” You fight side by side I am Evan Paladin soldiers as if they could not bear the weight in his eyes Evan saw everyone

Over the years, the snow on the highest peak in North County of Eastern Beerrence Province in the Casa Empire is gradually melting. The meandering rivers converge in the mountains and rush towards the southeast to irrigate 80% of the rich soil in East Beerrence Province. It is called the source of gold in the empire. This is the busiest season in spring. The farmers in East Bierrence must sow the seeds of spring wheat in the fields in just a dozen days.
Hundreds of meters directly below them, a mysterious meeting is quietly unfolding underground.
The Thorium Council has summoned almost all the great arcanists in the entire Calando Continent. In fact, there are only a few seven or eight of them now, Xiu Yi. Te received the letter a few months ago, but due to the busy schedule of the Grand Arcanists, the meeting has been postponed and postponed until now.
This is the underground of East Beerrence Province, seventy years ago, the previous generation of Grand Arcanists.
We did our best to build a stable underground space, which is now used as the safest gathering place for mages in the world. Now, with the passage of time and the erosion of groundwater, the sixteen azure pillars are already in danger.
He walked in through the entrance of the illusion, took off his hood, and looked at this blue land. It has been more than ten years since he last participated in the Thorium Council here. It can be seen from this that the mages are facing a desperate situation. When he was looking at the arcane enchantment of the Azure Land, the great arcanists sitting in the middle were also looking at him as the youngest great arcanist on the mainland.
He looked too young and handsome. When Hewitt walked to the middle of the Azure Land, the entrance to the illusion was immediately closed. All the participants had already arrived. The great arcanists bowed quietly and greeted each other with mage etiquette.
They came here very special. There is too much work to be done, but Hewitt knows that this time their most important purpose is neither to discuss the confrontation with the Holy See nor to repair and maintain this blue land, but for a piece of amber from Crystalsong Forest This piece of amber has been kept in the magic circle for 20 years.
Even now, it still contains a frightening and terrifying power. Even the great arcanists dare not show any disrespect to him. This is the phoenix in Crystalsong Forest, the master who is waiting for him.
No one knows how long the phoenix known as the phoenix has lived and guarded for how many years in Crystalsong Forest.
There is a legend about him that the phoenix will undergo nirvana every six hundred years, and each nirvana will be reborn.
From the chick, it will molt and grow to achieve eternal life, but it is also because of the weakness of nirvana that the despicable mortal People have the opportunity to steal the ancient amber that he has guarded for tens of thousands of years, but the phoenix is ​​about to become an adult again.
If you can’t solve the mystery of the amber or return it, no one knows whether the ancient phoenix in Crystalsong Forest will anger at the whole empire After the Thorium Council obtained this piece of amber, the great arcanists studied and read the precious books day and night, but they could only have some guesses about the figures in it. According to ancient books, there were four phoenixes that appeared on the continent of Kalandor.
Second, their masters are, without exception, the saints who turned the tide during the catastrophe back then. The information about the saints is hidden in the vast history and can only be guessed by future generations. Just like that, the great arcanists at this moment, Hewitt, heard their words. There are too few records to discuss about the Lord of the Phoenix, and it was deliberately destroyed by the ancient Holy See at that time.
I am afraid that it will be of no avail if we continue to search. Maybe we can start with this piece of ancient amber.
The amber has been turned around several times.
The outermost layer of tissue has peeled off. After analyzing these fragments, the power inside should be classified as ancient arcane energy, but what is even more amazing is the life energy contained in the amber itself, so the real body of the Phoenix Lord is an ancient arcanist.
The whole piece of amber should be used to maintain it.
The vitality in it, if we can open the ancient amber now, maybe he will wake up the ancient arcanist, representing the omnipotent arcanist who can call wind and rain, how can these lingering non-ring mages imagine that even standing in the power of contemporary arcane magic? The great arcanists at the pinnacle buzzed in their heads when they heard this name, and the blood in their bodies became hot.
Could it be that the amber is really an ancient arcanist who has survived to this day, and also the savior of the Phoenix Lord in the legendary catastrophe? Standing quietly in front of Amber, through the mottled dark gold, you can see the peacefully sleeping figure in the middle of Amber.
This shadow is slender and taller than most human beings. The height of about 1.7 meters is very natural. Standing in Amber, you can vaguely see him.
Wrapped in a huge cloak intertwined with platinum, it looks like a narrow two-handed sword, but it is not sure whether it is a staff. Standing in front of him, the young arcanist suddenly felt as if I exchanged glances with him, as if being glanced at by a giant dragon. Your Excellency the Great Arcanist immediately took a step back, being careful, someone next to your Excellency Krefeld reminded that even in his deep sleep, the Lord of the Phoenix possesses an aura that can shock mortals. Etta looked back, nodded and said in greeting, His Excellency Gray Robe, Gray Robe smiled slowly, his ravine face quickly returned to his expressionless expression. He is one of the most senior arcanists, and he once was young. He was high-spirited, but now he has gradually retreated. Even his surname was abandoned in a great change. Since then, he has been called Gray Robe. Hewitt took a step back and stood outside the magic circle where the amber was preserved, and saw that there was still no movement in the amber, as if it was amazing just now. The aura is just his hallucination, the gray robe Gray’s caged hands slowly stretched out