You listen to me don’t worry you’re so anxious and regretful that he hesitates in his words don’t be afraid of Liang Yu I will

From Shu Nan’s point of view, He Keren is a complete liar. First he cheated his money, then he cheated his heart. In the end, he resigned himself to depravity and planned to send him to her too. It’s okay to take it, but I don’t want your person.
It’s wrong to always abandon and abandon this article. I have a soft spot for love songs on the edge, Shu Nan, He Keren, the supporting role, He Zhang, Xu Man, Wenya, and other pets.
When I came back from the lake with my seven-year-old sister, the window on the second floor of He’s villa was still lit.
That room was his mother’s studio.
Brother, look so beautiful! From the childish voice, you can hear the little girl is full of joy at the moment.
She opened the glass Hold the bottle up to your eyes and see a few fireflies inside, glowing brightly like a group of elves, as long as you like it The dim yellow and black figure flashed in the light, brother, why didn’t you leave? He Zhang didn’t reply to his sister, he said to himself, who was in front just now? Blossoms are already blooming, full of branches of red rice, swaying gently with the wind, a person is running past the rose, sister, have you seen it? He Keren shook her head, indicating that she didn’t see anything.
She only held the glass bottle and carefully looked at it, as if that was the most beautiful thing.
Could it be that the important thing is that uncle came to deliver delicious food to Keren again? He Zhang guessed like this.
Responding to my sister’s request, I ran out of the yard. The man in front of the yard is not the uncle He Zhang is familiar with.
He Keren is wearing thin clothes again, and now her hands are freezing cold.
He Zhang is afraid that she will be sick and afraid of being discovered by adults. Turn around and drag her sister back to the yard, but please be gentle and don’t talk. Mom and Dad will scold us when they find out.
He Zhang takes off his shoes I took it in my hand and gently opened the door to my sister.
The little girl covered her mouth obediently and tiptoedly followed behind. No one knew her father always said that she was beautiful. If she ran out, she would be captured and sold by bad guys.
Without turning on the light, He Zhang just walked a few steps and felt a warm, sticky puddle under his feet. He lowered his head, and it turned out that his father was lying beside him, and then he looked forward at the stairs lying on his mother. The blood from his mother stained the floor red.
He Zhang didn’t realize it. Seeing this scene, what happened? He turned around and hugged He Keren in his arms, crying out loud, sister, don’t look at it. When the police car drove up to the villa on the mountain, He Zhang was sitting on the doorstep with his sister in his arms, waiting for the boy’s handsome face to appear.
Very excited, but the little girl Mi Fen carved jade with a pair of clear eyes Fang just looked slightly confused, as if he still couldn’t figure out what happened, and she didn’t know that she had become an orphan in just one night. Did you see anyone when you took your sister home? A policeman took a note and asked He Zhang He wiped away his tears and pointed to the rose bush. He was sure that there was a man running over. There was a long scar on his right arm. Did you see what the man looked like? Because it was too late, my sister was already lying in his arms, drowsy. I didn’t see the murder of the He family. The whole city paid close attention to it. Thirteen years after an unsolved case, the green hills, green waters, and rivers are covered with light mist. At this time, the city is full of spring. How can someone drive a red BMW and stop in an open space. Just as the party not far away has just begun, the melodious sound of violins is heard. Come here to set off the beauty of the clear water in the woods and green waters. I heard from her client earlier that Mr.
Liang’s family has an event here today, so I booked the whole garden.
Most of the people invited are famous ladies and young masters with backgrounds and connections. It’s just that the party is not honest and rooted in In the clubhouse, the idea of ​​the suburbs is really strange. He took the easel off the car and set it up with water.
The rice was placed on the ground one by one, and the breeze floated, bringing the scent of unknown wildflowers.
It was very pleasant, but it is probably not suitable to go out today, why? One did not expect to meet such a short-sighted person. The black sports car drove towards her quickly and abruptly, and then suddenly stopped beside her. He Kerren saw the brand of the sports car and was about to feel emotional when he saw the car shaking as if no one was around. The window of the car is half open and half closed. The delicate female voice is tactful and muttering. Every word and every sentence can captivate the soul. Her little face turned red suddenly. The so-called restricted-level scene, she also experienced a terrible scene. These second-generation dudes are in heat anytime and anywhere. How can anyone secretly scold her for bad things? She can still politely take out the mobile phone. Unceremoniously increase the volume to the maximum and then play a Beijing opera with gongs and drums, the Spring and Autumn Pavilion, the wind and the storm, where is the sad sound, the loneliness is broken, and there is only a sedan chair, it must be a newlywed, a magpie bridge, an auspicious day and a good day. The combination of this situation and this scene is so pleasant, I want to laugh, but I can’t hold it back, just because the couple in the car seemed to be provocative, and the noise became louder and louder.
Ask someone to accompany us? It’s not magnetic and deep. The male voice sounded so real, her face was full of embarrassment, but she was already furious in her heart.
The woman in the train car seemed to respond, and then she really worked hard.