Yuqing asked is this the home of Bai Yuanjun In front of Yuqing Yue Yuqing walked tremblingly to the mouth of the coffin closed her

The garden is not too big, only two acres of land. The pavilion is lush, refreshing and comfortable. Upstairs, there are two beautiful girls who are seventeen or eighteen years old, wearing green gauze skirts, wearing Buyao, elegant and gentle, and writing.
The other girl is wearing a red gauze skirt. Wearing agate beads of the same color on the head, the faces are like peach blossoms and the eyes are clear. Sitting in the pavilion, the sound of playing the piano is soul-stirring.
In a blink of an eye, there is a man wearing a blue and white Hu suit with arrow sleeves and a blue embroidered with clouds on his waist.
With a white jade pendant on the belt, a blue headband on top of the tidy bun, plump and white forehead, a few strands of hair hanging down, delicate and beautiful facial features, smooth skin, jade eyebrows like ink paintings, and a pair of cat-like eyes are round and lovely. Wrong thing, staring at innocent eyes makes people’s anger extinguished at once, I saw her dancing the whip, the whip seemed to come alive, the whip shadows flew up and down and hit each other, making the sound like a silver snake flying, making people’s eyes dazzled, and the music ended.
The whip also slowed down. The writing girl raised a white smile and said that Ah Wen’s piano sound is getting more and more exquisite. Yue Wen’er, who is practicing the piano, can’t help showing off, “Ayu, no matter how good you are with the whip, Ah Zi still hears my piano sound.” By the way, the second elder brother, Muxiu, ran into you today, so he should scold you like this.
After finishing speaking, with a gloating smile, the boy named Ayu intentionally threw his whip at Yue Wener to greet Yue Wener. The scared Yue Wener turned around and almost fell into the water, Ayu Grabbing her hand and turning it around, an accident was avoided. At this time, the girl in the green dress came in with the ice in her hands and hurriedly put down the ice to help Yue Wener, who was still standing still, and said Ayu better be careful, my sixth lady.
No more lively than you.
Holding Yue Wen’er on the chair beside the water curtain, Ayu made a face Unconsciously seeing the ruthless face of the second brother cleaning up the servants, Yue Yuqing was a little afraid of him, always said that the second brother was a feudal villain in front of Zheng, and the second brother saw Yue Yuqing practicing the whip.
Yue Yuqing was very annoyed by the scholar-official face of preaching, so when he saw the second brother, he turned his head and walked away Squinting his eyes without any sitting position, spread out on the wicker chair, his own Mengpo soup seems to be soaked in water, his past life experience is like a fragment, and he enters the dream little by little. When I was two or three years old, I actually knew how to eat, exercise and get more exposure to the sun to keep my health in good shape. There were always messy things in my mind, high-rise buildings and buildings. People of all colors and hair were sitting together, and there was an extremely delicate woman standing on the podium. Press a button.
A lot of words appeared when Yue Yuqing was a child, when he was in a daze, he always said it to A Niang. A Niang read it countless times every time. What kind of way out can only pretend to do rituals, keep your eyes open and talk nonsense, let nature take its course to support yourself Since reincarnation gave birth to a girl, do the opposite and raise it as a boy. From then on, the name is also the same as that of the boy. Regardless of the servants, elders, brothers and sisters in the family, they are all called Ayu. Yue Yuqing grows up to be eight or nine years old, more lively and active, and learns with his nephew. Wu Xuexue has never learned knitting and spinning because his parents are old. The two older brothers are grown up. The eldest nephew is three years older than himself.
His parents are extremely spoiled. Dad also always carried her on his shoulders.
After ten years old, the picture in the dream became clearer. Suddenly, I woke up from a dream and realized that there was a past life and this life.
After graduating from Harvard University with a doctorate and returning to China, he began to enter colleges and laboratories to study chips.
He has been studying chips since he can remember. There was a couple who accompanied him to participate in various competitions. There was no spare time, and then a picture appeared in Yue Yuqing’s mind. The nine-year-old girl quietly turned on the computer and watched a funny animation, and then the screen turned, and a woman with a ferocious face beat the little girl with a whip and made the little girl kneel at the door. Yuqing thinks this is not the little girl’s mother.
Thinking about it, she has a splitting headache, but there is an indescribable pain in her heart. Zhou Dynasty, a dynasty that Yue Yuqing doesn’t understand, heard from my father that the ancient Yue family was originally in Bingzhou. They started digging coal for two or three generations.
The court is regarded as a small upstart family. The father of Yue Yuqing is more grand and elegant. When he went to study in the Zheng family in Xingyang, he met the daughter of the third wife of the Zheng family.
The daughter of the Zheng family would not marry if she was not a king. Jue Lun is so talented that the Zheng family can only hold their noses and nod.
Although their status is a bit low, they did not disgrace the Zheng family style in terms of knowledge.
The minor nobles of the state, the Yue family and the Zheng family of Xingyang, became relatives and entered the eyes of the first Queen Mother Zheng. The emperor served as an aide to the emperor, Rui Wang was established as the prince, Yue Haoran became a doctor of the prince’s family, the emperor ascended the throne, and vigorously promoted the original Donggongmen, Yue Haoran, and through his ingenuity and the emperor’s trust. The upstart is because there is a queen Empress Dowager Zheng originally wanted to marry a daughter from the Zheng family, but there are few suitable girls in the family who don’t want to jump into the big pit of the palace.
Jue Lu is another aristocratic girl cultivated by the Yue family who brought all the noble girls to the capital. She wanted to be married to the eldest son of a veteran noble. Who knew that Yue Ting followed the Zheng family into the palace and was favored by King Rui at that time. Queen Mother Zheng also liked her plumpness. The figure is not like the popular slender and weak posture, so Yue Ting, the daughter of the little nobleman of the Yue family, became the princess of Rui. Yue Ting gave birth to the eldest grandson of the emperor.