Zhang also wanted to be like an eagle and asked your Excellency who is the speaker is he qualified to speak on behalf of the

Starting from a new starting point, I have been looking for a certain possibility in creation. No matter how ignored or suppressed, finding and surpassing is always the dream pursued by human beings.
Tang Taizong from Tang Shuanglong to today’s Wu Zetian, where the sun and the moon are in the sky, following and surpassing is like the relationship between the axis and the wheel, and the chimera progress makes history and martial arts have a miraculous effect.
In the past five years, I have not started to write new works, but I will never give up.
It was a process of thinking and precipitation.
During the lazy period before another creative storm, I read my own works repeatedly, as if searching for a mysterious spell that could touch me from a roundabout, ancient and deep memory. The expansion of martial arts novels to a new limit, the process of introspection and transcendence, is still a self-talk. Readers, don’t be offended.
The final result is that the sun and the moon appear in the sky, just as Wu Zetian said. Another feature of Dangkong is that to a certain extent, it continues its relationship with The Legend of Double Dragons of the Tang Dynasty, which is like giving birth to another novel in different time and space on the fertile soil of the first book of the Tang Dynasty. The cute little girl in the final volume, Ming Kong, appears on stage sixty years later with her head held high. In a country where Confucian ethics and ethics are patriarchal, she is said to be a lonesome minister with few important officials. Under her skirt, the flying dragon looks down on the world.
The legendary story revolves around her treacherous origin, the cruel and bloody road to the throne, the sensual loneliness, and the desire and pursuit of immortality when the throne of power is also used to it.
Writing and reading novels can be a kind of enjoyment of the dark side of human nature.
For me, it is just a foil to the bright side.
Martial arts novels are never realistic.
The intoxicating and moving world is developed from the perspective of Wu Zhao. The world of the novel is about to touch the unbearable dark corners of human nature, so we have to stay away from it.
The main character Long Ying who affects the development of the plot is the protagonist.
The horn-shaped flower is as big as a palm. The strangest thing is that this flower is pure white at night and turns pink during the day.
It is almost suspected to be two different flowers. The relationship between Wuzhao and Longying is like a drunken hibiscus.
The struggle between them is equal to the quarrel among themselves.
It is difficult to have a clear boundary, just like the entanglement between night and day. Can you get a vague outline from the above description? To the Emperor of the Holy God From an insignificant little girl in the harem to the pinnacle of power in the celestial dynasty Dragon Eagle was originally a living furnace for the evil people of the demon sect to practice martial arts The core of power is favored by the most outstanding beauties at home and abroad. The female emperor Xiedi’s journey is incredible However, after all, it has become a reality that can be justified in the book.
Thanks to the background of the great era and the aesthetic feeling of the historical macro, the intricate relationship between the two emperors is portrayed. One of the moving realms of the novel is like reincarnation. When you plunge into it, forget everything and share with the protagonist.
Life, death, sorrow, joy and reunion in Lili are just like what Zhuo Kuangsheng, a storyteller in the legend of the Borderlands, said.
You take it as true, it is true, and you take it as false, it is false. The story is like history, so is chapter one. The Prisoner of the Steps, Long Ying resolutely holds the two volumes of Dao Xin Dafa Dafa in both hands, and puts them into the raging firewood in the stove.
The smell of heat waves and ashes flying into his face made him feel strange at this moment, his past also disappeared with the fire, and everything started again. Back to the small hall with only a few simple furniture. With a relaxed mood, he stepped out of the small stone house in the deserted valley where he lived alone for exactly five years. The scorching smell still fills his nostrils.
Here, he will never come back.
All the things I have read all the books in the Holy Emperor’s Mansion with my mind and knowledge to make money and support my beautiful wife and concubine to start a family and start a business. The villain’s way of practicing martial arts, not to mention the absence of the sixth chapter in the twelve chapters, the sunshine outside the house, the beautiful deserted valley, and the silence, just like every morning in the past five years, at this moment, a strong and unexplainable sense of crisis surges in my heart. Thought it was suspicious, Dragon Eagle knew that it was his undeveloped demon seed that issued the most severe warning to him, suddenly looked up, a black spot rapidly expanded in his field of vision, and spun towards him gracefully.
Flying down, it turned out to be a giant eagle with two wings stretching six feet, approaching a hundred feet above, and suddenly fluttering its wings again, flying towards Taniguchi, the dragon eagle was like waking up from an intoxicating dream, returning to the cold and ruthless reality, knowing the doom How could it be so coincidental to leave one day earlier in the face of doom? Is it okay to think so? There is no difference in leaving early and late.
Once the other party grasps his existence, how far can he go? His enemy is not just the whole so-called The righteous way of martial arts and the emperor’s child also depends on her complexion. Wu Zhao, who holds the power of life and death in the world, asks him where he can escape.
He is also strange.
Even under such circumstances, he is still calm and fearless.
In the past 20 years, I have never slacked off and strived for self-improvement, but I have never enjoyed life as I wish