Yu Mingyan didnt know how long he fell into this state of epiphany until he felt an intense unbearable pain coming from his brain and

The Yu family is a second-rate cultivating family in the Chiqiu Mountains. After more than two hundred years of family accumulation, the Yu family has cultivated a second-order high-grade spiritual vein in Fengchao Mountain. The Yu family has a population of a thousand people, but the number of immortal cultivators is less than a hundred. The patriarch of this generation is Yu Hongyuan, who built the ninth floor of the foundation. In the early years, Yu Hongyuan was seriously injured and had no hope of forming an alchemy. He has been paying attention to the cultivation of the family’s junior monks, hoping to cultivate a Jindan real person in his lifetime. It’s only since Yu Hongyuan’s accident. The Yu family has been plagued by minor disasters, with nearly ten monks dying one after another. Among the junior monks who have been tested for more than ten years, only one has the best spiritual roots.
Yu Mingyan is from the Yu family in Chiqiu Mountain. The soil three spiritual roots are cultivated at the sixth level of Qi Refining Hahaha An excited laugh came out of Yu Mingyan’s mouth, his eyes were red, his hair was messy, his delicate face was full of excitement, and when the laughter stopped, Yu Mingyan’s body After shaking for a while, I felt a sense of dizziness in my head, and my slender body fell straight on the ground. After a while, Yu Mingyan let out a slight snoring sound. In the past, Yu Mingyan slept for seven or eight hours, and when he woke up, there was a growling sound in his stomach. This is Yu Mingyan, who was woken up from hunger. He stood up neatly from the ground and rubbed his shriveled stomach with an excited face. Looking at the table in front of him, there are not many things on the table. There is a box of golden red ink, a sapphire wolf brush, a stack of light yellow talisman paper, and a drawn talisman. Yu Mingyan’s eyes fell on the drawn talisman. The last magic talisman is a top-tier fire crow talisman.
The attack power of the seal is comparable to that of a monk in the late stage of Qi refining.
It took a month to finally draw the fire crow talisman.
Yu Mingyan carefully held the fire crow talisman in his hand and watched it carefully for a while. Put it on the table again, he is now in a mess and needs to be cleaned up thoroughly to satisfy the hunger in his stomach, and then he will take the Fire Crow Talisman to see the elders of the clan who established the foundation. He is only at the sixth level of Qi Refining but the Fire Crow Talisman His strength is equivalent to that of a monk in the late stage of Qi refining, which also means that he has the combat power of the late stage of Qi refining In the canteen, go to the Yu family. There is a special canteen. Ordinary meals in the canteen will be provided free of charge to the monks in the family all day long. In addition, the canteen will provide a bowl of spiritual rice porridge to the monks in the early stage of qi refining every day. The monks in the middle stage of qi refining will provide a bowl Spiritual rice porridge and a catty of monster meat. For the monks in the late stage of Qi refining, the cafeteria will provide a free meal of spiritual food every day. This meal of spiritual food is equivalent to a monk on the sixth level of Qi refining. He attaches great importance to this.
Yu Mingyan is a cultivator with the three spiritual roots of gold, fire and earth.
His physical cultivation talent is very mediocre, and he usually spends a lot of time drawing talismans and seals to meditate and practice. The cultivation base of the first floor mainly relies on the wealth left by his father. After the Fire Crow Talisman is successfully produced, he no longer has to worry about sitting on the mountain. Yu Mingyan looked at the cafeteria in front of him and sucked it gently In one breath, cultivators need money to practice everything, and learning to draw talismans is even more expensive. The wealth left to him by his father during his lifetime is not much, and now there is only half a spirit stone left.
Mingyan, you yesterday Why didn’t you come to the cafeteria to eat? Yu Mingfei asked with a smile.
I was too tired to draw the talisman yesterday, so I didn’t come here. He and Yu Mingyan are both monks with three spiritual roots, but now she only has the fifth level of Qi Refining, which is a small realm lower than Yu Mingyan. Have you not given up on becoming a talisman master? How much time and money have you spent on talismans over the years? They are all used in cultivation, maybe they have been cultivated in the later stage of Qi refining.
Yu Mingfei and her parents think that Yu Mingyan’s obsession with drawing talismans is not a good thing. It is extremely difficult for talisman masters to train them. Cultivating a second-rank alchemist has already consumed more than half of the cultivation resources, and he has no ability to train another spiritual talisman master. All the expenses Yu Mingyan has spent on drawing talismans these years have been borne by himself. The price of talisman seals is also relatively cheap. The first-level middle and low-grade talismans that Yu Mingyan drew before not only did not earn a penny, but sometimes some of them were posted upside down, sister Mingfei. Don’t worry, I will definitely not lose money again in the future. Yu Mingyan laughed in a low voice. Tell Yu Mingfei that I drew a top-tier Fire Crow Talisman yesterday