Yu is really willing Yu Xin said I only get married this time in my life why cant I be reluctant Lan Qianqings eyes moved

Interview Tang Mi had an interview position today as a pastry chef in a newly opened restaurant. She brought the fresh fruit she had just bought into the house when her roommate Fu Xin just woke up.
Speaking of Fu Xin, I can recall that time when Tang Mi and Fu Xin goes to school hand in hand every day, even though they are door-to-door neighbors, but because both of them are equally bad in every way, they have never been educated by their parents about how the children in the neighborhood are, so they have been each other’s angels for more than ten years.
Now after graduating from university and working together, they are still living together in a small shabby house.
It is worth mentioning that Fu Xin’s gender is female. If you ask Fu Xin’s parents why they chose such a masculine name for their daughter, they will take it for granted.
Answering you because my father’s surname is Fu and my mother’s surname is Xin.
Fortunately, Fu Xin has a wide heart.
Whenever her classmates laugh at her for having a boy’s name, she will retort that it’s fortunate that I’m a girl. Girls are also unable to find a partner. Since childhood, all the boys she likes have never caught up. In Tang Mi’s words, this is a perfect start to 100% confession. After soaking in salt water, I started to make the cake that will be used in today’s interview. After washing, Fu Xin came out from the bathroom and went to the kitchen to cheer on Tang Mi. If Xiaomi doesn’t succeed, she will become a benefactor. You know that the day to pay the rent is coming again. Tang Mi raised her eyes and stared ferociously. She said when I was seven years old that I would kill anyone who called me Xiaomi. I thought this sentence had passed the expiration date. Fu Xin took a strawberry and fed it into his mouth, then narrowed his eyes comfortably Seasonal fruit is the best.
Tang honey puts the prepared batter into the preheated oven and pats it away.
Fu Xin stretched out his hand to the strawberry again. Isn’t it time to pay the rent? Why don’t you hurry up and go to work? Fu Xin picked up a plate of Tang on the table Honey cut the bread and walked to the sofa and sat down.
The basic salary of our magazine is too low.
I have no enthusiasm for work.
If there is no salary increase, I plan to resign. Don’t be impulsive Father Alfred said work like you don’t need money at all Fu Xin rolled his eyes lightly He also said love like you are still a virgin Tang Mi He didn’t say that Tang Mi decided not to bother about Fu Xin and devoted herself to the cake. At 10:30, she sat in the interview room on time.
The HR director of the head office was looking at her resume. The store manager was looking at her cake. The appearance of the store manager was very beautiful. The brows are lightly raised, and the eyes are slightly stunning.
The color matches very comfortably.
The shape of the strawberry is also very plump.
I like the mint leaves you decorated on it.
Tang Mi is a little relieved. The manager, this picky-looking beauty, is also satisfied. It should be a problem.
Not too big, I hope it tastes as good as its appearance.
After finishing speaking, the store manager tickled Tang Mi with his bright red lips.
He picked up the knife in the cake box and began to cut the cake.
After cutting it, it looks very beautiful.
The chiffon cake is very well done.
The fluffy fruit and jam whets the appetite The interview room was filled with a rich creamy aroma.
The store manager took a small piece of cake and put it into her mouth. Tang Mi watched her with bated breath. The store manager swallowed all the cake in her mouth before opening her mouth happily. The strawberries are very fresh.
The taste of the cream is delicate and the sweetness is just right.
The slightly sour strawberries are paired with the sweet cream. The lightness is like two butterflies dancing in the afternoon breeze. It’s so good. Tang Mi almost wants to dance in the interview room. She seems to have seen herself. Became a member of the Yu family and reached the pinnacle of life. While Tang Mi was in high spirits, the HR director who had been silent all of a sudden spoke. Tang Mi, I read your resume. You are a graduate of City Normal University. When he said this, he looked up at Tang Mi. Mi glanced at you. You were once disqualified from the baking contest held by your school for copying cakes from other contestants, right? A tall and slender man walked out. His straight suit made his temperament even more elegant. The door of the restaurant opened and closed after a few ringing bells.
The assistant behind him, Luo Hao, twitched his eyebrows uncomfortably under their staring eyes, which were like searchlights. Feng hoped that you would be so enthusiastic when welcoming guests in the future.
The chief store manager, they are interviewing you, what can you tell me? The foreman followed Yu Yi and Luo Hao, but their legs were too long for her, so she almost had to trot to keep up with their pace.
Dessert Plates and teacups and saucers were replaced with newly customized Provence series tablecloths were changed to light yellow. The words spoken in a melancholy voice were cold without any emotional ups and downs. They were simply giving orders.
Knowing that, the head waiter replied in a panic. Make it softer, replace the painting with the foreman, glance at the painting on the wall, although he doesn’t know what is not to Mr. Yu’s liking, but Mr. Yu can’t tell, but it’s not good.
Seeing Yu Yi turning a corner in front, she followed quickly. With a smile on her face, she asked President Yu’s office has been set up, do you want to take a look? Although I know that the president’s office is just for decoration, President Yu may not come twice a year, but she still has a little bit of girlish fantasies. Wei paused and asked her what position she was interviewing for today. The foreman was a little flattered by the sudden question.
She looked at Yu Yi’s impeccably handsome face and almost forgot to reply. Yu Yi, the pastry chef, seemed to think for a second, then said, “Take me there.” See if the atmosphere in the interview room has not eased from the stiffness. I did not copy her. Tang Mi stated again, but only returned a contemptuous smile from the supervisor.