Yunfeng said do you want to help her An immature voice sounded Daoist elder sister please help me I’m afraid I won’t be able to

Ji Shanquan, the heir of the two immortal Taoists, was ordered by his teacher to enter the world to practice and accumulate merits. He met a rich lady, met a pure junior sister, and even a love-hate demon girl from a cult. All the way, he fought fierce ghosts, slashed fierce demons, collected strange beasts, and resolved his grievances.
Qian Mingshi, the official of the groom, was a little shy about the flowers and candles placed on the table next to the wall, illuminating the Chinese characters on the wall. He first went to the table and poured two cups of Hebei wine, then smiled, picked up the weighing pole and walked to the bed.
While looking at the bride sitting on the edge of the bed covered with a red hijab, she softly called out to her, then Qian Mingshi raised the hijab and smiled but froze on his face. The moonlight sprinkled on the ground spreads the rice paper on the table, the two crescent-like thin eyebrows are bent into the side hair, the thick and slender eyelashes on the drooping eyelids are slightly raised, and the round and small nose has a cherry lip under it. Bloodless, only a spot of vermilion on the lips, which is extremely dazzling. The bright hairpin gown makes the bride dignified and graceful, but the slender hands stacked on the belly have half-inch long nails, illuminated by the faint candlelight. The red-haired lady Qian Mingshi reluctantly called out because her throat was dry due to the panic in her heart, and she subconsciously swallowed her saliva. The bride raised her eyelids and gently opened her red lips, husband. Ling Feixue and his lacquered eyes made Qian Mingshi gasp in shock, unconsciously took three steps back, the bride stood upright and slowly stood up, as if there was an invisible rope hanging her up, the corners of her mouth slightly raised A strange but captivating smile was evoked.
The husband and the bride walked towards Qian Mingshi.
The wide dress covered her feet, but judging from her stiff body, it didn’t look like she was walking. Qian Mingshi widened His eyes felt beads of sweat sliding down his temples, Qian Mingshi felt cold and itchy, his legs were weak, he raised his hands and pushed them in front of him, he stammered and said “You, don’t come over here” The bride stopped and the smile disappeared.
Qi Mo’s eyes didn’t know where they were staring, but he asked coldly why didn’t you marry me? You, you are a ghost bride? A layer of evil spirit floated on the bride’s face and said nonsense, of course I’m a ghost, Qian Ming Shi screamed and rushed out the door, stepped on the steps and fell into the courtyard, the lonely moon was in the sky, cold and chilling, the courtyard was so quiet that there was no life at all The fire suddenly turned green.
The bride appeared in front of the door.
Liu Mei stood upside down and coldly reprimanded Qian Mingshi.
It was your family who married me with three letters and six ceremonies. Why did you humiliate me so much? Come on! Holding on to the ground and trying to get up, he fell down because his legs were weak, and then he got up again in a hurry and ran to the courtyard gate.
Qian Mingshi’s bride was furious and pointed at a red ribbon, which flew out and wrapped around Qian Mingshi’s ankle. Qian Mingshi let out an exclamation and threw himself forward to the ground.
A pair of cloud-toed shoes appeared in front of his eyes. He heard someone above his head say that Brother Wuliang Tianzun wants it. Can the impoverished Tao help? Qian Mingshi looked up from the bottom and saw a young Taoist priest with a slender figure and a face like a crown jade. The Taoist priest has thick eyebrows, big eyes, nose, mouth and cheeks.
In front of the chest, the left hand is hanging by the side, but in the left hand is holding a bitten chicken leg.
Daoist help, Qian Mingshi opened his arms and hugged the Taoist’s legs.
The Taoist took a step back and said, brother, if you Holding on to Pindao’s legs, how can Pindao cast spells? The bride suddenly floated up to him and said coldly, “Shangxian, you and I will not violate the river water, you will be your demon, and I will be my ghost. Please don’t interfere with my family affairs, Taoist priest.
” Sighing and saying helplessly, I’m not a demon, I’m a human.
The bride frowned slightly, and then said, whatever you say, whether you are a demon or a human, please leave. Qian Mingshi stretched out his hand and looked expectantly.
The Taoist begged the Taoist priest to save me, wait a moment, the Taoist bowed his head to appease Qian Mingshi, then looked at the bride and said, what are you talking about? It doesn’t matter whether you are a demon or a good person. I have watched the personal disciples of real people since I was a child, and I have no interest in knowing your life experience Qian Mingshi asked, do you have any money? Qian Mingshi was stunned for a moment and replied, no, that’s fine I’ll give you as much as you want, no matter how Qian Mingshi yells, but he can only watch Ji Shanquan’s fairy-like back disappearing into the night, just as the day dawned, the money officer got up, sat on the side of the bed, rubbed his temples, and sighed, Mrs.
Qian sat up Asked the master what happened to you, Qian Yuanwai sighed and said that it was a dream all night that a woman in a wedding dress pointed at her nose and scolded me, saying that our family married her for three books and six ceremonies, but our family’s Mingshi did not Humiliation of her made me not sleep well all night Madam Qian’s expression changed drastically when she heard that, she quickly put on her clothes and said, Master, go and see our son, Mr.
Qian frowned and said, “What’s so good, it’s just a dream.
” Someone slammed on the door and window and shouted that the master and madam are not good, the second young master is hysterical, no matter how he screams, he can’t wake up, Qian Fucong immediately panicked and complained, I’m really afraid of something, what’s going on, get up quickly, don’t block my Qianfu Outside the door, Ji Shanquan walked up the steps with a charming smile on his face, raised his hand to the gatekeeper, and said to this little brother, I see the yin and qi circling in your house, fearing that something will happen wild Taoist