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The author of Rebirth of the Interstellar Sweet Girl Gu Nian.
Copywriting One day He Tiantian woke up and found that she was reborn ten thousand years later, her mother died and her father was unknown, but she had a house, a car, and star coins. It seems to be not bad, especially in the interstellar era. Women are patriarchal.
When women are minors, they are raised by the state.
After giving birth to a child, the state will still eat, drink, sleep and sleep without spending money Is it a man’s responsibility to defend the country? Why is Sister Mao also going to the battlefield to face the Zerg? Hey, the category of the novel, the future world. Tiantian sighed softly, sat up on the bed and glanced around.
It was still a silver-white room made of unknown material, and it was empty, except for a big bed covered with fluffy dolls and the chubby anthropomorphic robot nanny in front of her. She was very desolate and always calm.
She couldn’t help this time with her face contorted and roaring in her heart, isn’t Nimei just catching a cold and having a fever? Why is the God of Time Traveling so idle? It hurts to drag her into the universe and get moldy.
I guess moldy is better than her now. He Tiantian took a tube of children’s nutrient solution with no expression on her face. She couldn’t help hiccupping just after drinking it, and the veins popped up on her forehead uncontrollably.
It’s been three days since she reluctantly accepted the fact that she was dressed as a little girl, but It doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any resentment in her heart, okay? Earth’s boiled water tastes better than this children’s nutrient solution.
If she drinks it like this, her taste buds will probably be scrapped.
In the century’s Earth, although her mother died young and she was an illegitimate daughter. She has never been liked by her father and family, but she has always adhered to the principle of self-sufficiency. Not long after graduating from university, she found a job as a city librarian with a moderate salary.
I bought a one-bedroom, two-bedroom commercial house in full in 2011. She is very satisfied with her small life.
Is it necessary to throw her into the corner of the Milky Way? Where she is now, I would say yes. In the past years of the universe, the Huaxia Alliance is under the rule of the Saiyan Star Huaxia Alliance. It is a remote star in the Milky Way galaxy that mainly focuses on agriculture. Information and the memory of the original owner.
There are three major galaxies in the Huaxia Alliance.
They are the Milky Way galaxy, the Tugel galaxy, and the Georgia galaxy.
Because human beings originated from the Milky Way galaxy, they are later revered as the mother galaxy. And Saiyan star is one of the countless inconspicuous remote planets in the Milky Way galaxy. Compared with Lan comet, it is no different from the corner of the mountain in the corner of the mountain.
For He Tiantian, it’s okay. After all, it is not the earth that is so good to compare. Due to the endless plundering of resources by human beings, the earth’s ecosystem began to collapse in the first year of the earth. All countries in the world fell into panic. Beginning in the year AD, billions of humans moved to the planet one after another. Scientists named it Zhiwang Star for its wisdom and common development. However, at the beginning, due to the many subtle differences between the environment of Zhiwang Star and the earth, and the lack of resources, human races began to plunder resources again.
In just 20 years of activity, nearly one billion human beings have disappeared.
Among them, the elderly and children who fled basically died of various diseases. Some women with weaker physiques and men with weaker combat effectiveness died in the conflicts of various ethnic groups.
They almost repeated the same mistakes and were annihilated.
Interstellar humans finally let go of racial prejudice and made an agreement to stay with each other. After multiplying and living for nearly a century, that is, the new generation of humans who have fully adapted to interstellar life over the years began to vigorously develop technology and continue to try to explore the surrounding interstellar. For a long period of years, human beings have been constantly migrating and developing among the stars, and finally discovered in Zhiwang that the resources are abundant and pleasant. And the original owner of He Tiantian’s crossing is also called He Tiantian. She was born in the universe and this year happens to be in the age of the average person in the interstellar age.
As soon as the fart boy returned to before liberation, he was talking about He Tiantian’s current situation.
His father is unknown. His mother just died in a traffic accident ten days ago.
The original owner died of a high fever within a few days.
He Tiantian who is possessed is also an orphan now.
There are also orphanages in the alliance. Generally, they take in children who are unsupported for various reasons.
Fortunately, she has reached the legal minimum age of living alone, so she was not forced to live in an orphanage by the alliance government. As long as she can prove that she has the ability to live alone in the next three years, the alliance biological mastermind will The key supervision on her personal optical brain will be cancelled, her status as the head of the household will be officially recognized, people without the status of the head of the household will not be able to buy a house, it is strictly forbidden to carry out various large-scale economic activities, and it is forbidden to drive alone and participate in interstellar travel. All the basic expenses for studying, in other words, He Tiantian can stay at home and study hard every day