Yujia slowly reaches out her hand tremblingly His cheeks melted away the tears rolling on his face bit by bit with the gentlest palms She

A young sales manager came to a completely different world because of an accidental experience and became a glorious servant in the Xiao family mansion.
He set up an industrial management club. The first chapter of the main text, son, son, a kind spring breeze, willows and willows, the broad Xuanwu Lake is like a huge and smooth mirror, shining with golden brilliance under the afterglow of the setting sun. I don’t know whose family the ladies are going on a trip, it’s very lively. Countless students and officials stood on the bow of the boat, looking at the flower boat that the daughters of gold were riding on, showing wolf-like longing expressions.
When they got close to the flower boat, they came immediately. He changed his face, pretended to be upright and noble, kept his eyes fixed on the folding fan, swayed gently, and recited poems and prose to show his romanticism. Several official boats covered the curtains and went boating on the lake.
The person you like is standing by the Xuanwu Lake. If you have to find a word to describe Lin Wanrong’s mood at this time, it would be unlucky, damn unlucky. It’s been a month since I’ve been here. Bad luck was with him from the moment the tour group traveled to Taishan, especially when he saw the girl’s name in the travel list, he felt uneasy, and the facts proved his guess.
Lin Wanrong said to The lake water spat fiercely, and the mood improved a little bit. A feeling of carefreeness came spontaneously. The spitting was so refreshing. It’s been a long time since I had such a good time. Damn, there shouldn’t be an old man with a red armband in this age. Madam, come and fine me fifty dollars, right? Lin Wanrong is looking at his own reflection in the clear water, sword brows, star eyes, nose, and smile are amiable. If I put on a suit of official clothes, I’m more likely to like to chant a few broken poems in the lake. Those foolish wits are even a bit coquettish, but it’s a pity that they are wearing a blue cloth gown and a pair of rag shoes with leaking tops on their feet. Compared with the outfits of those flirtatious wits, they are really shabby You can’t even pull up a scarf on your head, which makes you look out of place in this environment.
The chicks walking by the road just take a look at Lin Wanrong’s outfit and cast their eyes directly on him without looking at his face. In the cold wind Standing at the bow of the boat, those so-called talents shivering from the cold, suddenly the beauties on the side of the road crowded towards the lake like crazy Look at the number one talented person in Jinling, Mr. Hou Yuebai Hou, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, who is so lucky. Lin Wanrong followed the eyes of the girls and looked forward, only to see the lake floating along Each of the three painted boats has two floors, about six or seven meters high, with lanterns hanging high and flying eaves, which can be called majestic and majestic.
On the three painted boats, flags are flying. The left one and the right one each have a pair of huge banners from the top of the boat.
straight Falling down, the right side is the spring breeze caressing my mind, the left side is only for the king, a young man stands on the bow of the boat, his face is like a crown jade, caressing a fan, his face is light, his face is smiling, his long gown is fluttering, his unspeakable romantic taste is opposite to the three painting boats A larger and more exquisite painting boat than Mr.
Hou’s three painting boats. The overhanging eaves and pavilions are indescribable, but it’s a pity that the curtain is so deep that you can’t see the appearance of the people inside. On the bow of the boat, there is a huge lantern flying in the wind.
The bronzing characters Luo is Miss Luo, Jinling’s number one beauty and talented girl, Miss Luo standing next to Lin Wanrong, a woman shouted loudly, her face was full of excitement, obviously she is a fan of this Miss Luo, what is the number one talented woman in Jinling, Lin Wanrong He doesn’t care at all, and this Jinling’s number one beauty and Jinling’s number one talented woman makes him a little disdainful I heard that Mr.
Hou has been pursuing Miss Luo for two years.
He is the son of the Jinling prefect and is also a well-known talent in Jiangsu and Zhejiang.
With his family background and his literary talents, I would have known Miss Luo as soon as possible. Just died happily, a nympho girl, Miss Daoqieluo, known as the most talented woman in Jinling, the most beautiful woman, her thesis is no worse than that of Mr.
Hou, and she is the daughter of the governor of Jiangsu Province. Mr. Shanghou, another woman who is obviously a die-hard fan of Ms.
Luo’s analysis.
According to my opinion, Jinling’s No.
1 Talented Man and Jinling’s No. 1 Talented Woman are a natural match.
Let alone Jinling City, let’s talk about the provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and then try to find them.
Such a well-matched couple is also very difficult Oh, the nympho girl answered, Lin Wanrong shook her head helplessly, women are born to gossip, it’s the same in any era. Talking to Ms. Luo in the boat for a long time, then a pretty maid walked out of Miss Luo’s boat and stood on the bow and said something to the young master, then the young master’s face was disappointed and then joyful Lin Wanrong It’s too far away from them, so I can’t hear what they said, but it’s strange to see the young master Hou’s face, did the girl surnamed Luo accept or reject him? The fans were obviously equally puzzled.
Seeing Miss Luo’s boat slowly swimming towards the center of the lake, Miss Luo’s fans said happily, “I’m not wrong, right? Mr. Hou may not be able to impress Miss Luo’s heart, and the nympho said me.
” Seeing it may not be so.
Seeing how Young Master Hou is now, he is very happy.
Maybe there is a date with Liu Shao, the beautiful woman on the moon. Maybe it is true.