You pushed me down and kicked the door down Miss you although you are not Miss Ye family you will not cry after you finish

Lucky to be reborn, I only hope that peace will live up to the fate of rebirth Author’s self-defined label Dedicated general strategy Rebirth Main text Chapter 1 Wedge The autumn rain in the south of the Yangtze River is always particularly annoying. It has been floating for more than ten days.
The hairpin is in a bun, wearing a plain coat, leaning on the couch quietly watching the hibiscus trembling in the autumn wind, the water-red petals fall all over the ground, splashing a little dirt on the soil, calculating and moving it carefully It has been three years since Qinglian Temple, and that hibiscus tree was planted when I first arrived, and it was not as big as Ye Ning’s waist. In a year, it has grown to the height of the roof Ning’s window, and Ye Ning quickly lost weight and haggard within a year, her originally delicate and beautiful face lost her spirit like a withered flower, and she couldn’t see the bright beauty she once had Ye Ning could still recall the first time he met Shen Yan at the time of Cardamom, but he couldn’t remember what mistakes he had made in his father’s study. Ye Minghua was admonishing Ye Ning.
Talk back and argue with Ye Minghua a few words, so angry that Ye Minghua pointed at Ye Ning and didn’t know what to do with her. Casting a shadow from the carved yellow pear window, standing under the magnolia tree, a young man in a whitish blue gown, Xu Shi heard Ye Ning’s nonsense, and was smiling with his eyes bent, seeing Ye Ning’s sullen eyes, and looked at Ye Ning calmly Maybe it’s the beautiful sunshine that day, maybe it’s the fragrance of flowers outside the window, maybe it’s the young man’s smile that’s too gentle Later, I followed him to Soochow County to take office, and later, I was left alone. Qingzhu looked at Ye Ning, who was speechless, and stretched out his hands to cover the window.
Miss Tao, don’t be sad, beware of the cold air that invades the body and leaves the root of the disease.
Ye Ning turned back God smiled slightly.
It’s okay. I’m just thinking that the hibiscus is rotten in the soil.
It’s a pity that it’s raining later. You go and collect the petals.
It’s getting colder.
If you have a headache, it’s good to use it to boil water for a while.
The green bamboo is a bit sad.
Miss, too.
The well-known wife of the Shen family is Linhuai.
The prostitute daughter of the Ye family. The daughter of the master’s mentor should have been raised for a lifetime without worrying about food and clothing.
Why should you consider these things, but the master spoils his concubine like this Madame throws it here and ignores it. Thinking of the green bamboo, I feel sorry for Ye Ning. The green branch is raining. You go and put away the petals carefully. Put the needle and thread out of the cool green bamboo. It’s boring to sit like this on a rainy day. Ye Ning, who is in her boudoir, doesn’t know anything about female workers and refuses to learn. She also presumes that she has no talent.
Today’s life is forced, but her embroidery skills are much more sophisticated than professional embroiderers. These two maids have been with her since she was a child. The green bamboo is steady, the green branches are clever, and Ye Ning only took the two of them with him when he left Shen’s residence. This is how I personally pass the time. Ye Ning and Qing Zhu sit in front of the window and do their work under the skylight. For a while, the two of them are silent.
To prepare dinner Qing Zhu took over the work in her hands and retreated out Ye Ning slowly sat up straight and moved her sore neck and wrists and smiled helplessly. Now that I think about it, my father and mother dote on her very much.
I really don’t touch the spring water. I didn’t expect that the needlework, embroidery and cooking that I didn’t learn in my boudoir are now learned.
Thinking of this, Ye Ning is a little sad.
After all, I can’t go back to her carefree and happy youth. Time has not been back since she married Shen Yan and moved to Soochow County with him. Her parents were heartbroken by her and never wanted to see her again.
Because of her own stupidity, villains took advantage of her. My grandmother is also extremely disappointed in her.
In this life, I will have no face to see my grandmother again. Shen Yan, her husband, her stepbrother, that gentle and jade-like man always treats her indifferently, no matter how carefully I try to please him, he is always restrained and alienated. How could she deserve to be loved for what she did? Unruly and willful, she contradicted her elders, arrogant and jealous, until blood oozed from the corners of Su Xiqian’s white dress and stained the green brick floor in her room like red plums in white snow, hurting her eyes. It hurt her heart, Su Xiqian’s screams, the panic of the maids, people running around, all the voices went away, it turned out that he acquiesced that Su Xiqian was pregnant with his child, but he didn’t even want to consummate the house with him, it turned out that he was not as good as this in his heart An unscrupulous woman only needs a moment to give up, but only a moment to remember that when her father suggested that Shen Yan marry her, she was full of joy.
When her father discussed the matter with Shen Yan, she secretly hid behind the screen in the study and saw it nervously and apprehensively. He first showed a surprised expression, then returned to his usual gentle smile and nodded. At that moment, Ye Ning seemed to be in a trance filled with sweetness and happiness, and seemed unreal that he would become his wife in the future. Shen Yan had already bid farewell to Ye Minghua, walked around the screen and saw Ye Ning’s shy little daughter, and couldn’t help jokingly said, “I’m satisfied now.
” Ye Ning tugged at Ye Minghua’s sleeve in dissatisfaction and said, “Father always makes fun of me.” Ye Minghua stroked Ye Ning’s hair I said with emotion that you only came back from your grandparents’ house when you were twelve years old. In a blink of an eye, my Aning will soon reach the age of Ji. No matter how reluctant my father is, I have to choose a good marriage for you. My father does not ask you to marry high, but only asks you to have a peaceful life.
Shen Yan is also me.
I can trust the character I grew up with, not to mention how could someone bully you with my father around