Yu Linglong’s voice wait a minute and wait for me to solve the trouble before you say you’re injured Zhang Yuan was startled a small

The hero began to beep in the virtual mecha cabin, and suddenly there was a rush of prompts, and a burst of red light flashed rapidly, it was an emergency call cabin.
A young man was sitting in the cabin, his head was tilted to one side, his hands were hanging limply, and he was in a coma.
Didi Didi sounded unrelentingly, and lasted for two minutes. After that, the young man moved his hand and raised his head slowly.
His eyes opened and he was full of confusion.
Shouldn’t I be dead? He turned his head and looked around in confusion. I found that my body was surrounded by a wrap-around ultra-high-definition screen. I looked down at the sensor pedal, motion capture gloves, and motion tracking sensors. It was a standard mecha cockpit. Why am I still in the mecha? Didn’t I die with Black Rakshasa? His name is Zhang Yuan, the newly promoted major general of the Earth Guard Army, the driver of the berserk-level mech Youlan Swordsman. Just a moment ago, he was leading the same Demon Mecha Division of the Ninth Army of the Empire in the Garulan Star Field, which is light years away from the home planet Earth. The battle to the death was extremely brutal. The Ninth Legion was obviously defeated by the Demon Mecha Division. When the entire army was about to be wiped out, Zhang Yuan used the secret method of burning his body to ignite all the potential in his body. In the interstellar vacuum, he finally successfully entangled the opponent’s commander, Black Rakshasa, and he detonated the small anti-matter impact bomb he carried on his body without hesitation, and Black Rakshasa died together. It was scorching hot. He was in the center of the explosion.
His body was bound to be wiped out in ashes. There was no hope of surviving. But what happened now? Zhang Yuan looked down at the palm of his hand, the skin was very delicate and slender, and there was only a trace of callus in the palm, which was completely different from his rough and strong hands. The two extremes look familiar.
Didi Didi’s urgent reminder finally brought Zhang Yuan back to reality.
He looked up at the surround screen around him, and found a shaking red icon on the right that reads “Father.” The word father, didn’t father die in battle at the Hangu Star Gate? Zhang Yuan’s eyes widened suddenly.
He clearly remembered that seven years ago, the Demon Race launched a major force, the Abyss Fleet, to attack the Hangu Star Gate light years away. At that time, his father was the star. The gatekeeper is the last member of Zhang Jiajian’s generation.
In order to protect the few remaining honors of the family, although he knew that the strength of the defenders was far inferior to the demon army that came in by surprise, his father chose to fight to the death. In the end, he successfully held back the demon army. The footsteps waited until the reinforcements secured the Hangu Star Gate.
The battle was extremely tragic. The star gate garrison had a total of 30,000 and 30,000 people.
In the end, only one person was left, and everyone was irreversibly disabled. My father also died on the spot.
The Zhang family on the downhill road regained some respite.
A year later, Zhang Yuan won the championship in the virtual mech fighting league held on the earth, which was regarded as the new hope of the Zhang family’s future. But now his father is still alive and sent him a message.
Zhang Yuan doubts. Someone changed his address book as a prank.
He clicked the icon to connect to the communication. Why did it take so long to answer the communication? A thick voice with a hint of reproach.
Zhang Yuan froze on the spot when he heard this voice. It was indeed his father’s voice. No doubt, what’s going on? How could it be that father is still alive? There is a little more concern, yes, this is the father Zhang Yunan is the father who dotes on him so much. Although he doesn’t know why this happened, Zhang Yuan’s eyes suddenly became sore and he wanted to speak, but his throat was blocked and he couldn’t speak.
There was a sound in the communication Anxious voice, Yuaner, what’s the matter, why are you crying? Is someone bullying you at school? You told your dad that your dad is looking for your teacher.
When he was two years old, his mother died in a demon invasion. His father was both a father and a mother.
He raised him up. He was weak and sick. Every time he got sick, his father would stay by his side all night.
Afraid that the food would not suit his taste, he practiced cooking hard.
Yi personally cooks for him every meal until he is in high school. The family is not financially well-off, but every year on his birthday, the gifts his father gives him are always his favorite and the best.
Maybe others think that his father is The most incompetent of the Zhang family’s descendants, but in Zhang Yuan’s heart, his father is a solid mountain that shelters him from wind and rain.
Seven years ago, when the news of his father’s death came back, Zhang Yuan felt that his whole world had collapsed and his life had become extremely gloomy, but now.
His father came back, he didn’t want to go into the reason, as long as his father was alive, it would be fine.
In the newsletter, his father repeatedly told Zhang Yuan to pay attention to his body. Zhang Yuan felt warm in his heart, even if it was just a dream, he hoped that it would last as long as possible.
In the end, his father talked about it. The business is far away.
Your uncle has gone.
Didn’t uncle Zhang Yuan clearly remember that his uncle Zhang Yushan passed away ten years ago? The cause of death was excessive use of gamma type-3 physical strength rays, which caused the body’s potential to be overdrawn and collapsed. What nonsense are you talking about? My father reproached me softly, and then said that this week, we will go home on Saturday and Sunday. We will go back to Zhang’s mansion after all. After all, we are the children of Zhang’s family who are going to attend your uncle’s funeral.
Hearing this sentence, Zhang Yuan was even more surprised.
His gaze was in the cockpit of the mecha.
Moving and finally set the time in the upper right corner, it actually said the year, month, and his heart suddenly jumped. Isn’t the year and month the time when the uncle passed away? Could it be that I went back to the past? Could this really be a dream? Zhang Yuan, no I can’t believe there is such a thing in the world.
I hastily twisted my arm and it hurts, but nothing around me has changed. This is not a dream, but reality. He carefully looked around his body and found that he was not a real mech pilot. The cabin is the virtual mecha cabin, which is used for virtual mech fighting. Look at his own body.