You want to shatter the void but Xiao Yangs master stopped you what else do you have Xiao Yuyu is in a bad mood at

Hurry up, Brother Chen, everyone is waiting for you. Here comes Xiao Chen. The person who trots out is Xiaohu from the village, who is Xiao Chen’s best buddy.
Normally at this time, they would go to the woods outside the village to play together, but they dare not leave the village. It’s too far away, after all, there are some ferocious beasts in the depths of the forest. It’s even rumored that there are monsters that can eat middle-aged people.
Although Xiao Chen has already achieved the fourth level of body training, he is only a one-year-old child.
In the village, most adults can reach the level of body weight training. So those monsters are not what Xiao Chen can handle. Brother Chen, that brat is bragging again, saying that he killed a wild boar by himself last time. Humph, I think it must be his father who gave it to him. He’s just a good father. The brat Xiaohu said was Wang Chao, who is already old. His father, Wang Li, is the most powerful hunter in the village.
He is the object of worship by everyone, and Wang Chao himself is also at the fourth level of body training. The so-called body training is to strengthen his physique and cultivate to the tenth level. He can be as powerful as a wild beast, and some ordinary weapons are easy to hurt, plus some simple martial arts. It would be great if I could reach the 10th level of body training after hunting fierce beasts like tigers. Xiaohu’s father was originally a hunter. A few years ago, he was injured while hunting and lost a leg. He could only do some carpentry work at home. Fortunately, he was in the village.
People are warm-hearted, whether it’s Xiaohu, who starved to death a long time ago, or a wild boar, what’s the big deal? I’m going to hunt one today to brag, and I’m not afraid of blowing the cow’s hide.
The person walking across is the Wang Chao I mentioned earlier.
I still want to hunt wild boars, I’m not afraid of being eaten by wild boars, I’m afraid your dumb father won’t cry for you when he heard the second half of the sentence, Xiao Chen’s face turned louder and he said that my father is not dumb.
He has been in the village for so many years. I heard who he talked to, is he not dumb? What is it? My father talked to me. My father is not dumb.
If you say it again, I will not be polite.
Although Xiao Chen’s father is usually very cold to him, he is still Xiao Chen’s only relative.
Xiao Chen can’t bear it the most.
Even if someone insulted his father, Wang Chao saw that Xiao Chen was really angry, so he didn’t dare to say it again. After all, he had suffered at the hands of Xiao Chen before. These kids won’t fight.
I’m also ashamed to admit that I can’t beat Xiao Chen, okay, let’s not talk about your father. I beat a wild boar in the woods a few days ago. Don’t you always think that you are the strongest among us? How dare you fight it too If a wild boar comes and goes, why don’t you dare, Brother Chen, don’t be fooled. That wild boar is definitely not the one that Wang Chao beat himself. The little tiger’s father was chasing a wild boar to the depths of the forest and was bitten by a tiger that popped out. So it doesn’t matter if Xiaohu doesn’t want to go too far from the village. I’ll go and shoot a wild boar to see what this kid has to say.
If you don’t dare to go, just wait for me in the village.
But Brother Chen won’t listen to Xiaohu. He ran out of the village with a hunting fork, isn’t he just a wild boar? He, Wang Chao, can hit me without my father’s help. I can also hit Xiao Chen all the way into the woods and walk for a long time, but there is no shadow of a wild boar.
The sky gradually darkens, Xiao Chen’s stomach is also hungry, Xiao Chen also retreats in his heart, but when he thinks of going back empty-handed, he will surely Being ridiculed by Wang Chao, Xiao Chen would rather starve to death in the woods than go back, anyway, father doesn’t like me, even if I die, he won’t be sad, but Xiaohong next door likes me quite a bit.
If I die, it will be cheaper. The second son of the family, he circled around Xiaohong all day, Xiao Chen muttered as he walked, and suddenly saw footprints in front of him, they must be the elders of the village, just in time to ask where there are wild boars to catch Xiao Chen followed the footprints all the way down, but did not find the village The Orion in the movie saw a woman lying on the ground. Who are you? Why did you seem to have passed out here? Xiao Chen walked closer and saw that she was a beautiful woman. She was much prettier than Xiao Hong.
It would be nice to marry her back home as a wife.
It looks like she’s hurt, I’ll take her back and let my father have a look. It’s just a one-year-old child, plus the previous physical exertion, and carrying a person on his back.
After walking back for less than half the distance, he was exhausted and sat on the ground to rest.
Just when Xiao Chen had rested enough and was about to continue walking, suddenly a few people rushed out of me. Said that this little girl was injured, how could she still be able to run like this, so there is a little bastard to help? It’s useless to help, Murong Yu must die, otherwise we will have no way out. It’s just a pity that this beautiful face will fade away. If you think it’s a pity, it’s better to enjoy it later, it’s not in vain for this Murong Yu to come to this world to be a woman hahaha, that’s exactly what I mean, that’s what I mean, a few people have already surrounded Xiao Chen and the two of them during the conversation They all seem to be very skilled and they all carry weapons, and Xiao Chen even threw away the steel fork for hunting on the back of Murong Yu for the sake of convenience. Who is it? What do you want? Second brother, tell me to kill this little bastard first.
Be quick with your hands.
Hehe, I know what you are going to do. My father is very powerful. If you dare to do bad things, my father will not let you go. Hehe, don’t talk about you.
Father is here, the Heavenly King and Lao Tzu are here, it’s useless, the villain slashed over with a knife, Xiao Chen thought that he couldn’t run away, so he just closed his eyes and waited for death, but this knife couldn’t cut him down, senior, who is this? This is our fairy sect’s business I also hope that the seniors will not intervene.
The elder brother among those few people saw the person who made the shot and knew that they were definitely not someone they could deal with, so he had to move out of the fairy sect.