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Rumors of the death tour group are spreading wildly on the Internet.
It is said that the organizer will take the tour group members to visit the moment of death, including accidental suicide or even homicide. The maniac Heng in the apartment is coming back soon. Jiaheng on the Internet doesn’t know that I’ve been his roommate for three months and intend to live forever until the day he brings another woman back. The forest prisoner heard that many of the murders that have taken place here are related to a new religious leader. There’s a human sacrifice thing about my brother throwing a fit when I say this I know he’s playing dumb he’s the cruel leader but he doesn’t know I’m not actually his sister and that’s the perfect crime Xi Hezi left her boyfriend A She and returned to my arms. I deeply believe that this is a miracle.
She cooks three meals for me and takes care of my life.
Everything is wonderful, but one morning I prepared breakfast for her. Unexpectedly, Xi Hezi has never lost his temper with me.
It became hysterical and published. Anonymous people are not allowed to send this novel to a certain publishing house. The publishing house originally planned to publish it in a magazine, but a video that matches the plot of the novel appeared on the Internet, and the content of the film is very bloody.
The e-book Original Sin Show The moment I saw that scene, an unprecedented sense of trembling spread to my whole body.
In the medium-sized bus with no lights on, all the passengers held their breath and stared out the window without moving. A heavy tranquility permeated the car. No one made a sound, as if I had stopped breathing. I subconsciously hugged the pinhole camera in my handbag with my left hand.
Did the camera record the horrible scene in front of me? I wanted to open it immediately to confirm, but at this moment, I But I couldn’t do it.
The anxiety and fear in my heart eased a little when I thought of the camera.
Incorrect, it should be that the camera awakened my professional consciousness and suppressed my fear.
Putting on a show that no one in their right mind can imagine No one in their right mind can look at that and I can’t look away ’cause I have to witness what’s in front of me and tell the world that’s right I’m following a scoop and it’s going to be me Greatest scoop of my journalistic career so I have to keep my head down and I keep telling myself this creepy tour I found on some internet forum that’s not very classy and people post urban legends on it Unknown underground cases, scandals in the showbiz and other information, but I still often browse this website to find inspiration for the production of programs.
It has been four years since I was transferred to the news department of the TV station.
This characteristic of me assigned me to the interview team, but in the internal personnel changes in April this year, I was transferred to the planning team.
To be honest, I asked to be transferred to the planning team. The planning team is mainly responsible for the last ten days of the news program. Fifty-twenty minutes of programmatic units are like thieves Nemesis closely tracked illegal underground banks and pursued a large number of wasp expulsion diaries, etc.
The interview team is mainly responsible for the frontline interview work of major news such as large-scale accidents and large-scale social cases.
In order to catch up with the broadcast of the day, editing should be done as soon as the interview is over.
The relative planning team not only has time to think about the theme, but also can carefully edit and make the film. I live alone all day and late at night.
I sit at my desk and watch while browsing the Internet.
Have you ever heard of the death tour group? It’s the tour group that takes you on a bus to witness a murder scene.
Come on, how could such a tour group exist? My friend has participated in it. He said he watched it super Excited, at first I thought it was just a boring urban legend, but driven by curiosity, I searched the Internet and found out that besides that forum, there are many websites mentioning that this tour group to witness death has caused quite a stir on the Internet. When I went to work the next day, I immediately told this to the investigator of the planning team, Ms. The investigator is a professional who is responsible for in-depth investigation of the theme and material of the program. The tour group that witnessed the death. I have heard of this and it is hyped on the Internet I’m so hot, I’m wondering if this can be used as a project theme.
I’m 30 years old this year. My lady is two years younger than me. She always wears a full face of makeup. for the sake of