Zhai Tuanzi pushed away the raindrenched Zhai Nan who was like a drowned chicken walked into the bedroom while complaining don’t touch me I’ll come

Just like his name, this world is full of all kinds of weird and filthy things.
One day he got a strange game box, which contained all kinds of mysterious and eerie games. Although the game is full of slots, as long as you complete the game, you can get a generous bonus.
The mysterious filthy ability is coming slowly. Zhai Nan found that the games he played can be projected into reality, which indicates that the future will affect countless people. Every game corresponds to a powerful filth. The mysterious way of confinement, so after the game, Zhai hit hard. Nan becomes the mysterious and supreme existence in reality.
This is a game that transcends dimensions.
This is a competition that made history. Welcome to the Weird Game Box Chapter 1 Welcome to the Weird Game Box. The Institute confirms that the filth No.
47 has escaped from the closed laboratory, and the residents of the southern and western parts of the metropolis are requested to stay at home as much as possible. The TV news is suddenly replaced by black and white snowflakes amidst the hissing and indistinct electricity.
The dark room is quiet. It’s a bit weird, only a weak candle flickered lightly, the candle flickered suddenly a few times and went out, thud thud thump, your express incandescent light lit up the whole room with a thud, and Zhai Nan turned it on with a dark face Is it easy for me to celebrate my birthday? Zhai Nan is an ordinary homeboy who just graduated from high school. When he was eight years old, his parents passed away. He got a will and inherited an old house and a deposit of 100,000 yuan. He grew up smoothly. In the world he lives in, people should go to school, go to school, work and work, everything is normal, but the world he lives in is not ordinary, even weird and full of dangers, because there are extraordinary biological pollutants that are completely different from human beings in this world.
Looking at the dark old corridor outside the door, Zhai Nan was stunned for a moment.
No one even triggered the sensor lights in the corridor.
Zhai Nan quickly closed the door.
Insane, it’s not funny to make such a joke at night. Bu rushed into the kitchen, picked up a knife, opened the door again, the pale light in the room shone through, and there was still no one, but there was a faint stench in the air, Zhai Nan closed the door with a bang, and his heart beat violently.
This time, Zhai Nan didn’t open the door, he looked out through the cat’s eye, and roared loudly, who the hell has the ability to speak? Outside the cat’s eye, it was pitch black and no one could be seen. At this moment, a cold voice came from outside the door again. Immediately after your delivery, the knock on the door came again. The knock on the door became louder and more urgent. The door trembled violently, as if it would be broken at any time. Zhai Nan’s heart slowly rose. I was a little scared, could it be the filth? Zhai Nan took a deep breath and opened the door suddenly, his heart sank. There was still no one outside the door.
Zhai Nan didn’t close the door, but took advantage of the weak light of the incandescent lamp inside the room to look carefully. Looking at the pitch-black corridor, suddenly a bright red color came into view. He trembled all over and stomped his feet to light up the sensor lamp in the corridor. Lying quietly on the bed was a red-wrapped courier, but he hadn’t bought anything online recently.
Zhai Nan thought about it carefully and thought it should be a birthday present from Gu Xixi. He is very courageous and likes to scare him with pranks the most. Thinking about it this way, Zhai Nan feels more and more that it may be a prank by Gu Hope.
He closed the door and couldn’t wait to open the express delivery.
Inside was a bright red USB flash drive, which looked very festive.
Under the USB flash drive was a letter. The letter reads Happy Birthday in red pen. Zhai Nan turned on the computer and inserted the USB flash drive into the host.
He didn’t notice a trace of rich bright red slowly flowing out from the connection between the USB flash drive and the socket. Sliding the mouse, but the computer didn’t respond, maybe I’ll be fine after a while Zhai Nan picks up the envelope from the dismantled express box, the letter paper is dark yellow, the material is rough and tough like some kind of leather, baby son, I wish you a very happy birthday Ashamed, I can’t spend your birthday with you.
This birthday gift is just as compensation. Zhai Nan’s face darkened in an instant. He took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Gu Xixi, saying, “Birthday gift, I received your birthday gift.
Will you die if you don’t take advantage of this product? At the same time, the TV Suddenly it flashed twice and resumed work.
Now there is an urgent news broadcast. The confinement center will block Yanfei Road between the South District and the West District at 8:00 tonight. All transportation, logistics and other work will be suspended. Local residents are requested not to go out. Hands were a little stiff, while Yan Feilu’s phone was vibrating, Gu hoped to reply that the courier service here was out of service tonight, and the presents haven’t been delivered yet. The courier never delivered Zhai Nan’s heart was beating wildly, and his eyes fell on the letter paper in his hand. Who wrote this letter? He can call himself a son, but his parents have passed away long ago, and the computer is still in a dead state.
Zhai Nan couldn’t help feeling a little cold. He thought for a while and decided not to open this weird flash drive that suddenly appeared. Just when Zhai Nan was about to unplug the power, a rusty box jumped out from the right side of the desktop and rolled around twice.
It slowly landed in the center of the screen, the box shook, and there was a tooth-piercing friction sound from inside, as if scratching the rusted inner wall with sharp nails. Suddenly, a large piece of bright red liquid sputtered out like a fountain, and jumped out of a spring clown. The facial features of the clown were very distorted and weird. The corners of the mouth extended down to the ears, and thick bright red oil paint was applied on it, forming a creepy crying face. Zhai Nan pulled it out quickly. Power off, but to his surprise, the screen didn’t go off