You say I hate him or not Concubine Yang said oh then continued to beat her wooden fish without talking Yuan Tiangang continued to say

Different from others, there are a few people who have traveled through different periods, and they are all big names. Friends will firmly believe that they must have traveled through time, but the same thing will always have a different voice.
Director me It’s the first time I’m writing a book, there are many deficiencies, I hope friends can correct me, we can make progress together, thank you very much to every friend who collects and sends flowers, I have the courage to stick to it even if I fall to the bottom.
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Most of the reason for the lack of readers is that I didn’t write well, and I happened to be the part of the people who wrote badly. When the background sent a message saying that I could sign the contract, I was excited at that moment because I didn’t think of my own. The work can be favored by the editor. To be honest, I just wrote slowly when I was free and saved about 200,000 manuscripts. After I got excited, I started to worry deeply.
I was afraid that I would suddenly not know how to write.
Second, I’m afraid that I don’t grasp the plot of the story tightly enough. Friends read it without any nutrition. I always say that what I write is a leisure product, which means that after reading it, my friends feel in a good mood or feel that it can bring you some other insights into life. That’s what I want most.
Third, I’m afraid that I won’t have time to update when I go to work every day, so there are a lot of worries like this. Maybe I’m too unreasonable to worry about it. As long as I get used to it, I started to record the story step by step.
I did it a few times just to make the story fuller, in line with the reality of the Tang Dynasty, and to get closer to people’s lives at that time. I started to study that period of history and started to watch some TV dramas of the Tang Dynasty just to present a magnificent work.
Maybe I thought too much.
But I just want this to be loved by more people, no matter whether you are running here or you are passing by, no matter if you are a native or a passerby, as long as you have been here before, you are welcome to come to Datang The son-in-law hopes to bring you a different life in the Tang Dynasty. Personal grievances and many unexpected stories happen here.
There are beautiful love, struggles between courts, and grievances in the rivers and lakes.
Do you want to know how Yuan Tiangang wrote it? Do you want to know? Do you know what kind of child Li Chengqian is? Do you want to know how Wu Zetian became a queen? The concubine of the Tang Dynasty welcomes you to come and study and hope that everyone who comes here will leave a small footprint. The latest downloads and comments of this chapter For the convenience of next time, you can click on the bookmark below to record some signings in the second chapter of the main text The record will be available next time when you open the bookshelf. Please recommend it to your friends, blog, WeChat, etc. Thank you for your support.
Chapter 3 The protagonist of this book, Du He, writes by himself. And the way of thinking is like how Lu Yao writes about the ordinary world.
He writes rural themes with ease. This book was read in junior high school. It can be said to have influenced my youth. However, I found out that there was already such a title, so I deeply regretted that I could only change it to a name like Prince Consort of the Tang Dynasty, which is too idiot. The reason why the protagonist chooses Du He is because Du Ruhui is also a country anyway. The public can introduce Du He to the upper echelons of this society in time, but Du He in Zhongdi has sporadic amnesia due to an unexpected incident, so that he can better explain his ignorance of some people and start over.
The local story about Du He’s character.
People who have been in contact with him before, such as Cheng Chumo, Fang Yiai, Wei Chi, Baolin, Li Kehuaiyu, etc., all know him clearly. However, since the amnesia and being treated by Sun Simiao for a year, they began to accept him slowly. Every conflict between Du He and Chang Sun Chong is a brand-new one.
His integrity is revealed. The fantastic poems in the Chongwen Academy won the appreciation of the great scholars of the dynasty, and the qin music with the sounds of nature amuses the people around him more and more.
I really don’t understand Duhe Duhe’s biggest character trait is passion. Perhaps it should be said that he was born for love, or maybe I am such a sentimental person.
He and Zilan spent a year together day and night at Sun Simiao’s relationship with Xueyan. It’s more like an encounter with ill intentions, and Changle’s relationship is an attachment between adversity and Laiyu’s relationship is an accidental gift-giving, and Rong’er seems to have happened once.
Such a thrilling and bejeweled relationship It was a joke like playing house between children when they were young, but Fengzhu didn’t take it as a joke at all. It can be said that the two were childhood sweethearts, and their childhood sweethearts were not too much. Du He is scheduled to go through some ordeals, Yuan Tiangang’s threat will run through the court from beginning to end, there will still be grandson Wuji’s attacks in the court, and the grandson will gradually appear Another big villain is always threatening the life of Du He’s family.
Ruyi may be able to interpret Du He’s temperament in this way. He is not only handsome and unrestrained, he also has a wise side.
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The third chapter of the main text: the record of the protagonist Du He