Youmeng still puts you in my heart always easy to be moved by the past always hurts because of you Zhang Yiman’s voice is getting

The Huaxia entertainment industry here is more developed than the Hollywood Huaxia Golden Bull Awards on the other side of the ocean.
It has become the world’s most valuable movie award. Singer As a singer, the top arena has already appeared in the tenth season.
There are more than 100,000 applicants for the eighth season of hip-hop. The masked singer has no shortage of buried voices every week. It is easy to see the crew of the show on the street. The anchor holds up the mobile phone and pranks passers-by. Fans of the best era In this world, Han Jue, an outdated idol star, is on the edge of this prosperous entertainment world, and he doesn’t want to be a star at all, okay? He just wants to happily wander in the ocean of spiritual food and be a quiet otaku.
Chapter 1 The World When the weather is hot in July, people become very lazy. The rolling shutter door is pushed up. The noise makes others frown.
Even though it’s only nine o’clock, the sun has already begun to be unkind.
The boss is humming the tune he heard from the music talent show he watched last night, and sits back at the counter, ready to re-watch last night’s music show carefully and start today’s business by the way.
The school has already started summer vacation. It became more lively. The glass door was pushed open, and the hot air poured into the coolness with the noise outside. The owner of the supermarket wore headphones and glanced up.
The person who came was a young man wearing a pure white T-shirt and smoky gray casual trousers.
Obviously has a pair of long legs but it’s a waste to walk His head is bobbing quickly from side to side His eyes are quickly and briefly glanced back and forth like a vigilant sewer mouse Oh, it’s a beautiful mouse Although it doesn’t hurt to have this one The young man with a model figure and a strange mind, the supermarket owner decided not to pay any more attention. The young man didn’t intend to come and tell the boss anything, so he went inside. The supermarket owner turned his eyes back to the computer screen in front of him. Last time in the supermarket, there was only soft, pure music playing outside, time passed, the two songs on the boss’s computer were over, the young man had never had two possible choices, phobias, or doing something shameful, don’t be stealing Boss muttering like this, moving the chair and looking at the monitoring screen, the young man in the screen is carefully looking at the snacks one after another from top to bottom, holding the snacks in his hand from time to time, and carefully examining the words on it. No abnormality, no suspicious behavior, I don’t know what the boss is doing. The boss is also a person who has experienced social ups and downs. People of all kinds have seen many young people. It’s just a little strange.
I don’t know if he felt the attention of the boss. The young people will stop doing it soon. The boss came over with a basket of snacks and canned instant food. The boss instinctively wanted to look at the young man’s face again, but he found that the eyes hidden under the young man’s broken hair were also looking at the boss’s eyes.
Averting his eyes, the boss settled the accounts while looking at the young man who was less than a meter away from the corner of his eye, and found that the young man The eyes seem to be very hard to look at everything, the program is suspended in the computer, the QR code paid by the mobile phone, and even the money in the wallet is taken out of the wallet to look at it several times before putting it back.
Real money, what does this kid want to do? A robbery murderer.
Thank you.
After thanking the young man, he didn’t immediately pick up the bag and leave.
Instead, he opened a bag of potato chips, took a closer look, nodded for a moment, then picked up the bag and ate.
Walk the boss and look at the back of the young man until he can no longer see him at the corner. The cheap supermarket is definitely not a chain store, but it is located in a good location and has a lot of traffic. Not to mention that it is just next to this wealthy community and the residents of this community are not worried.
I see a lot of customers who come and go in my daily life. It’s the first time I’ve seen such a strange thing. I can’t explain it. I look like a bumpkin who has never seen the world, but the clothes and the way he treats people don’t seem cramped.
It’s weird.
It’s weird. When the boss was still immersed in the aftertaste, someone pushed the door and walked in. The supermarket owner recognized him as Ah Qi, the owner of the fruit shop next door.
Ah Qi rested his arms on the counter and twisted his neck. Together with the supermarket boss, he looked at the direction in which the young man disappeared. This is a rare sight.
I’ve been here once, the owner of the supermarket was surprised when he heard Ah Qi say that, you know Ah Qi, and he looked at the supermarket owner in surprise after hearing that, with an expression on his face that you didn’t know, but soon he realized it. Then Ah Qi’s face lit up, and with bright eyes, he said to the supermarket owner that there was a combination a few years ago You must know, the owner of the supermarket nodded quickly, I know, I know, don’t tell me what the four of the four in that group looked like, I know that guy, the owner of the fruit shop, Ah Qi, exaggeratedly fell back with disgust on his face How could that expression be possible oh oh oh I remembered that kid was the fifth one who made his debut at the last moment and turned out to be a fool, Ah Qi nodded mysteriously and slowly with an expression on his face.
When I moved here, I heard that there are many famous and hopeful people living in this rich neighborhood.
Among them, there are several celebrities.
Although the boss has thought about the celebrities coming, should he treat them like ordinary people? Or take the opportunity to ask for autographs and photos It’s good to show off in the future, but I asked the surrounding bosses, everyone hasn’t seen a star in all these years, so this unnecessary worry and unrealistic idea is gone.
I didn’t expect to see it today.
I can only say that it’s half-said Popular stars are always flattering each other as a joke in the entertainment circle