.
Suqiong was startled and his buttocks froze immediately.
Qiongshen slowly lays on the bed, spreads out his hands and feet, stretches his limbs, lies flat, and under the condition of constant force, the greater the area of ​​force, the smaller the pressure, and the smaller the bed board, the less likely it will be broken. Xiaoqiongshen has a rigorous philosophy of life I lay motionless on the bed for a while.
In winter, Su Qiong was so cold in the bed.
He sat up carefully and squatted down in front of the electric heater.
It would be great if the electric heater could be turned on. Su Qiong resolutely gave up the idea of ​​turning on the electric heater, tremblingly looked at the plum blossoms for a while to quench his thirst, it was too cold to sleep, who made me poor? Su Qiong smiled wryly, sighed, took the key and went downstairs to run around.
After running for a few laps, the body is warmed up, so I quickly go back to the bed and sleep while warming up, and then I use the last few irons to go to the convenience store opposite to buy a bag of milk for drinking tomorrow morning. A black car suddenly turned out from the corner.
Su Qiong didn’t pay attention to the car.
He couldn’t dodge and was hit by the car. The whole person flew out and rolled several times on the road.
How about you? Get out of the car and help yourself up Su Qiong asked anxiously, as if it was all right, Su Qiong moved his arms and legs quickly, and found that there was no injury at all, so Su Qiong comforted the other party in turn, saying don’t worry, I’m fine, I’m really sorry, that person doesn’t seem to have a big deal when he sees Su Qiong He looked slightly relieved and said, “I’ll take you to the hospital for a checkup.” Su Qiong didn’t even look at him squatting down on the ground looking for the steel coins that he was knocked out of. He said casually, no, I’m really fine.