Yuan stopped in front of the crane sculpture Zhu Linger asked if there was nothing senior sister you go in first I will look at

Chapter 1 Lie Yuan, Lie Yan Long Soul, you wake up, in the middle of nowhere, Li Yuan seemed to hear someone calling him, and slowly opened his eyes.
After opening his eyes, Li Yuan found himself lying on the bed, weak and weak, as if he could not feel the existence of his body, especially It’s a headache that’s about to split. In front of the bed, a young woman in a cloth dress and a beautiful little girl are nervously looking at Li Yuan who is lying on the bed. In the empty and godless mind, like a torrential wave, countless memories are colliding and interweaving and merging. Scenes of life on the earth flashed in Li Yuan’s mind like a slide show, and then changed to another boy Li Yuan’s life finally.
All the memories were perfectly fused and intertwined. After all the memories were fused, Li Yuan realized that he had traveled through his soul and possessed himself in another world. The younger sister is well-behaved and smart, the boy is respectful and filial, and the family lives happily.
The accident happened when the boy was thirteen years old.
The boy’s father was killed by a first-order soul beast, the Silver Flame Wolf, on a mission to save Li Qi, the young master of the Li family.
The pillars of the family died, and the family’s life suddenly fell into embarrassment. However, Li Yuan, a young man, has already gained some experience in collecting medicines with his father since he was a child. Finally, the family was not broken, and he was able to get by. But another accident happened when the boy was fifteen years old, that is, a few days ago, the boy Li Yuan was born. The Li family belongs to the Li family, and the Li family is the most powerful family in Qingyun City.
Strong Master Ruyun Two days ago was the day when the Li family held an annual awakening ceremony. On the Star Continent, human teenagers have the opportunity to awaken their martial soul when they are fifteen years old. Once awakened, they will become true cultivators.
The fate of Dieyou Fanhuaxian has thus changed. Li Yuan, as a member of the Li family, must also participate in the awakening ceremony.
This time, a total of 67 teenagers participated in the awakening ceremony, and the young master of the Li family was also among them.
The elders of the Li family were extremely shocked, because in this awakening ceremony, out of the sixty-seven youths of the Li family, a total of 20 youths successfully awakened their martial souls and possessed the talent and aptitude to become a real strong man. The head of the Li family and many elders are very clear Only the awakened martial soul will have a future for development, and these disciples who have awakened the martial soul will immediately become the core disciples of the Li family, and their status will be greatly improved.
The Li family will use all resources to train the young disciple Li who has awakened the martial soul.
Yuan also successfully awakened the martial soul, and it was rated as a martial soul with a growth potential reaching the heavenly rank.
Assessed as a first-class Tianpin first-class martial soul, this is the best martial soul in the entire Star Continent. As long as it does not die halfway, it will definitely become a martial soul in the future. The supremely strong young man Li Yuan is also very happy to be able to awaken the Heavenly Grade Martial Soul. His status in the Li family will be greatly improved. In this way, his mother and younger sister will not have to work so hard. He can finally explain to his father that he can take good care of his mother. And the little sister, and Li Qi, the young master of the Li family, also awakened the martial soul and the flame sword can be rated as the ninth level of the ground rank.
But it has already reached the level of the strongest martial soul in the history of the Li family. If Li Yuan’s dragon soul and sword martial soul were not awakened this time, Li Qi’s Raging Flame Sword martial soul would be the number one martial soul. But now Li Qi Even so, the Patriarch of the Li family was also extremely happy.
After the awakening ceremony, all the disciples of the Li family who participated in the awakening ceremony all dispersed, but Li Yuan was left behind. Li Yuan didn’t know what was waiting for him. It was a huge conspiracy.
After Li Yuan stayed behind, he was taken by the head of the Li family, several elders, and the young master Li Qi to a heavily guarded secret room, which was eerie and terrifying.
After arriving in the secret room, the head of the Li family and several elders showed their true colors. Li Yuan was restrained and placed on a stone platform. At this time, Li Yuan had already realized that something was wrong, but he had no strength to resist, so he could only let them manipulate. The head of the Li family and several elders passed Li Yuan’s martial spirit This evil secret method was drawn out and fused into Li Qi’s body. When extracting Li Yuan’s martial soul, Li Yuan was awake.
The pain of extracting the martial soul was ten thousand times more painful than Ling Chi.
If you faint, you will be woken up by the Patriarch of the Li family. Only when you are awake can you completely extract Li Yuan’s martial soul. In the end, Li Yuan’s Dragon Soul Sword martial soul was extracted and fused into the young master of the Li family, Li Qi. Among the martial souls, Li Qi’s martial soul has been directly upgraded from the ninth level of the earth to the fifth level of the heavenly rank, becoming the top martial soul, the flame, the dragon soul, the sword, and the martial soul.
As for Li Yuan, he completely fainted after being extracted from the martial soul. In the past, he was sent back to his home.
In fact, the real Li Yuan was sent back. Li Yuan’s soul, who had already died on Earth, traveled through and possessed this body. Li Yuan’s mother Ye Qiurong and younger sister Li Qing saw Li Yuan wake up and hurried Wipe away the tears from her face Qinger went to bring your brother a bowl of porridge Ye Qiurong said to Li Qing Li Qing nodded and ran to the kitchen in a hurry, tripped over the threshold and fell heavily on the ground without shouting and got up again Quickly ran to the kitchen, Li Qing returned with a bowl of rice porridge and handed it to Ye Qiurong.
Ye Qiurong personally fed the rice porridge to Li Yuan’s mouth bit by bit. After eating the bowl of hot porridge, Li Yuan finally regained some strength.
what the hell happened