Yu Hengzi stepped forward and cupped his hands senior please be merciful Wang Yuan sneered noncommittal Yu Hengzi you are going to plead for this

Redeem the golden jiao template to incarnate into a dragon and make waves Exchange for the real dragon template The real dragon descends into the world to rule the divine power Exchange for the golden crow template The sun incarnates as the source of all fires Born ten days from the fairy version of the raccoon cat to the prince Above Bishuiwan Bay is very lively at this time, above the river surface is shrouded in cloudy clouds, occasionally a little bit of blue light flickers, and the turbid waves empty out.
The ferocious water waves are overwhelming, and they will rush to kill at any time. Groups of villagers are looking at the center of the Lingjiang River by the water and shivering.
The expression is very tense, this fairy master’s insistence on subduing the river god for them is really against their original intention, what if the river god wants to slaughter the village, what if the river god wants to slaughter the village? Differentiation reveals the original shape. If you look closely, they are actually illusory talismans. They are beautiful on the waterway, like a bright moon, firmly suppressing part of the white waves and water.
Laoshan talisman.
You are a Laoshan Taoist, no matter where you are. Dare to come to subdue demons and slay demons, a laugh out of the white waves jumps out a fish monster with a smoldering aura, this fish monster has been hovering over this waterway for a long time, peeking at this waterway, there is no owner who wants to steal the water system’s inspiration to improve his own morality, I only saw this one The fish demon is tall and tall, dressed in black scales, holding a three-pronged water-dividing halberd, and wearing a star crown on his head.
Facing the sudden spoiler, his eyes are full of ferocious eyes.
In the white waves, the three-pronged water-dividing halberd in his hand raises a long river. The phantom flashes on the water-dividing halberd.
The top is like a thousand hectares of white waves condensed and vented down, the long river is phantom, the brilliance is turbulent, filling the waterway, but it suddenly stagnates in a flash He is a thirteen or fourteen-year-old boy who has never grown up. He wears a blue gourd around his waist, and his long hair hangs loose on his back. At this moment, he exudes a wild and fierce aura.
The vertical pupils turned into golden yellow, and scales grew from the forehead, and the body shape also grew longer and thicker. My whole body was bathed in thunder light. The golden scales shone brightly in the clouds.
Steel teeth roared. I heard the earth-shattering Long Yin River.
A group of villagers by the river. His face was pale, his legs were weak, he was kneeling on the ground, dragon, and it was a golden dragon.
I saw the head of the golden dragon protruding from the sky, thunder and dark clouds spread, and it was so hideous that people dare not look directly at it. It is a real beast dragon. You are a dragon.
The spirit fish demon has already turned pale with horror, and the water of the Lingjiang River is boiling at its feet No matter how strong the carp spirit is, it can surpass the water god beast, the dragon, and the dragon spirit.
Your family is a dragon spirit, but the golden dragon is furious when he hears the words, and his eyes are shining coldly.
Already frightened, the souls of the dead jumped out, and a fat black fish of about ten feet showed its original shape.
It wanted to disturb the waterway of the Lingjiang River and slipped away, but the huge dragon figure pressed the waterway.
The huge pressure of the huge black fish is calling for the wind and rain, the dragon roars nine days, the wind and rain are as dark as galloping, and the ancient tradition is that the dragon walks through the water. Controlling the rain is almost the instinct of the dragon. It exploded and was directly pinched to death by the golden jiao. The dense monster aura radiated out to cover the sky, not only the remaining Lingjiang water clan trembled, but also the monsters far away in other Lingshan rivers also trembled. It’s not a real dragon, but Jiaolong is a born superior. The Dragon Lord has appeared, and a group of villagers by the Lingshui River have already shouted. In their opinion, the invited fairy master turned into a dragon, and the dragon king came in person.
It must be the god of the river in this river.
Shou Tiantiao is why the dragon king incarnation came to subdue demons and subdue demons in person. After killing the black fish spirit, the water and clouds around his body silently transformed into a human figure, and he fell into the water and disappeared immediately. The Wang family of Langya is a big surname. The Wang family has settled in Langya for a long time, and there are many talented people who have become officials and officials.
There are many people with great reputations. Generations of hairpin tassels, poems and books, family wealth, huge wealth, and daily worship.
In the Toutong Judgment Mansion, an invisible and rich radiance bloomed, and a purple light flashed away.
A young man in a golden gossip Taoist robe appeared in the study. He had a delicate face, but he had a detached, pure and inactive look.
He glanced at himself and quickly changed his clothes.
He was dressed in a well-fitting white robe, a Confucian uniform, and his face was full of elegance and elegance.
At this moment, he opened his palm, and a golden light bloomed. An incomparably handsome golden dragon appeared on the palm of his palm, and auspicious clouds bloomed. Shining golden dragon with curved neck, head held high, leaping in the air, dragon’s beard and eyes wide open, long beard, scales, claws, sharp elbows and hair like a sword, the long body of the dragon stirred the clouds, its momentum was unstoppable, but at this moment, the golden dragon gradually faded into a streamer of light that entered from the palm After using the golden dragon template in the body, he has obtained a permanent ability. Will the golden dragon dragon gas give up? Wang Yuan touched his chin and looked at this panel strangely.
The use time of the Tao template is one stick of incense.
After using it, you can permanently obtain an ability on the Dao panel.
It can be for martial arts, blood, or supernatural powers.
Last time, he managed to get together a hundred small skills and awakened the golden flood template.
This is that. The white template on the penultimate level of the book is the black template, the black template is above the white template, the white template has a red template, the red template has a gold template, and the golden template should have a more powerful template. The template is not a tyrannical creature on the scroll, but there are real god templates on it