You go dont appear in front of me again I dont want to see you but you dont make trouble you listen to me Xiao

Look here, look here, smile brightly, point one, two, three, come closer, come closer, don’t look at her, look, I’m ready, the end of June is destined to belong to each other, on the big playground, black and wide bachelor’s uniforms are flying in the wind, everywhere He Xiaoran, a young smiling face vying for a group photo, held up his precious little digital camera and was busy directing the students in front of the camera to pose in various poses.
Pressing the shutter, the viewfinder kept moving with the rotation of the body, and then suddenly froze in a different position.
Somewhere in the distance, the snow-white shirt was lazily unbuttoned, revealing the most beautiful clavicle, and the sleeves were loosely rolled up twice, piled up at the elbows, but it didn’t look sloppy in the dark. He Xiaoran was stunned for a moment, looking away from the viewfinder, only to realize that this bright white was talking about something delicate with their emotional counselor with his usual indifference.
Under the shade of the big tree, her facial features seemed a little blurred.
She quietly adjusted the focus of the camera and pressed the shutter lightly. What did my wife take so hard that I didn’t dare to look at the photos? He Xiaoran quickly turned his eyes away from the viewfinder. Precisely, the tall administration building of the school was shone brightly by the sunlight on the panes of glass windows. She hesitated and wondered whether she should take such an empty photo as a memento. Knowing who came here, thinking of secretly photographing him just now, she felt a little guilty, so she responded with a rough voice, and photographed our beautiful administrative building. What’s so good about a dilapidated building? It’s better to photograph the people next to me. Li Jilai, a classmate next to her, took a group photo of my wife and me with a grin on her shoulder. Li Jiying ran over to take the camera in He Xiaoran’s hand.
He didn’t dare to direct Xiao Shangqi to match his angle, so he backed away a few steps and squatted. Stand up again, find a good angle, remind the two people in the camera to smile and look at this one, two, three clicks, the camera freezes for a moment, someone’s palm left a fiery imprint on her shoulder The sad thing is that she finally has a photo with him.
The sad thing is that this may be the only photo of them together in this life.
He never heard the past, the present, the future, or no future. The self-governing photoshoot ended at the group photo of the whole class. When the class leader greeted everyone to take their positions, He Xiaoran hesitated slightly and stood by Chen Feier’s side without turning her head.
Knowing that Xiao Shangqi will definitely stand behind them and be directed by the photographer, all the people around are laughing and shoving and shoving, only her heart is bitter and astringent, he will not let go of this opportunity to be close to his beloved girl like this She will seize this last chance to be close to him, just like Xiao Shangqi He Xiaoran thinks you see, this is how I know you The last day before leaving school When the graduation photo was taken, Xiao Shangqi said that he had booked a seat at the largest and most luxurious nightclub in the city, the Pearl of the Sea. What kind of place is the Pearl of the Sea? Only the richest and most powerful people in the city can go there.
The beer can be sold at a sky-high price.
For these penniless students who have just graduated, it is simply extravagant to think about. I didn’t expect Xiao Shangqi to be so generous and invite the whole class to have a meal.
Everyone split up and prepared to take a taxi. Xiao Shangqi also called He Xiaoran Naturally, the one with the car just saw Chen Feier beside him.
He smiled and shook his head naturally.
I still have something to do. I will leave later.
She refused because she knew that he must cherish the time between these two. She wanted to be interesting and not disturb anything. Xiao Shangqi frowned and didn’t take it seriously, he led Chen Fei’er to the parking spot, and raised his voice to tell He Xiaoran, my wife, it’s rare for me to treat you, so you have to go on time, and if you’re late, you’ll be punished for drinking.
After walking away for a certain distance, he quietly turned back to a place farther away. Xiao Shangqi had already started the car, and the Mercedes-Benz off-road vehicle made a neat U-turn and quickly disappeared on the boulevard of the school without any hesitation or nostalgia.
He Xiaoran suddenly thought of a passage written by Xi Murong She once said goodbye to you with a smile, leaving you on the corner of the street, even if I look back again and again, your motionless figure will still gradually blur in the twilight, even if I keep turning my head and never stop Keep waving your hands, there will always be a corner at the end that will cover you and cut us off from then on.
It’s been a farewell since then. It happened to be three o’clock in the afternoon, the scorching sun shone down on the whole street, and the passing vehicles were all with their windows closed.
The whole street was crowded with hotels, and there were very few pedestrians walking on foot. Even the flowers in the flower beds on the roadside were gone.
The water vapor usually shows a kind of decline, but the pearl on the sea is still resplendent and resplendent. The tall security guards are wearing uniforms and stand upright under the scorching sun. Only the parking lot with the swaying sky in the daytime is different from He Xiaoran’s only memory of this place. May I ask where the automatic revolving door is for Xiao Shangqi? He Xiaoran entered the hall, but the situation in the hall made her feel uncomfortable.
A dozen or so young girls stood neatly and were all over 1.
7 meters tall. They were all wearing blue and white patterned improved floor-length cheongsams, with swaying skirts and tall snow-white skin.
The graceful bun made that beauty look a little unreal, please come with me, compared to He Xiaoran, who was a little helpless to welcome the guests, she showed a sweet smile early and walked slowly to lead her to the elevator, her high heels fell on the thick on the carpet