You Sanjie just sat down in the middle of the small hall and immediately Four or five court ladies and three or four eunuchs came

Chapter 1 Dead in vain Liu Hai delivered the meal to the last customer and was sitting at a noodle stall by the side of the road waiting for the stall owner to serve beef noodles Well, today’s life is not bad Beef is doubled as a post-80s Naturally, there is no woman in deposits. A few years ago, my father got lung cancer.
Not only did he spend all the money in the family, but he also borrowed a large amount of money from relatives and friends.
I don’t have any expectations for the future. One day is another day. Why is the boss so slow today? Liu Hai waited for a while to see the face, and then turned around and said to the boss, brother, I’m sorry.
He jumped to the side, bangs didn’t react, he dared to feel the loud bang in his ears, and then he didn’t know anything when his eyes went dark.
I don’t know how long it took. In front of the gate of the ancient city, when he looked up and saw three large characters on the gate, the city of vain death, at this moment Liu Hai was startled from the chaos just now, and then he woke up, knowing inexplicably that he had already arrived in the underworld. When the ghost messenger saw Liu Hai, he immediately came over and asked, “Hey little ghost over there, where did you come to escort you?” I came here unknowingly after I was hit by a car. Hearing what he said, the ghost officer was shocked and thought to himself.
Since he was working as an officer in this city gate, this kind of thing has never happened. He was afraid of taking responsibility and immediately took it from his waist.
Take out an iron chain and shake it towards Liu Hai, the iron chain will grow when the wind sees it, and it will reach in front of Liu Hai in an instant. The wild ghost dared to lie to a certain family, it must have taken advantage of that ghost and accidentally sneaked out Waiting for a certain family to reject you to the judge, the judge himself made a clear decision After finishing speaking, he pulled the iron chain and pulled Liu Hai in front of him The wooden stick in the other hand Throwing bangs violently on Liu Hai, only to feel that the beating is like boiling oil pouring on his body, the pain is abnormal. The ghost guards ignored him and dragged him to the city of vain death. Pulled by the ghost clerk, Liu Hai scrambled and scrambled to follow him into the city of vain death.
While he was on his way, he peeked at the scenery along the way and saw gloomy clouds and passers-by everywhere. There are bitter looks on both sides. Although there are many shops on both sides, the silence is not like the scene in the world. Soon the two came to a mansion, and saw people coming and going, ghosts, yamen servants, and people of all colors coming in and out. The two entered the corner door and walked through the corridor.
In front of a big hall, I saw several new ghosts tied to a stone pile in front of the hall.
The ghost guard handed the iron chains to a guard in front of the hall gate and said that he was locked up. Said that the elder brother couldn’t run away even though he went back to the ghost, and then entered the main hall to watch the guards pull Liu Hai and tie him to the stone pillar. Be honest, otherwise the master’s whip is not welcome.
Liu Hai hurried back to the eldest brother, don’t worry, I will never give it you fill in the trouble The guard nodded and didn’t speak, went to rest on a bench beside him, and said that the ghost guard entered the hall, then stood in the middle of the hall with his head lowered and raised his eyes to peek at the desk in front of him.
After waiting for a long time, the official put down the brush in his hand, then looked up at the ghost officer, and said, old horse, you are not on duty at the city gate, what are you doing here? Report to the official that there is something important, and quickly report to the ghost messenger, and then he met Liu Hai at the gate of the dead city—explain to the official that the official was surprised when he heard this, and let the ghost messenger bring Liu Hai into the palace to see him Not long after he went to the palace, Liu Hai was taken to the palace for a look, then Liu Hai asked Ming’s birth date and hometown address, opened the book next to him, looked carefully, did not know what he saw on one page, frowning, the official looked up at Liu Hai The clerk next to him whispered something, the clerk nodded and went down to the hall, and the hall fell into silence again, Liu Hai was in a state of panic, peeking at the official from time to time, but the clerk whispered something in the official’s ear, the official looked embarrassed and lowered his head He pondered without saying a word, why did you ask why the official in the palace died in vain? Judge Cui is a famous prehistoric god. Just checked the life and death book and saw that Liu Hai’s life is not changed.
The scribe went to the Sansheng Stone to check the Yangshi, the scribe replied that Liu Hai was still alive in the Yangshi, but his body had changed his soul, but the golden light was shining brightly, his mana was low, and he couldn’t see his true face clearly Loneliness made magic, the fairy soul went down to earth and took away Liu Hai’s body, so Liu Hai had no ghosts to seduce the soul, and the soul came to the city of death by himself Cui Juan didn’t want to offend the fairy officials of the heavenly court.
It’s better to find a body that has just died and let Liu Hai be reborn once.
It just so happens that His Highness has a child who just died in vain, crying and crying, wanting to come, the child’s physical body just died, so he asked the ghost messenger to come forward and explain so and so. The ghost messenger came forward and lifted Liu Hai out.
The main hall is no more than the tenth hall and goes straight to the six reincarnations. At this time, there is a judge in the first hall of Qin Guangwang. He is a judge who is good at wine.
Use magical powers to check Liu Hai’s past, know the past and the consequences, and secretly think about Liang’s past.
He went to the world of Liaozhai to drink with Jieyi brother, but Ying brother said that his career was difficult and he couldn’t make progress.
I found a seven-orifice exquisite heart and replaced it with my brother, and took that stupid heart to make up for it. Now I see Cui Pan, although he made a favor with the official of that day, but sent that ghost to that world.
suffer from this