You treat me better Im just talking about the matter Zhou Shijies head started to hurt again Qingyin Im actually thinking more about myself I

Copywriter Yin Ziyi once saw such a hot post in her spare time. What kind of girl do you like best? Big eyes, small mouth, melon-seeded face, soft body, long hair, not too high, or you can act like a spoiled child. You can get in the kitchen and get on the bed.
Well, she doesn’t have any. Where did Zhan know that when she woke up from a serious illness, she would miraculously become the favorite type of man in the legend? With a superstar husband who is arrogant and aloof, a rising star in the diplomatic circles of China with a bright future, to the sister-in-law of the Lenggong Tianwang in a parallel time and space, what is it? Is Sansheng lucky or is it bad luck to read the text? The modern overhead background should not be textual. Everything is based on brain holes. Don’t put facts and reason.
Civil servants are not like this.
Diplomats are not like this.
The film crew is not like this. Do Not Enter Content Tags Soul Transformation Modern Overhead Protagonist Yin Ziyi Supporting Role Zhou Shijie Others Mo Yang Chumo Shen Qingyin Liuliu and others Resurrection After Suicide Yin Ziyi Wakes Up The Sunshine Is Bright And The Nose Has A Faint Lily Fragrance The Hospital Ceiling Is Dazzlingly White Breeze Dancing Curtains Light The gray shadows were projected on the wall, swaying together like a tide, she opened her eyes and froze for a while, she frowned and moved her fingers, only to find that her right hand was being held tightly by someone with great strength, her palm was sweaty, cold and damp With a feeling of panic from the bottom of her heart, she turned her head with difficulty.
A strange boy was holding her hand, leaning against the bed for a nap, pursing the corners of his lips for a moment, she was sure she didn’t know this boy, but she didn’t exclaim but kept silent Close your eyes and think quietly about your thoughts. In the year of AD, the Hua Kingdom has already become a well-deserved superpower in the world.
Due to ideology and deep-rooted national hatred, Mi, Britain and the United States have always been hostile to it, and they are trying to unite all imperialist countries to form a community of free compatriots to implement the international policy of containment and division.
The third world war is about to break out. As the Secretary of State’s powerful confidant, Yin Ziyi and the government’s think tanks studied day and night, exhausted conspiracies and schemes, and finally succeeded in dismantling the other party’s loose alliance from within through differences of interests.
While the high-ranking officials of the country were cheering and celebrating, the ultra-nationalists took advantage of the chaos to sneak into the venue and tried to assassinate the president. At the critical moment, she had no time to take care of the other gangsters who were struggling to block the gangsters, but was stabbed in the chest by the opponent and gradually lost consciousness.
Now thinking about going there The noisy scream mixed with crying seemed to be still echoing in her ears, she subconsciously pressed her left hand to her chest, she felt the strength of the beating heart under her palm, and let out a long breath of relief, with a faint smile on her lips. It shouldn’t be as if he felt her unusual agitation. The boy grunted sleepily and raised his head. Oh, his voice suddenly rose. He leaned over in surprise and hugged Miss Ziyi. Great, great, you finally woke up, sister Calmly raising her eyebrows slightly, she stretched out her hand to pat the boy’s back, you, you get up first, I’m fine, and as soon as I spoke, I realized that my voice was soft and melodious, which was very different from the clear, clear and sharp voice I used to raise subconsciously.
Putting her hands up in the sun, Ziyi’s eyes widened for a moment, her pupils suddenly tightened, her hands were weak and boneless, her ten fingers were slender and delicate, her skin glowed with an ivory white soft light, and even her fingernails showed a pampered, tender yet sympathetic look.
She, Yin Ziyi, is far behind. When she was young, she went to the imperial capital to study. Because of poverty, she washed the dishes, washed the vegetables, and did all kinds of dirty work.
Her hands are calloused and ruined. Si Meixiu subconsciously clenches her fists, her eyes are as dark as ink, her lips are tightly pursed, her face is calm, but her heart is as chaotic as Miss Ma, what else is there that makes you uncomfortable? This time, I was scared to death. My parents, my body, my hair, my skin, my body, my skin, my body, how could I commit suicide by swallowing medicine casually, sister, I know that your heart is suffering.
Your father died suddenly Claws, but you mustn’t miss it.
We’ll always be a family. I’ll always be with you.
I’ll always be with you.
I’ll stare at him for a while. Suddenly froze, stupidly half-opened his mouth, and was speechless for a while.
Half an hour later, the chief neurologist’s office listened to the boy’s description. The old doctor, who is over fifty years old, has a serious face and carefully chooses his words. Your sister tried to commit suicide earlier. She swallowed too many sleeping pills to save her life. It’s already a miracle to come back, even if the brain damage causes amnesia now, it’s not surprising. The boy was stunned.
The amnesia is fine, but will there be other damages, such as mental deterioration? Here are a few Yin Ziyis in hospital gowns, sitting upright with their backs upright, looking at him with a kind of extremely tolerant and gentle eyes, as if they were looking at a mentally handicapped old doctor, covering his lips and coughing softly, with a faint smile, you don’t need to.
I’m too worried. During this time, I’ve been focusing on observing Ms. Yin. She’s recovering well.
She was already on the verge of death, but realized that it’s inappropriate to say these things in front of Ziyi. If he changed the subject and didn’t feel at ease, it’s okay to stay in the hospital for observation for a few days.
Personally, I don’t think it’s necessary for Ziyi to hear this, her expression is calm and calm, but she exhales a long breath from the bottom of her heart.
According to this cheap brother’s words, the owner of the body seems to be trying to commit suicide by swallowing sleeping pills, and taking too many sleeping pills will cause short-term amnesia. She is now The situation is weird, the environment is unfamiliar, and amnesia is the best excuse, so I took a risky gamble.
Now that the chief physician personally affirms that she can finally rest easy. She used to have four secretaries, the third of which was a freshly graduated graduate student. She is lively and cheerful. She loves online novels.
Under the influence of her ears and eyes, she is interested in time travel and rebirth