You will believe that Pindao only wants a simple life Daochang you can sell it no loss even the audience was smashed to the ground

Gu Bao transformed himself into a peerless master who gave medicine to the Empress of Tang Dynasty. The host boasted the cowhide and successfully gained experience points. Congratulations to the host for getting a bottle of ibuprofen. Congratulations to the host for getting the skill of twisting flowers and flying leaves.
Chapter Chapter Poor Dao Bao Ge let let let let let a ragged young Taoist priest squeeze out a group of people on the main street of Chang’an in the Tang Dynasty The imperial list posted on the wall Gu Bao blinked his eyes, the system system, what is written on it, the scan was successful, the host, the emperor’s list, said that the eldest grandson queen is seriously ill and urgently needs to be treated by a famous doctor in the world, can you save this system, but the host, you, the scan was successful The host, Gu Bao, has experienced bull coin drop skills, no Gu Bao is right.
Gu Bao, who traveled over half a month ago, accidentally got a bragging system. The system told him that as long as he dares to brag, nothing is impossible.
Gu Bao looked at the emperor with green eyes.
He hadn’t eaten for several days and suspected that the system was unreliable, but now he took a step forward and Gu Bao stretched out his hand to reveal the imperial list, what are you beggar doing? The two guards standing beside the imperial list hurriedly stopped Gu Bao and shouted sharply Staring at the bastard, the poor Daoist is the daughter of the national teacher. I watched the sky last night and found that the nine-day phoenix star was dim, so I drove the crane east to rescue the current empress. Successful cow coin experience value plus Gu Bao blinked the system. What’s the use of the host’s accumulation of bull coins can be randomly drawn once. When the host has 100 cow coins, he can unlock the cowhide mall. Accumulated experience points can get random drop skills. Once said, it’s true It’s like that, but now Gu Bao can only be a dead horse as a living horse. The two guards were taken aback when they heard Gu Bao’s bragging, and they all reacted in a rage, and immediately stepped forward to arrest him. Wanting to enter the cell, Gu Bao took a step back and said in a loud voice, everyone commented on the poor and said that it can cure diseases, these two stupefied people don’t believe it, what’s the point of posting the imperial list? Is it for people to expose? Does it mean that to see a doctor, you need a noble family background to see a doctor? If you have a good family background, you can see a doctor. How come the imperial doctor in the palace can’t cure a group of people? The big-eyed burly man came over, Gu Bao followed the voice, looked at the grass, and said in his heart, “Where is this black man with bigger eyes than I am?” He stepped forward to uncover the imperial list, the strong man, the Duke of the Kingdom, pulled away the two guards and walked to Gu Bao. You can cure the Queen’s illness.
It’s almost as good as Lao Tzu’s.
At first glance, he’s not a reliable customer.
Baozuo said in a deep voice, “Immeasurable Heavenly Venerable, the Poor Daoist, don’t tell lies, Ding Niu Coin experience value, does Gu Bao Pindao like to tell lies?” System Eyes Who is this person in front of him? Scanning needs to consume 1 ox coin. Whether the sound of the scanning system sounds or not, forget it. Gu Bao resolutely rejects you. If you are firm, if you can’t cure the queen’s phoenix body, I’d like to offer my head to you.
Cheng Yaojin laughed loudly and slapped him on the shoulder. From now on, you will be my son-in-law of Cheng Yaojin. It hurts to hold the grass. Gu Bao grinned his teeth.
Before he could react, Cheng Yaojin grabbed a fast horse and ran towards the palace. It’s really pitiful that the devil king is about to arrest his son-in-law again. The eldest grandson empress of Fengyang Pavilion in the Tang Palace lay pale on the phoenix bed. Avalokitesvara maidservant, how do you feel? Li Shimin asked with concern. Huh, two 12- and 13-year-old little loli fell on the bed with tears in their eyes.
A year ago, the eldest grandson empress gave birth to a younger sister, Li Mingda, who had a migraine. Once, she even passed out from the pain, which made Li Lizhi and Li Shu very distressed.
Somberly, he went outside and posted the imperial list for three days, but still no one dared to reveal the imperial list. The guard hurriedly said back to His Majesty, no one dared to reveal the imperial list, bastard, bastard Li Shimin said furiously, each of them was blowing loudly, and no one was available at the critical moment.
It’s trash, all the guards are trembling and afraid to speak, pass on the orders, whoever can cure my queen, I will marry him a daughter, just as the guards were about to leave, they saw Cheng Yaojin dragging Gu Bao all the way here, Your Majesty is overjoyed, overjoyed, Cheng Yaojin ran away I went to Li Shimin and said loudly, I found you a miracle doctor, so he Li Shimin frowned and looked at Gu Bao, but he said he couldn’t cure it, and he was willing to offer Li Shimin’s tiger’s body.
It seems that the one in front of him is Li Shimin.
Seeing this famous emperor through the ages, Gu Bao was a little bit excited. He suppressed his excitement and made a bow. Then he practiced medicine in a poor way for many years. Under Tao’s ingenious hand, the little princess was successfully rejuvenated and a little princess was born. Ding Niu coins, total experience value of Niu coins, total experience value is 300.
Is the host drawing a lottery? Where is the bottle of Fen? Why didn’t I see that Gu Bao waited and didn’t see Ibuprofen? He couldn’t help but ask Ibuprofen.
He knows about painkillers.
At this time, Li Shimin is 60 years old and can still have children. If you don’t believe me, ask the Queen, her mother, Gu Bao casually replied, “Li Shimin’s face is black, Cheng bites Jin and scratches his head. It’s a good thing to dare to speak big things, those quack doctors in the palace.”