Yours Promises are as worthless as shit No I swear I swear to the three gods As long as I have the startup capital everything

Chapter Swallows Aldington Congratulations boy You’ll be a man after tonight Master will be proud of you Master Hey if you want I can introduce you to my sister How fun it is Drink and drink without restraint Aldington You will be an excellent knight of the Plantagenet dynasty A bearded nobleman at the banquet beckons to the servants beside him Bring me the swallowtail flag I prepared for Aldington It should fly on the city wall with gold border and black background embroidery The swallowtail flag with red maple leaves is fluttering in the wind on the low wall of the castle.
The midday sun falls on the city, as if coating the swallowtail flag with a layer of soft brilliance. Your Excellency, thank you for holding a celebration dinner for me. The three gods have witnessed that I will swear allegiance to Plantagenet. Toast to Plantagenet. Toast to Plantagenet.
Toast to Plantagenet.
The splitting head looked at the round mirror beside the bed in disbelief. It was a familiar yet unfamiliar immature face. Aldington Zhou Wei is wrong. I am Aldington and Zhou Wei. I have traveled through Zhou Wei or Aldington. Frowning in a daze, I am Aldington Lun Iris, a newly promoted apprentice knight. My father is the baron of Hongye Town.
He has passed through the soul wear and merged with the memory of the original owner to become the new Aldington. Now this is The place where the world is located is the Plantagenet Kingdom on the Rafah Continent.
His father was a noble baron of the Empire and also a powerful Phantom Beast Knight. When he was nine years old, he was sent by his father to the home of Bomber Durotan in the Gray Rock Mountain as a guardian. Viscount Dulic’s attendant, Viscount Dulic, is the eldest son and heir of Durotan Bomber, and a powerful elite knight. Apprentice knights can follow the knights to the battlefield. Durotan Bumble personally awarded him a swallowtail flag. This swallowtail flag will accompany him for many years until he is promoted to a full-fledged knight.
Only then can he cut off the swallowtail on the flag and get a square flag with his own name embroidered on it.
The ancient title is not fighting qi turning into a horse, but fighting qi magic.
After knocking on his head, which was still stinging, Aldington quickly accepted this reality.
The Zhou Wei on the earth was dead and died of an epidemic in the Rafa Continent.
Aldington is also dead. He died from yesterday’s drunkenness.
Now it is the soul of Zhou Wei on Earth. Aldington, who replaced Rafah, started a new life.
From now on, there is no Zhou Wei, only Aldington is outside The maid’s voice sounded, Master Aldington, have you gotten up? Look at the shirt you’re wearing.
It’s from the original owner’s habit, so he responded casually. Please come in and push away a young man of about twenty-four or five years old wearing a black and white maid outfit.
The long maid came in with another fifteen or sixteen-year-old young maid in a white dress holding a set of clothes and a basin, toothbrush and towel.
Good morning, Aldington.
The young master and the older maid greeted with a smile while putting the clothes on the table and walked over to Aldington to straighten his shirt, which had been wrinkled from sleep The maid has already put the water basin in place.
Toothbrush, toothpaste and water cup are handed over to take a sip of water. Aldington brushes his teeth quickly and then begins to wash his face. After the face is wiped clean with a towel, the young maid takes up the water basin and leaves the elder maid.
Start dressing him Your captain of the guard is already waiting at the gate of the castle, Master Aldington When will you come back after you go back to Redleaf Town Maybe a week maybe a fortnight But I think I will be back soon I still have a lot of knowledge to tell Sir, I would like to ask you to learn very quickly. In less than seven years, you have become an apprentice knight. You are indeed a powerful bloodline of the Iris family. The glory of our ancestors needs us to regain Aldington.
While chatting with the maid, he admired himself in the mirror. Faint blond hair, deep blue eyes, three-dimensional facial features, even though he is still immature at sixteen years old, he can already be seen to be an outstanding handsome man. He suddenly remembered what time it is now at eight o’clock in the morning, Mr. Have you eaten yet? The young master told me to say goodbye to Master Aldington at the gate of the outer castle half an hour ago when he left for dinner.
I understand that the maid Lilith skillfully dressed him and then bid farewell to Aldington and went downstairs to the dining room of the castle. Gray Iron Castle, as the castle of the Rock family, has been built by more than ten generations.
Not only is it magnificent on the outside, it is also resplendent on the inside, and it can be called a luxury restaurant. The dishes are also rich.
The servant waiting here quickly stepped forward and said good morning, Master Aldington. What do you want to eat this morning, milk, bread, caviar, and barbecue? Please wait a little while.
The servant will bring the breakfast before starting to move.
Another young man wearing a knight suit that is almost the same as Aldington is walking by. Loudly said Aldington, you woke up so early, I thought you would sleep until noon. The knight’s practice is to abide by and persevere.
Brother Matthew Aldington responded lightly. From the memory of the original owner, we know that this knight named Matthew is similar to him. They are all apprentice knights who were sent by their families to Gray Iron Castle as servants since they were young. Matthew is older and already twenty years old. He was promoted to apprentice knight last year.
His talent is much worse than that of Aldington, but the most important thing is Matthew’s. His father is the Baron Aldington, and his father is an Imperial Baron.
Both are barons, but there is a big gap. The Imperial Baron directly belongs to the king and has a high degree of autonomy in his own fief, while the baron is a vassal of a great noble.
Although he has a fief, he has no autonomy.
Not Tall Matthew’s Future