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Race Human Skill Time System Time Stop Introduction Using skills can subjectively stop time and then you need to rest before you can use the cooldown time again. It is not a hard and fast rule, but forcing it to activate again will cause a huge burden on the body and spirit.
Unlocking requires no lead time.
Slow introduction The use of skills can slow down the speed of time.
In this state, the user’s subjective perception will only be the actual continuous use.
It is recommended to use it for the second time after an interval of one minute, otherwise it will cause a huge burden on the body. Unlocking requires time to stop.
Automatically activated after the above damage, the time will be reversed to the time before the damage, the cooldown time will be noted before the damage, not before the damage occurs. When the skill is activated, the death calculation will not be performed. Unlocking requires time to slow down the weapons. Create a throwing knife that can exist at the same time.
The throwing knife can exist for an hour after being generated. The throwing knife can be sent back to the hand at every interval. HP can be used instead of magic power to unlock.
Requirements for not learning Star Fist item Throwing knife blood weapon skill points Chapter 1 Is the system fried rice delicious? Wow, the dilapidated shrines and torii gates seem impossible to be effective. Riko, are you serious? Yes, it looks really shabby Riko, what are you talking about? Don’t rub me, the key is not the shrine Look at that man, Qianqiu, listening to the communication of those who look like schoolgirls at the entrance of the shrine, silently sweeping the fallen leaves on the approach, to be honest, this shrine at home is not very attractive, but in the eyelids of the gods Do you really think it’s okay to say so? Oh, handsome guy, hey, hey, I just asked you to watch this.
Here it is again, this has been countless times since I started working.
Thinking like this, Qianqiu looked in their direction. He The helpless and bland expression caused the screams of the female students. After those female students ran away, Qianqiu turned her head, and a character of the Royal Sister type who looked deserted and rigorous in a priestess costume was sighing there, Miss Himimiyasaki, Chiaki said hello and looked at the pretty girl in front of her.
Pretty woman, this is his boss’s sister, the only shrine maiden in the shrine is a serious person who manages the shrine’s financial expenses Chiaki respects her very much because if he doesn’t respect he will lose his salary sorry Mr Chiaki’s current child It’s getting louder and louder.
Saki Himimiya sighed while brushing the hair from the front of her face behind her ears and said with concern, do you usually get tired from work? Now very few people go to the shrine to work.
Chiaki watched silently.
There are fallen leaves on the ground that can’t be cleaned no matter how you sweep them, I say against my will.
It’s good to get up early in the morning, feed the fish, water the flowers, sweep the steps, sweep the shrine road, clean the hands, the water house, the stone lantern, nothing, I think it’s fine, although I’m very busy It reminds me of the social animal life in the previous life, and I feel pretty good for no reason. After all, the beauty and cuteness of the boss also have a positive effect on the satisfaction index of people’s work. Is it really too busy? If you have a better place to go, at least please don’t Leave without saying goodbye Himemisaki said so, she sighed and looked at the sky and said that usually no one pays homage, today is the full moon, let alone no one will come, you can leave work early to hear Himemisaki say this, Qianqiu took a look at In the eyes of others, there is nothing in the place, and he said, Miss Himimiyasaki, you can just go and rest first, I will sweep away some leaves and go home, Chiaki who said this is obviously calm, but because it can be called words of concern It seems to be conveying strong warmth Even if he knows that he has no intention of this aspect, Hime Gongsaki still can’t bear it, don’t be too late, today is Yue Yuan who told her to return to the shrine, she is so handsome, I can’t wait What’s the meaning of going down to the full moon? After crossing over to this person named Qianqiu Ringo, Qianqiu has always felt that this Tokyo is very strange.
People in this parallel world don’t seem to have the habit of working overtime.
Everyone will definitely return home before five o’clock.
There isn’t any nightlife, and there isn’t any feasting at night. The working hours of the day are strictly eight hours or even shorter. It’s probably a very happy society. When the moon is full, it seems that people get off work earlier and have mastered new knowledge points. Qianqiu called out the name of the time king system in his heart, and looked at the light screen that only he could see appeared in front of him.
The task of sweeping the monk’s introduction is not good.
The place where the work is full is full of fallen leaves.
Let’s deal with it. Deal with the fallen leaves as if they were enemies. If you use the skills flexibly, you will complete the task faster. The progress reward of cleaning a piece of fallen leaves is a time-based skill point. This is a system that is acquired along with the journey of Qianqiu. Basically, it is the mechanism of doing tasks to get skill points or some useful and useless props. However, the ability and The skill tree is quite special, basically it’s all related to time.
Even the first skill is time stop. Qianqiu has completed the task of finding a job before, got a skill point, and when it’s time to stop, time stop introduces the use of skills to stop time subjectively. You need to rest before you can use the cooling time again. It is not a hard and fast rule, but forcing it to reactivate will cause a huge burden on the body and mind. Unlocking requires no preconditions.
This skill can be upgraded. After upgrading, it will stop for two seconds and rest for eight seconds. The maximum can be upgraded to Level 5, so it can probably reach the level of stopping for five seconds and resting for five seconds. The unlocked branch is a skill called time slowing