You must be begging Brother Li Bing to help you deal with it every time there is an accident and then you Continuing to cause

Neighbor’s aunt bullied her and endured being squeezed out by her classmates. She was molested by hooligans and only dared to run home and dared not cry. She was ridiculously well-behaved. Her father died early and her elder brother was away studying.
The only extraordinary thing she did and the turning point in her life was a designed one-night stand after giving birth to a child. The designed man took responsibility for her to support her and continued to go to school. After living for many years, Lin Mengchan became old and sick, and when she woke up, she found that she had been reborn back to her primary school self, and lived a new life. That man taught her one thing.
There is nothing more important than knowledge, status and money. Tsk tsk, you say What is Ninja with a knife on her head? So, of course she will do it when it is time to do it.
If she can do it, she will never force her. The educated youth teacher blushed and said, “This female classmate, your behavior is too rude, it’s not good, Lin Mengchan, who is here?” Tell her how her sinister, vicious and ruthless husband in her previous life became so gentle, shy, ignorant of worldly affairs and creepy When she was dying in a trance, she looked at the sons, granddaughters and husband waiting by the bed, and suddenly felt that she didn’t see anything, and there were nothing in front of her eyes.
She lived her life more obediently than the lihuamao in Liang’s house in her ancestral home.
Be an obedient daughter, an obedient sister, a gentle student, and a virtuous wife. Now that she has children and grandchildren, she should be happy. Her daughter-in-law helps her tidy up her clothes.
The well-known gentleman who is recognized by the world caresses the back of her aging hand to comfort her.
Her grandson is a fat baby with a red face and golden beans falling from her nose. Her son looks at him expressionlessly as if he doesn’t want to play tricks, but when he looks at her, he can’t help but frowns and walks restlessly by the bed. At last, she stopped by the window and looked into the distance. She didn’t want to look at her, an old woman who was dying. It was also in the early years that Lin Mengchan really didn’t like such a sudden son, but just carried out her mother’s feeding instructions indifferently. Responsibility but no maternal love, it is normal for her son not to like her, yes, she seems to have almost forgotten that all the good things are just mirages and fake things, her memory has faded due to being frightened by hooligans in her early years, and she is forgetful Lin Mengchan’s eyes The smog on the film made it hard to see her husband who was standing tall and straight beside her, but she just felt that the man’s gentle whispers in her ear were like the sound of the Santu River stirring up the waves of Hell’s Blood River, so ethereal and ethereal, like a A dreamer who can’t wake up Mister is a fake son and more a product of their mistakes Just responsible for decades of engineered one-night stand between the two Poor she’s a girl and he just needs a wife so he marries her In the early morning after that night, she cried all the way and was taken to the store by this man in a state of embarrassment and put on the beautiful latest When she returned home in a nice long dress, she was slapped by her mother, who became irritable after losing her father.
The man knelt beside her, and her mother picked up a thick and tough cane and slapped him severely on the back. Her face was splattered with flesh and blood. In the end, the mother compromised.
It was because everyone in the village knew about the fact that a man took Lin Mengchan home. For the sake of her brother’s reputation at school, the mother compromised with disheveled hair.
The mother who just beat the man crazily, with red eyes and drooping hair, cried and apologized to the man, gave him medicine, and hurriedly took the meat ticket to buy meat, made a rare and sumptuous dinner, kept serving them vegetables, and finally finished eating After the meal, the mother whose temperament changed drastically held the man’s hand tightly and begged him to take good care of her. Her only daughter had no money at home since her father was misdiagnosed by a quack doctor and took the wrong medicine. Kidney failure was almost impossible to survive unless a kidney was replaced. At that time, my father was criticized as a landlord class, and he was obviously misdiagnosed by quack doctors, but he endured it. At that time, a city hospital in the city just carried out kidney replacement operations in recent years.
The expenses are almost unimaginable for ordinary people.
The money in the family is flowing out like running water.
After my brother lost his father, he didn’t want to face the mundane affairs of the family.
He was indifferent to his mother’s yelling. He just kept persuading her to marry a man and satirized him in the letter. She was dissolute and shameless. After a while, she persuaded Lin Mengchan to be more patient with her. The couple’s life has been deepened since they were together. Anyway, recently, her mother wanted to marry her to a farm worker from the next village.
Threats and lures If he doesn’t marry this man who has distorted her, how can he study and be a man in college in the future? If he drops out of school because of her own scandal, she will have no status as Lin Mengchan’s natal brother.
Who will support her? In the end, the married younger sister had to rely on her brother, who was studying in college, to support her, but at that time, she just kept crying, like a girl living in her own sad world with self-pity for herself, who suddenly changed from a girl to a woman. Fear of physical discomfort and pain, fear of the unpredictable future, and infinite fear of the man in front of them.
They are married.
Unknowing uncles and aunts in the village. On the surface, they don’t know how much they envy her that she can be successful with such a career. Even though the young talented man does not have red makeup, the furniture and electrical appliances are enough to make people stunned.
When they got married, he let her get married in that small village, and even her brother helped pay for his education. Those folks in the country are also gentlemen and polite. I heard that her husband stayed in their small county town for a while.