Your recognition you have lived in my master for so long you should change places how about enjoying the scenery of the ninja world with

In the dim yellow sunset, two teenagers walked side by side in the Gobi. They wore a white turban because there are often gusts of hurricanes blowing here. The turban prevents the eyes from being clouded by sand and unable to see the road scorpion ahead. What’s the matter? A handsome young man who was walking in front turned around and said to Xie that his black hair was scattered and drooping on his forehead.
Obviously, he had undergone some high-intensity consumption before. Konoha’s white teeth are dead. How can we take revenge? With red hair His eyes lost focus, as if the faith that supported him to survive suddenly collapsed. Isn’t the third-generation Kazekage-sama known as the strongest Kazekage? Why can’t he protect our parents? Scorpio stopped and lowered his head and murmured When the two of them were out on a mission this time, they suddenly heard the news that Bai Ya, who was as famous as the Sannin, had committed suicide in the village.
He began to investigate the cause of his parents’ death and locked on Bai Fang, the enemy, to take revenge on Bai Fang, which has become an obsession of Scorpion.
The soul is reattached to this war orphan in the hidden sand village, so he also attaches great importance to his healthy new life. Soya, who was raised by monks, showed extraordinary talent and perseverance after entering the ninja school. Slightly younger than Scorpion, I met Scorpion, who was also a genius, at Ninja School.
The two had similar encounters, and with Soya’s deliberate approach, they became friends.
Later, after graduating from Ninja School, Sandai Kazekage went through some tests Take Zongya directly as a disciple.
After discovering the friendship between Zongya and Xie, Grandma Chiyo signaled to make him and Xie into a team, so the two teamed up and often went out to perform tasks.
Zongmi knew that Xie was behind after hearing what Xie said.
Because he lost Bai Fang, the direct target of revenge, he could only pass on the hatred to Sandai Kazekage, and then he would assassinate and defect later. At this time, Scorpio psychotherapist and life mentor, Soya expressed his contemplation and spoke. Speaking of Scorpion, I understand how you feel. Shiro is dead. We can no longer avenge our parents with our own hands. That’s true, but you have to think about what caused the deaths of so many ninjas in our village.
Is it because Kazekage-sama launched a war? His pupils stared at Scorpion, and his hands pressed vigorously on Scorpion’s shoulders. The reason? Because life is fragile and perishable. Maybe only puppets are eternal, right? Scorpion looked up at Zongmi, but in his eyes Still like a pool of stagnant water without the slightest ups and downs No, the life of a scorpion is indeed fragile, but the souls of your parents and my parents are eternal.
Didn’t you always keep your parents’ puppets? What an outstanding puppeteer can give a puppet a soul, as long as the puppet and the superb If the skills are passed down in your hands, they will not disappear Soya shakes Scorpio’s shoulder Kazekage-sama is strong, but he is not the strongest ninja world So he can’t end the war.
Our parents died because of the war. As long as the war is still there, the casualties will not stop. Only by becoming the strongest can the war be ended. Is this how scorpion’s eyes began to gather brilliance His previous inner thoughts He wants to pursue the eternal art of incorruptibility, but after listening to Soya’s words, he feels that this kind of eternity seems to be deeper than the puppet eternity he expected This kind of forbidden technique can summon the dead from the pure land as long as you have found the body information of the deceased, and then as long as you find someone with the legendary eye and let him perform the forbidden technique again, you can resurrect the dead. When the goal is lost, if he can set a more advanced goal, it will naturally rekindle his belief. Is it true? Zong Mixie also grabbed Zong Mi’s hands suddenly, his eyes were full of shock and expectation, and there was a little worry.
I’m afraid Soya’s news is false.
It’s absolutely true.
Soya said categorically. Chapter 1 Kazekage Sandai Kazekage’s office, with blue hair and yellow pupils, wearing a white Kazekage robe and blue ninja uniform, Kazekage Sandai Kazekage was flipping through the tasks submitted by Soya After carefully reviewing the report, Kazekage showed a smile on his face and said that he has done a good job.
He is guided by the teacher.
Fang Zongmi stood aside and respectfully said that it is my luck to receive a student like you. Kazekage waved his hand and then continued I asked about the magnetic escape scroll that I gave you before, how is your practice? Is there any problem? I can master the changes in the nature of wind and earth, but I am not very proficient in the chakra ratio coordination of the combination of the two. To really use magnetism It may take a little time to escape. Zong Mi replied honestly. Although the body after time travel is also familiar with black hair and black eyes, it looks good, but it has no blood inheritance limit.
Under Zong Mi’s hard training, his Chakra is only higher than ordinary people. It’s just a little bit taller than those of the fairy body. It’s nothing to mention. The only advantage is that Somi’s soul power comes from Blue Star’s soul source.
After this body is re-nourished and repaired, his soul power is at least higher than that of ordinary ninjas.
More than half of the direct effect is reflected in Somi’s amazing chakra control ability.
With such an outstanding chakra control ability, when he was learning the puppet master’s chakra line manipulation skills in the ninja school, he would basically let the ninja school know it as soon as he learned it.
It may be because of the same talent as an excellent puppeteer that Scorpion is willing to contact Soya. After all, the world of geniuses is incomprehensible to ordinary people, but after being accepted as a disciple by the third Kazekage, Soya no longer conducts studies related to puppetry Because in the view of the wind and shadow