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And the entrance of this small farmyard is made of wood with a simple archway, engraved with a few delicate and elegant words “little inn”, yes, this is a hotel, an inn called a small inn is very common, and farmhouse inns are also very common now, but The hotel opened in this poor country may be the only one.
The small hotel is located in one of the poorest towns, one of the poorest villages, one of the most remote mountain villages under a second-level city.
It is not easy to say that some people come here to stay here, even if some people want to get lost and come here. That is why people who see the existence of this small hotel from far and wide have to use a mental illness to describe the hotel owner An Yixin Anjiazhai is located on Jiuyue Mountain, surrounded by continuous mountains. Many people in the older generation of Anjiazhai have never walked out of the continuous Jiuyue Mountain in their lives.
The origin of Anjiazhai is said to be a few people who hid in Jiuyue Mountain during a war. My family is now in the entire Anjia village, of course there are people with the surname An at most, but there are more than forty households in total, and now there are no young and strong people at all, and there are only some children and old people left. Changan Qigang Qizi generation is also the oldest generation in the An family now.
The old man is old-fashioned, but he is also a person who hopes that his children and grandchildren can go out of the mountains. Besides, An Yixin, the owner of this small hotel, was one of the left-behind children when he was a child. His parents back then The people in the same village followed the trend of the times and went southward to work in the coastal areas, but he was left at the house of his grandfather in Anjiazhaizi.
After An Yixin grew up, he became famous in these ten miles and eight villages because he was in Anjiazhaizhai. The first college student who left the mountain, when he received the notice, An Yixin was both happy and sad. He was happy because he was able to be admitted to a key university in a first-tier city. What he worried about was the expensive tuition and living expenses.
His grandfather was studying under him.
He left when he was in middle school, and there are no close relatives, no uncles and aunts. After all, it’s impossible for him to live in another room. He really treats his own child as a child who can pay for him to go to college, and his parents are doing hard work because they haven’t studied. Naturally, he didn’t make much money.
The last irony is that An Yixin got the university’s tuition fees and living expenses, and the compensation earned by his parents’ accident and life. The three-year college life was not easy for An Yixin. While studying hard, I have to go out to work because there are no more people in Anjiazhai.
An Yixin rarely goes back to Anjiazhai.
Seeing that he is in his senior year, the students around him are starting to trust their connections and go through the back door, wanting to go to a good unit for internship. Shanwazi, who has no background, can only be divided by the school.
During the internship period, there is no salary. Fortunately, it is very likely that he will pay money. What will happen? Just like An Yixin.
Last night, Mochizuki was still lamenting for the internship.
Unexpectedly, when he woke up, he got a portable space that he learned from a classmate in the dormitory.
An Yixin does not read novels and has no time.
There is no equipment to read novels, no computer, no mobile phone, which is considered a rare animal among college students. Even so, An Yixin knows the role of portable space, because a few students who also have no background have been talking about their encounters such as being struck by lightning, so they got An adventure in a portable space An Yixin Woke up that morning, but found that he was still in a dream, because at this moment he was in a small yard in a small yard above a row of small wooden houses with the word Xiaozhu written on a wooden plaque.
There is an open space in front of the log cabin surrounded by a wooden fence, but it is empty, and there is a well next to the log cabin, which is small because it is always emitting smoke, making it difficult to see the situation inside. The other places outside the courtyard were covered by dense fog, making it impossible to see An Yixin.
Before he had time to enter the log cabin, he woke up from this realistic dream. An Yixin swore that he had never done anything in his life. Although such a real dream is inexplicable, An Yixin likes this dream very much, because in the dream, he dared to feel that he had returned to Anjiazhai, the air was fresh and his body and mind felt relaxed as if he had been baptized. An Yixin truly accepted his good luck.
It was already three days later when I got the portable space that a classmate said. When he was taking a shower, he saw a tattoo of a chrysanthemum seedling that spread from his stomach to his waist. It feels a bit lively, but An Yixin can be sure that he has never been stabbed and does not have so much money to make these things. He touched it with his hand and came back to Xiaozhu in his dream.
It is still the same as the dream that day, without any change.
Quiet but not eerie, An Yixin walked directly to the row of cabins and opened the first room, which was empty, only on the surrounding walls, there were cabinets like traditional Chinese medicine stored in a pharmacy. There were many small drawers on each of the small drawers.
But it looks like an ancient text, An Yixin, I don’t know An Yixin.
I opened it and it was full of seeds. He didn’t know what kind of seeds he was.
There is a big alchemy furnace in Jun’s alchemy room.
Unfortunately, there is no Taishang Laojun’s three-flavored real fire under the alchemy room. The surroundings of the alchemy room are also the kind of cabinets with many small drawers. Some of them also have some small porcelain bottles inside. I shake it in my hand and there is something ding-dong in it, but I don’t know the characters on these small drawers, so I don’t dare to mess around.
The third room is very simple. There is a bamboo bed, and there is a huge bogus shelf next to the east wall.
There are some exquisite utensils and several large boxes on it.
An Yixin has never been opened.