Yun Jingchu smiled and said can you do this Humbly asking for advice Yun Wujiang of course knew that Yun Jingchu was lying but he

Chapter 7 Goodbye The night is as cold as water and as cold as frost. Thirty-six tombs look extremely bleak in the night. Each tomb is a simple stone tablet. Wang Yi sat in front of the tomb numbered seven, crying and laughing like a lunatic. These tombs were set up by Wang Yi himself for his brothers and sisters who died. He came back alone not because they were too weak, nor because the enemy was too strong, but because the organization they trusted and fought for gave up on them at the most critical moment, otherwise at least half of them would have come back! A glass of strong wine was spilled into the air, the wine glass was broken into countless pieces on the tombstone No. 7 Since you came back alive, why didn’t you report back to the organization? A woman’s voice sounded behind Wang Yi.
The woman was dressed in red and followed by seven or eight men. Slowly walking towards Wang Yi and reporting back to the organization, Wang Yi’s mouth outlines a sarcastic smile, does the organization need me to report? Doesn’t the organization want us to die? I’m sorry for disappointing the organization.
I’m still alive. At that time, the situation was urgent and the organization decided to give up the rescue after careful calculation and discussion, because the price to be paid for the rescue would be several times or even dozens of times more than yours.
Yes, they patted the table in the air-conditioned office to judge the life and death of my thirty-five brothers and sisters on the battlefield Wang Yi looked at the woman with a desolate look in her eyes, go back for me and tell the organization to say me On the 7th, I will replace my dead brothers and sisters and say thank you to the organization, 7th, you don’t need to say such a thing.
From the time you accept this task, you should understand that your life no longer belongs to you, but to the country.
We are also very sad when they die. They sacrificed for the country. There is nothing to regret.
On the contrary, you should feel honored for them. After the woman finished speaking, she waved her hand. The people behind took a few steps forward and handed a silver box in front of Wang Yi. There was half a million cash in it. And thirty-five bank cards, each card has three hundred and fifty thousand for you, and the remaining thirty-five chapter cards are for the families of these dead soldiers. Remember that the organization will not let them die in vain. The woman put the box In front of Wang Yi, 300,000 lives, Wang Yi gave a wry smile, but he was speechless. No. 7, don’t think how important you are. Organizationally, I came to you because I don’t want to give up on you. Don’t be self-righteous.
Delivered, I hope you take care of yourself The woman finished speaking, turned around and prepared to leave Wait a minute, what did you figure out? The woman turned her head, looked at Wang Yi and asked, In front of my brother and sister’s grave, you are wearing a red dress, it’s too dazzling. After the words fell, Wang Yi’s body disappeared immediately.
The moment Yuan appeared in the underground, he was already in front of the woman.
Wang Yi stretched out his right hand and directly grabbed the collar of the woman’s left shoulder. Hissing, the clothes were torn Everyone saw the woman’s bright red blouse being ripped off by Wang Yi, revealing her delicate and white skin. The lace and flowered underwear is very beautiful, but no one dares to appreciate that you are looking for death.
The woman quickly covered her chest and she The men around him finally came to their senses and rushed towards Wang Yi, bang! The first man who jumped forward was kicked by Wang Yi and flew three or four meters away.
These men have all undergone the most professional and powerful training. Every one of them is a master of ten, but they were still brought down by Wang Yi three or four in eight to one, but in the end they still subdued Wang Yi, who was already drunk and reeking of alcohol, was pushed down to the ground by four strong men.
The woman took a suit from one of the men and put it on her body, looking disgusted at what Sister Wang Yiyuan would do with him. One of the men asked that such a person is no longer worth organizing to find him. Going back is just a waste of food and air. The woman disdain to ask, so what to do? If we don’t care about him, he will easily have an accident. One of the men is a little uneasy and asks, isn’t he already dead? We’ve already given him the chance, but if he doesn’t want it, let him fend for himself.
Anyway, the higher-ups don’t know he’s still alive. The woman turned around and walked away after she said that, and rushed at Wang Yi just now, if she wasn’t in a good mood today, it would be enough. Wang Yi suffered a lot. The men who pushed Wang Yi to the ground saw the woman walking away, looked at each other, let Wang Yi loose, and said in embarrassment, “Don’t blame us, since we chose this road, many things are like this.
Involuntarily, the woman left for a long time.
Wang Yi was still lying on his back in front of the tombstone. The box containing cash and bank cards was placed next to him. Suddenly a small figure slowly approached Wang Yi.
A head like this is worth a million. The man said disdainfully to himself that Xue Hua is a professional killer.
The task he received was that someone bought No. 7’s head for one million dollars. Now, No.
7, who has caused headaches for many people abroad, is lying in front of him.
In addition to the 500,000 cash and 35 bank cards in the box next to him, Xue Hua’s salary for this trip exceeded 10 million.
Xue Hua walked into Wang Yi with a smile, and in his right hand was an extremely sharp military stab. Squatting down slowly beside him, the pungent smell of alcohol made Xue Hua slightly frown Spinning in the night sky, piercing into Xue Hua’s Baihui acupoint, Baihui acupoint is the foundation of a person’s body energy Xue Hua didn’t even have time to react, the whole person fell down directly