Yue Zhang Nan immediately changed his words that is to say let’s withdraw the Wall of Sighs first and then we will have to thank

I’ll leave the zombie to you if you look at the great sage, no problem, my old grandson will beat it into meat sauce Brother Pig, I will leave the female zombie to you Hey, hey, why do I have to add the word “female” in front of it? Brother Sha, help me Move this zombie’s body away, I’m still a coolie In the world of The Walking Dead, here is the game waiting for the virtual space. There is still an hour before the game starts. Please wait patiently for a beautiful female voice to play. The promotion of the Walking Dead has started to play on the TV. Qiu Sheng has watched it no less than five times and is too lazy.
Looking at him again, he looked at the clock.
The time displayed on it was 1:00 in the morning, and the game was officially launched at 1:00, but Qiu Sheng had no choice but to sit on the sofa and close his eyes, waiting for Qiu Sheng to be male. After graduating, he never found a job.
He played virtual online games at home all day long, but he also made a lot of money and had a rich and beautiful life. It’s a pity that they dumped him the next day after sex.
He just dismissed it with disdain Curse your lips and continue to play your own games, but after playing anything for a long time, you will get tired of mythical shooting virtual online games.
He is already tired of this The Walking Dead is the latest post-apocalyptic survival virtual online game. The game headset has just been released for pre-sale He just ordered it, and it was a deluxe version. After entering the game, he will give a deluxe gift bag as a gift. As for what will be inside, I don’t know. At this time, his mood suddenly became a little excited.
When the game started, there was a problem with the game network connection. The game network problem cannot be repaired.
Please exit quickly. There is no sound in the back. Qiu Sheng is also confused. He can’t exit at all. Reluctantly, he closed his eyes and prepared to die, but the death still hadn’t come after minutes.
He opened his eyes and found that he was still in the original virtual room, but there was an extra door that didn’t exist before.
Hey, he was linked again. Qiu Sheng stood up. At that time, a system prompt sounded in my ears, hello, survivor, welcome to the world of walking dead, here is a world occupied by zombies, human beings are lingering and alive, and you are the savior chosen by heaven, the mission of saving mankind is taught to you.
At the beginning of the second, Qiu Sheng shook his head speechlessly, the system is initialized, please wait for the initialization to complete, go to this end-of-the-world adventure There is nothing else outside.
Huh, is this game not accurate? Qiu Sheng stretches out his index finger, holds down the air, and gently swipe down.
Five icons appear in front of him, from left to right.
This is the attribute, backpack, skill, task mall. If there is no setting, where to exit? Ah Qiu Sheng up and down left I looked to the right and saw that there was no exit button in my line of sight. Are you kidding me? This game didn’t exit, so what the hell? Then I’m not starved to death.
Qiu Sheng fell into fear again.
Qiu Sheng punched the door, and a value appeared on the door, and then Disappeared, there was also a pain in his hand, but the despair made him ignore why I am so unlucky, I haven’t enjoyed enough life yet, why did I have to die like this Qiu Sheng sat on the ground leaning against the door, his eyes were full of despair When the world released it, it said that there would be no pain. Just now, my hand hurt.
Qiu Sheng suddenly found something wrong.
He tried to hit the ground with his fist again.
A number appeared, and his hand also hurt.
Could it be that Qiu Sheng couldn’t believe it? He slapped himself hard, slapped himself loudly, and the sound in the upper left corner was reduced a little.
I wiped myself and slapped myself, and I would deduct my hair.
Qiu Sheng rubbed his painful face and stared at the huge display screen in the room with his eyeballs.
Suddenly stood up, went to the TV and pressed the power button, and the TV screen turned on, but there was only snowflakes on it.
The remote control Qiu Sheng found the remote control, no matter which channel was tuned, it was snowflakes. This is really the real world.
Qiu Sheng felt a little strange. I can’t believe it, but his eyes are full of anticipation.
The old world eats, plays games and sleeps every day.
He’s a little tired of the life of three o’clock and one line.
If it’s true, I have these.
Maybe I can make good use of my ability to get the life I want in this world. Adventure, woman, brother, family power, as long as I become stronger, everything belongs to me.
If it is true, it will be great, right, my luxury gift bag.
Think of it here.
Qiu Sheng immediately opened the backpack.
There is a grid in which there are two gift bags, a novice gift bag and a luxury gift bag. Let’s see what this novice gift bag will give. Double click on the novice gift bag.
The gift bag disappears and something new appears. Aim at the head of the low-level zombie in front of it and blow it up.
Pistol, ordinary ammunition, novice camouflage uniform, physical defense, although the defense is low, at least it is better than direct resistance with the body.
Novice life potion bottle points life, no novice physical strength, potion bottle point physical ability, pistol and potion. Well, this is a good thing, so what’s in this luxurious gift bag? Don’t let me down.
Click on the luxury gift bag.
A burst of colorful light flashes, and the whole room is illuminated by colorful light.
When the light disappears, a small black box and a black pistol appear in the backpack. What is this? Qiu Sheng clicked on the small black box and it popped up, explaining that the special gift item of the Yu-Gi-Oh card maker cannot be dropped or traded.