You don’t need to lift your legs to finish you don’t need to catch me I’m also standing at a slant then you dance again

The first chapter is enough, the voice is slightly low and it sounds calm, but the irresistible majesty still makes Wang Tiantian hesitate for a moment, she looks back and sees a man in a suit and leather shoes standing upright not far away, with a stern face and cold eyes Looking at her made her suddenly feel a little afraid. I don’t know if it’s because the weather is too hot today or because she scolded that woman too hard. Wang Tiantian felt a little dizzy and couldn’t help closing her eyes. I’m sorry.
Wang Tiantian opened his eyes and looked up at him in disbelief. He stood beside her like an iron wall, so she didn’t dare to take a deep breath. Wanting to refute the words, he obediently swallowed them back, his wrist hurt so much, he frowned and let me go, she complained in a low voice, like a kitten trying to get angry but holding back, but he acted like he didn’t hear that woman was cold Snorting, I don’t understand, I remember right, Miss Wang is twenty-five years old, she came here today just to scold me and want to beat me, Guo Ziheng, anyway, we have been together before, I see you are standing across the street quite It took a long time to see that she wanted to hit me, so she came here to stop it. Was it really a good show? As soon as Wang Tiantian said this, she broke into cold sweat. Lingling, it sounds like he should have seen and heard everything, Xiang Rong, and she just thought that she was being beaten by this.
The woman got off the set and knew that brother Ziheng was there, so she pretended to be so innocent and even used her mouth to clean up for herself. Wang Tiantian hurriedly looked up at Guo Ziheng, brother Ziheng, don’t listen to her, I promise she won’t come to harass you again, Guo Ziheng? Seeing that Wang Tiantian just said lightly, I will give you a satisfactory answer to what happened today, and I will write off what happened in the past.
Xiang Rong felt a little cold. She looked at his eyes, and there seemed to be a layer of fog in his eyes, even if they were together, she would still She didn’t understand him. At first, she wanted to say something to say goodbye, but Guo Ziheng had already led Wang Tiantian, turned around and left. After thinking about it, she also felt that she had no right to say goodbye in front of him, so it didn’t matter. In high heels, she can’t keep up with his pace Brother Ziheng, you walk slowly, she begged him in a low voice not to get angry, okay? You have to listen to me and explain that I’m your car over there today, right? Guo Ziheng, who was walking in front, suddenly stopped and turned around Letting her go, he looked at her for a while, then raised his hand and looked at his watch and said softly, I still have something to do, so I won’t see you off. Wang Tiantian vaguely felt that something was wrong, she watched Guo Ziheng walked to the car, opened the door, got in the car and left. In the end, without looking at her again, she looked down at her wrist again, her heart was a little red, and she said, brother Ziheng must be angry, she took out her mobile phone and called Zhang Yitian, brother Yitian, you have to help me, I broke a rule today Sexual mistake, Guo Ziheng didn’t even give me a chance to explain it. On the surface, he pretended to be tense. He might be so angry with me. He almost broke his hand. Zhang Yitian is busy here. Going up to the stage to cut the ribbon for a brand, he clutched his phone and said in a low voice, what could he be mad at you for? I’m usually the one who’s used to you the most, that is, the person who trains you one second and you’ll be fine the next. Find me when you’re busy, okay? Wang Tiantian hesitated for a long time and then popped out a sentence.
Today I said something about Sister Xiaodie’s event.
The music was a bit loud. Sister Xiaodie, Wang Tiantian said word by word, the name Tian Xiaodie hadn’t been heard in his ears for a long time, Zhang Yitian’s eyes dimmed, and suddenly he realized that he didn’t know what to do next Son, I can’t help you, because Wang Tiantian was uneasy because he almost got into a fight with Xiang Rong downstairs in Guo Ziheng’s company.
He finally decided to come to apologize even if Xiang Rong didn’t help, it was Guo Ziheng’s ex-girlfriend.
Seeing Xiang Rong being beaten, I remembered that she was caught by that fox because Xiang Rong was in a hurry that day. Of course, the most important point is that she was arguing for Sister Xiaodie and Xiang Rong. Everyone knows that in the past few years, no one dared to mention Tian Xiaodie in front of Guo Ziheng.
Originally, Tian Xiaodie wanted to ask Zhang Yitian to accompany her to strengthen her courage, or he could also help her talk, but the kid made an excuse not to come for the filming, and then he directly Turning off the phone and not answering her calls Zhang Yitian has been very supportive of her in other things for so many years, even in front of Guo Ziheng, he is particularly cowardly, a big man who is 1.9 meters tall, and he is also a coquettish one. He is also very proud to say that he is a brother, and he respects his elder brother. Wang Tiantian showed disdain and scolded him for being cowardly, but in fact, he didn’t dare to make a mistake in front of Guo Ziheng. Maybe it’s because the family’s grandparents, parents, and even Uncle Tian, ​​Uncle Zhang, and Uncle Guo are also used to it.
I’m not afraid of Guo Ziheng, but I don’t know why Wang Tiantian has become more and more afraid to act recklessly in front of Guo Ziheng in the past few years.
Maybe it’s because he is too busy with his career or his circle after work is different.
Guo Ziheng’s treatment of her is not as good as before.
Wang Tiantian also felt this point about her, so she didn’t dare to get close to him again.
Tiantian, I really can’t help you. Wan Fang shrugged her shoulders and smiled coquettishly. You didn’t make an appointment in advance, now let me go in and inform you that you are looking for death. Wang Tiantian looked at the closed office, so don’t embarrass Wan Fang.
She thought for a while and said, I’ll just wait outside.
How long will it take to finish inside? Wan Fang bowed her head again.
I looked at the itinerary and said that today is quite strange.
I didn’t arrange anything later. The person in it is from Taiwan to discuss a joint venture, but he only came alone.