You you you don’t move I’ll carry you back Guo Chaoyang carefully lifted Sheng Ruqiu up and carried it on his back without any hesitation

It has been three months since the book was opened in March to the end of June, but the main text of the book is only one chapter. It is really embarrassing to say that everything has changed from Immortal Journey to the World to the present funeral.
It’s all getting fatter and fatter, why is your book getting thinner and thinner? I smiled and said that it was overturned and rewritten. Overturning and rewriting these four words is simple, but the process is not simple. It took half a month to change the name and finally succeed Finally, there is no more reason not to type.
What kind of logic is this? When enough is enough, start typing. There is only one reason.
I don’t want to let myself down. Even if no one is with me, I will continue to write. This month, Mr. Li went on a business trip. Although this It can’t be my reason for not coding, but I can’t see him every day. I really don’t have the heart to code. I’m at home, but my heart has already followed him to other places.
I’m afraid that he will be hot, afraid that he will be tired, afraid that he will be bitten by mosquitoes, and afraid that he will be allergic.
This time I went out and got allergic again.
Little red dots all over my body.
He said it was very itchy, but I took the medicine, so don’t worry. When I’m alone at home, I sleep with the lights on at night, and I go to sleep when I’m sleepy.
I don’t sleep when I’m not sleepy.
I don’t go to bed when I’m hungry.
I only remember to eat when I’m hungry.
I bought some instant noodles at home, but when I eat instant noodles, I go to sleep. When I got acne, I had diarrhea, so I decided not to eat it, but when I was eating steamed buns, I suddenly realized that I couldn’t take care of myself when Mr. Li was not around. I used to believe this sentence. I can also live a good life, but now I find that this is not the case.
During the time when Mr. Li is not at home, I myself have become very bad.
I don’t have a regular diet, I don’t work and rest regularly.
In short, the whole person is in a very bad state, and I feel every day is very difficult. I am very disappointed, as if there is nothing that can make me happy. Others see me every day, laughing and making noises, thinking that I am very happy, but I know that I am not like that, especially when I close my eyes and prepare to sleep, I always fantasize that he is right next to me. But I turned over and hugged his waist, but nothing happened.
I opened my eyes and thought about it, and I came back to my senses.
He went on a business trip and took a pillow and put it next to me to sleep. Girls are very hypocritical, but now I have become this hypocritical. When I sleep, I like to sleep facing the wall. This is a habit I have developed for more than 20 years. But then I got together with Mr. Li. He slept outside and I slept inside. I don’t sleep facing the wall, but I hug him and sleep with my head on his arm. It’s very comfortable.
Later, I found out that his arms are numb every morning, so I don’t sleep anymore.
But it’s strange that Mr. Li said that he wakes up every morning. At that time, I still slept facing the wall. It seems that the habit is really hard to change.
I sleep more heavily. In Mr.
Li’s words, I sleep like a pig.
Li is always careful when he wakes up in the morning.
Afraid of waking me up, in fact he doesn’t have to do this, because I don’t even notice that he usually wakes me up gently when he is about to go out after washing and telling me that he is going to work.
open mouth waiting for a kiss can sometimes be bad blowing breath into his mouth he brushed his teeth and i didn’t hahaha after hearing the door lock to make sure he’s gone I’ll go back to sleep he’s going in the morning He always wakes me up when I go to work.
Sometimes when I’m in a bad mood, I’m annoyed. He says he’s going to work, just go to work.
Just go and wake me up. Then he turns over and ignores him and continues to sleep with me. I still kissed him on the cheek and said he was gone. Later, he said that he didn’t mean to wake me up in the morning. He was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to find him and cry after I woke up. One thing I remember clearly was a certain morning last year.
I don’t know why I suddenly woke up and felt that there was no one around me, so I just sat up and was stunned. I thought he was already at work, but I don’t remember him telling me that he had gone to work. I looked at the bedside and his phone was not there.
I don’t know why. Wow, I cried and cried loudly, complaining in my heart why I went to work without saying hello, the baby was so wronged, and then he heard me crying in the bathroom and ran over in a hurry after washing his face halfway.
I saw him I was stunned for a while, so I didn’t go away, I cried wrongly, it was so embarrassing, after I was stunned, I continued to cry, he quickly hugged me in his arms and asked me what’s wrong, did I have a nightmare, don’t be afraid, my husband is here, let’s go, let’s go After talking for a while, he knew I was timid, and then I cried harder, so the baby didn’t have a nightmare, and then I choked up and said, I saw your phone was gone, and I thought you were going to work, Mr. Li couldn’t laugh or cry when he heard it.
It’s true to have a mobile phone, but he didn’t expect that I would wake up so early and be able to find that his mobile phone was gone and judged that he had gone to work, and he didn’t expect that I would cry and cry so hard.
I said that when my parents came home when I was young, I always It was while I was asleep and then left.
When I woke up in the morning and didn’t see them, I would cry and feel that they didn’t want me anymore. Then my grandpa would coax me in various ways.
If I didn’t listen, I would cry and cry. You are no longer by my side, I thought you didn’t want me anymore.
The so-called lack of security, the so-called dependence is like this.
He just went to the bathroom, and you would think that he didn’t want you anymore. I said late that I won’t be able to come back until next Tuesday or Wednesday, but I found that after writing these things, I couldn’t wait to take a ride to see him by myself.